Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Second Son, to Independence



「Sylvie……Is it Sylvie?!」


Inside the room, the two friends were reunited.

Nadia was surprised being taken here, and Sylvia ran to embrace her.




「Why are you here?」

「Instead of me, why is Nadia-chan here?」


While the two girls were talking, I was facing Golka.


「I can, take her home right」

「I have confirmed the payment. The ownership of slave Nadia has been moved to you. As you will」


Golka said.

The payment was made earlier by sending an employee to the mansion, and let them bring my saved money here.


If it’s Grimoire, I could buy as many as I want as long as I report it to Ojii-san later on, but this time, it should be my own money.

I’ve used most of my savings, but well, whatever.


「Sylvia, also……Nadia?  Let’s go home for the mean time」



With an intention of something like an extra bonus, they made us a free ride using a carriage to the mansion.

The three of us rode the carriage, and came back to the mansion.


「I was always worried about Sylvie. Even if I ask Father, he wouldn’t tell me anything. He said that I should forget all about Sylvie-chan, that was all that I’ve been told」

「I’m sorry……」

「Rather than that, why did you become a slave?」


I returned to my usual way of talking and asked Nadia.

Nadia was astonished in an instant, and looked at Sylvia. Sylvia nodded, and Nadia started talking about the story timidly.


「I don’t know, there was a lot of people who came to the house suddenly, telling to seize」



Nadia told that she doesn’t know, but I guessed what happened generally with only that.

It’s the same thing that probably happened to Sylvia.



「Un, what is it」

「What is Nadia-chan……going to do from now on?」



I hesitated.

Nadia’s social status is that of a slave, so normally she would be a servant or a maid because slaves are usually used like that.

But Nadia is Sylvia’s best friend, using her as a servant with Sylvia who’s close to her age nearby, makes me feel guilty.

I wonder what I should do.



「You should just marry her」


Returning to the mansion, I consulted Ojii-san who understand me best, and I was told that.


「Marry? I will marry Nadia?」

「That is for the best」


I see, for the best huh.


「Ah! But there is something to be done with her slave social status」

「If it’s in Martein House there’s no problem. There are some nobilities that are noisy about that, but our house don’t have that problem. I mean」


*Niyari* Ojii-san smiled at me.


「I also had a slave wife」


Oi oi, are you serious.

But I heard something good.

If it was Ojii-san who is virtually the head of our house to back me up, there’s no problem at all. All is left is how to convince Nadia.


「You will do that?」

「Un, it looks like there’s no other way」

「Then, it is better if you got independent」



What does he mean.


「It’s not good that you have two wives yet you live in the family house right? Isn’t it natural that you buy a house, and live together with you wives there?」


Maybe that is true.


「Ojii-chan, I’m still 8-years old you know?」

「A man who takes home a wife with his own will is already an adult」


I guess so〜.

There’s no helping it, I should find a way to earn, buy a house, and be independent.

Ah! Before that, I should confirm Nadia’s feelings.



「That was decided, so marrying is the best way, what do you think?」


Returning to the mansion, I talked about that to Sylvia and Nadia.




Nadia was very happy for some reason.


「I can be the wife of the same person with Sylvie?」

「Well, it would be like that」

「I will, I will become a wife!」


Nadia was more eager that I’ve expected, I was confused instead.


「I-I see. What about Sylvia」

「If Lucio-sama says so」


*Nikkori* Sylvia smiled pleasantly. In her age, she was the mirror of an obedient wife.


「Yosh, let’s do that then」


The story was surprisingly organized easily.

Well then, I need a house and become independent.







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