Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 90

Chapter 90 – Getting Along With Each Other is Beauty……I Think?




「My Senjukou!」


When I was reading Grimoire/manga in the Grimoire Library, I heard a familiar voice.

When I raised my head, Ojii-san and the King in his incognito appearance entered at the same time.


「What happened?」


It’s about the two of them, I guess that they are competing again about something.


「My Senjukou, hear me out. Luka that guyーー」

「It is not good to lie, in the first placeーー」



The two were quarreling but the instant they heard the leisure sound, they stopped fighting.

At the same time, they paid attention to the source of the sound.

Balthazar is sleeping with a snot bubble beside me.

In the space called the Grimoire Library where lots of Grimoires exists, she fall asleep like 2 panels in a manga just as usual.

That was as usual, but there are something that isn’t.

That was, she was holding my hand.

She was sleeping while holding my hand.

Looking at her, Ojii-san and the King got surprised.


「Lucio, who is that girl?」

「Are your eyes full of holes. Look, look at the hand of that girl holding my Senjukou’s hand」

「Hand? Mu! This, a ring. I see, Lucio’s wife huh」

「That’s right」


For some reason, the king was proud and raised his chest highーーI wonder why he’s the one who’s getting proud of it.


「You married a new wife again, Lucio」

「Un, that’s right. Sorry, we were so busy, so I couldn’t send the message」

「You do not need to worry about that, Lucio」

「About this, it is exactly as Luka says. A man like my Senjukou, something like getting wives, you do not need to report to us」

「Umu, that’s right. However, if it’s like this, we need to send you wedding presents」

「That’s exactly right. Wait for a while, my Senjukou. I will send it very soon」

「Wait for it, Lucio」


The two turned around at the same time, and started to walk away.

If they started competing on what they would gift us, it would be a quite terrible.

I stopped the two in a hurry.


「Wait. Rather than that, Ojii-san and Ou-sama, didn’t you came to me for something?」


「That’s right!」


They were about to run off, but turned around to me at once.

Their expressions were just like when they appeared, it was filled with hateーーalthough that was said, these two get along with each otherーーit returned to that.


「Hear me out, Lucio, Abe wouldn’t believe what I’m saying」

「Do not listen to Luka’s delusions. Who would believe that he is super handsome when he’s young」(TL: Ikemen)


Ah〜, I see. They’re having an argument about how cool they were when they were still young.


「You have forgotten a very important thing, Abe. I am Lucio’s grandfather. The same blood flows within us」


The saying about having the same blood, was it something the person from above would say.


「*MunyaMunya〜*……it’s 18.75% Rusho-chan〜……」


Balthazar started to say gibberish in her sleep. You, you’re actually awake right.


「There has been a dragon born from a dragon fly」


That’s really amazing if it’s true!


「Are you really not planning to believe me」

「If you are saying such exaggerated delusions」

「And so, Lucio! I’m asking you to cast magic on me」


「Cast magic on me, and return me when I was still young. If he sees the real thing, Abe should also get convinced for sure」

「I see, it was like that」


I finally get the story.


「Ou-sama, are you fine with that?」

「Umu. Do it, my Senjukou. I will laugh at Luka who rejuvenated, but still isn’t that much」


Please stop teasing him.

Well, if that’s the case.

The magic should be……let me think,『Fake Growth』should do.

I have used it up until now to make my wives into adults, but it can also be used as making someone become a childーーmaking someone younger.

I instantly searched for the magic spell inside my head, and turned to Ojii-san.


「Then, I’m going to do it, Ojii-chan」

「Umu, please do」

「『Fake Growth』」



Instantly, the magic powers exploded.

Oh no, I forgot.

She was sleeping peacefully, so I forgot about her.

Balthazar who was making malfunctions to my magic was beside me.

I instinctively created a shield, and guarded it to make the magic powers to be released only to me.

Waiting for a moment, the smoke of the magic powers cleared, and the vision returns.

And then, I so a tremendous scene.



「What is it, Lucio」


Surprisingly, Ojii-chan’s appearance changed.

No, I mean, it is good that he changed that it’s magic that changes one’s appearance, but the way he changed was ridiculous.

Ojii-chan rejuvenatedーーand became a lady who’s about 20 years old, brought up with care.

He(She?) was wearing clothes that would instantly kill virginsーーhonestly, it’s pretty.


「L-Luka……you, you were a girl?」

「What are you saying? I am a man……ara?」


Ojii-san(?) was surprised with his(her?) own appearance.


「Lucio, what happened here?」

「Sorry, I’ll return you back immediately. 『Fake Growth』」



I wronged again, this is entirely my mistake.

I used magic in a panic, there was a sneeze again, and the explosion happened together with the malfunction.


「What is it really〜. My Senjukou! What does this mean?」



I lost my words. I lost my words to the greatest friendly fire.

This time, the target even malfunctioned.

The King changed into a twin-tail bishoujo with a very lovely smile!

Two consecutive mistakes, and the results are the two of them.

Virgin Killer Lady(Ojii-san) and Twin-Tail Killer Smile(the King) faced each other.

They stared at each other, and, for some reason, their cheeks blushed.


「You, you’re quite cute」

「I-I know that even if you don’t tell me! I don’t need you to tell me that」

「Hey, a girl shouldn’t speak like that you know」


Ojii-san placed a finger on the King’s lips saying that.

And then, the King had a flushed face, and ran away.


「Ah! Wait」


Ojii-san ran after him in a hurry.

How can I say this, I feel like I saw a Yuri-like thing just now.

I got stunned and petrified.

The malfunction changed not only Ojii-chanz’ appearances, but also their personality.

In a later date, between the two who have come to compete against each other, there was somehow an awkward air flowing between them.










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