Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 91

Chapter 91 – The Strongest Husband



Inside the mansion, afternoon.

Just as usual, Balthazar was holding my hand.

Since I put a ring on her, she won’t let go of me, holding my hand whatever she does.

At first, it felt very inconvenient, but recently, it doesn’t seem to be like that anymore.


「What should we do today. Do you have something that you want to do?」

「Bal is okay, just being like this you know?」


Balthazar said her usual answer.

Tilting her head, she answers like “it’s okay just being like this, so what?”.


「I see, then, that’s fine too. I’m going to read Grimoires」

「Okay〜. Lucio-chan, he’s cute when he’s reading, so I like watching」

「You aren’t watching though」


I made a wry laugh.

When I start reading mangaーーI mean, Balthazar would start sleeping with a snot bubble when she’s near Grimoires.

There was no way that she would be looking at my face, rather, it’s her who was sleeping that is cute.

Well! That is good as well, so I should just read manga.

Thinking of reading a new manga, I stood up, but at that time.




The door was thrown open, and one of my wives, Nadia jumped inside the room.

She ran to me with an excited face, and she lowers her upper body, matching her line of sight with me who is sitting.


「Lucio-kun, Lucio-kun, I saw something good, so let’s go play with that today!」

「Something good?」

「Un, something good. Hacchan is fine with that?」

「Bal, she’s fine being just like this with Lucio-chan you know?」



Nadia pulled Balthazar’s hand, forcefully making her stand.




Our holding hands got released, and Balthazar made a heartbreaking face.


「You should hold hands when sleeping at night okay!」

「Un……I got it」


She tries to hold hands again, but she was convinced by Nadia.


「And then, what is the “something good”?」

「That is……」



She took us to the outskirts of La Linea.

I came to the flower garden that we frequently visit with Nadia and Balthazar.

Nadia who was in the lead approached one tree, stopping at a little far away place, and turned to us.


「It’s this」


She said, and pointed at the ground.

Looking at it carefully, there was a finger-sized hole, and ants with red body were coming out from inside.


「This, are you pointing at this ant’s nest?」



With a face full of smile, Nadia nodded with very excitedly.


「What would we do with this?」

「Let’s explore! Just like that thing that we did before」

「Ahh, that huh」


I nodded.

It was a game I played with my wives a lot of times.

The game where I’d make our body smaller, and while holding weapons or tools for attacking, exploring inside the nest.

She’s suggesting that we should do that.


「I know that, but why now」

「Because, Hacchan hasn’t done it yet right? Since it’s a good timing, I want to do it with Hacchan you know」

「Ahh, I see」


I looked at Balthazar who was clueless like *Poka〜n*.

I see, it was like that huh.

Thinking of it carefully, I feel like I did the same thing during the time with Veronica.

It’s like, Nadia’s way of welcoming her huh.


「I got the story, but then, shouldn’t we just do it inside the mansion?」

「Around the mansion, there isn’t any ants anymore. I saw a roach-chan, but Sylvie would get afraid with just hearing about doing something with roach-chan」

「I see. Sylvia isn’t good with cockroaches after all」


Well, if that is so.


「I got it, let’s do it」

「What are we going to do, Lucio-chan?」

「Well, just look」


Nadia and Balthazar, I faced my two wives, and casted magic.

I took a glance at Balthazar.

Since there would be a malfunction……





Balthazar sneezed.

The magic powers hit me directly.

That’s right, since there would be a malfunction in the magic with this happening, I used magic that would make someone bigger rather than smaller.

And after that malfunctioning, there would be no problem if we get smaller.

Well then.

The smoke of the magic powers that hit me directly started to clear.




Nothing changed.

Nadia and Balthazar are still standing in front of me.

With a glance, their size hasn’t changed, but even so, my size didn’t change as well.


「We didn’t, change?」

「We didn’t change, Lucio-kun」

「This is strange. Not becoming bigger, or not becoming smaller. Does this mean that it didn’t malfunction, but rather, erased the effects completely?」

「You want to try again?」

「I guess so」

「Lucio-chan, ne〜, ne〜, Lucio-chan」


Balthazar grabbed my finger, and pulled me.


「What is it」




At the place where Balthazar was pointing to, Nadia and I turned there.




Nadia raised her voice, but I feel the same way.

At that place……there was a monster.

It was an ant.

There was an ant there, that has a body length of about 3 meters.

It wasn’t only one, the same thing crawls out of their nest one next to the other.


「What does this mean?」

「……the thing that malfunction wasn’t the effect, but the target」


「It means that, the magic that makes something bigger didn’t make someone smaller, but rather, the magic that should’ve been casted on us changed its target to the ants」

「Oh〜. I see!」

「Big ones〜, there’s a lot of them〜」


Balthazar leisurely whispered.


「Thank goodness it isn’t roach-chan. Sylvie’s heart would’ve stopped」


Nadia said comment leisurely with a different meaning.


「I mean, it isn’t the time for that. We need to either return them back or defeat them」

「That’s right! If this continues, the ants would go towards the town」


Nadia finally felt a sense of urgency.

It’s because, the ants that became giants crawled down from the hill of the flower garden, and started to march towards La Linea’s direction.

It looks like they’re going to attack the town.

If this goes on, the giant antsーーthe ants larger than humans will attack the town.

Gigantic insects are more difficult to deal with compared to normal monsters.


「I can’t leave them alone. I’ll go and exterminate them」


This isn’t a situation for playing games.


「Wait here. I’m going to clean them up」

「Un. Do your best, Lucio-kun」

「Bal will go too」

「Don’t Hacchan」


Nadia stopped Balthazar who wanted to follow.


「Why? Bal is the Demon King you know?」


“That’s why I’ll be useful in fights”, Balthazar wanted to say.

And that, Nadia smiled with a grin.


「No, no, you shouldn’t, it’s Lucio-kun’s job at times like this. We are going to watch Lucio-kun’s actions here」


「That’s right, his actions that are so cool」

「Lucio-chan is super cool you know?」

「He would get super super cool」

「Super super……」


Balthazar tilted her head, thought of it, and looked at me.

And finally, she looked down with flushed cheeks, and looked at me with her lovely eyes from below.

She probably imagined something.


「Let’s wait here together okay」


「And so, with that, do your best, Lucio-kun! We’ll be watching from here」



Nadia with a smile, and Balthazar with bashfulness.

Being sent away by the two, I ran.

I went down from the hill full force, and after taking enough distance from Balthazar.


「『Fly High』」


I flew to the sky.

I took a glance behind me. I saw the two’s appearance in the size of a bean.

That’s right, I need to let them see my cool side.

My wives are expecting it, it’s the husband’s job to answer.

I turned around, and looked at the group of ants in the front.

The ants that were gradually increasing had already reached the number of several hundreds, and they are still continuing to increase.

I took a deep breath, and charged my magic powers.


「『Weather Change・Disaster』」


The ground shook, the sky was split.

The lightning roars, and a rain of thunder poured down.

The ancient magic that creates natural disasters, I activated it with a way of limiting its range, it was something I learned when started to go out with Balthazar.

I couldn’t help but look forward to what expression would Balthazar make after seeing this.










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