Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 89

Chapter 89 – Two Times Lucio





Just as usual, Balthazar released magic powers reacting to my magic.

The happening in the mansion’s courtyard, Balthazar was completely discouraged.


「Lucio-chan’s ring……」


While staring at her own hand, she whispered sadly.

I put a ring on her.

A wedding ring that I made with magic to put on my wife.

Balthazar reacted to that, and the ring was blown off to pieces.

The sneeze’s magic powers were released towards me just as usual, so that wasn’t the direct reason that the ring was broken.

The other phenomenon, the magical malfunction caused it to happen.

The ring that would get destroyed when one cheats, and with the malfunction, it might be destroyed even if she does not cheat on me, or maybe she doesn’t cheat so it got broken.




Balthazar had sad eyes.

I felt a heart ache.

Right before it happened, she was smiling.

She was happy, “With this, I can sleep with Lucio-chan while holding hands”, it was right before she wore the ring.


「You want to try it one more time?」

「One more time?」

「Yeah……『Magic Ring』」


I created the ring once again, and tried to put that on Balthazar’s finger.




Balthazar frets, it seems like she was desperately holding her sneeze.




But she couldn’t hold on.

She sneezed, the magic powers hit me, and the ring was broken into pieces.




Balthazar was close to tears.

I felt very sorry for her.

Feeling sorry for her, I thought of ways to do something about it.





At the same time when we entered the Grimoire Library, Balthazar made a snot bubble.

The young girl Demon King slept in the entrance while standing.

Putting into words, it was quite surreal.

This also couldn’t be helped, just like how she reacts to magic with her sneeze, it seems like she reacts to Grimoires getting asleep.

To be sure, I tried to pull her outside.

*Pachin*, the snot bubble broke with a sound.


「Fuwwaa〜……good morning, Rusho-chan」


She said with a sleepy tone.

It looks like she wakes up when she gets away from Grimoires.

I also felt it was very like of her for this.


「You won’t enter?」

「We already entered once though」

「Fue〜? Is that so?」

「That’s right」


I hesitated.

The reason that I took Balthazar here was to find the magic to solve the current situation within the Grimoire Library’s archives.

And if she’s like this, the possibility of her sleeping beside the Grimoire is very high.

I should wake her up using magic? No, it would probably malfunction as well.

U〜n, what should I do.

And, when I was thinking of that.



「Un? What is it」

「There’s 1/3 Lucio-kun……」


A way of saying I heard already.

I turned to where Balthazar was looking at, and there, there was the appearance of Isaac being terrified, and running away.

Balthazar’s body lit, the light of the magic chased after Isaac, and it turned him to a star-patterned slug.

This was also very like her.

I approached Isaac, picked him up, and sent him to a safe place using magic.

The sneeze exploded, and the magic malfunction.

The effect sending him away, changed into returning him back to normal.

Isaac returned to human form……however, he was completely naked.


「R-Remember this〜」


Isaac said that, and ran away.

I think that this time, I really did a bad thing, I should follow up using magic……no, I shouldn’t, right now.

I looked at Balthazar.

Suddenly, I noticed something.



「Call Bal, Bal-chan〜?」

「……Bal. You, didn’t you say that you can’t use magic?」

「Un, I can’t use it you know?」


She answered as if it was normal.

Un, I also heard this before, and I also confirmed it using magic.

She can’t use magic.


「Then, what was that right now?」

「When I thought that Lucio-chan is enough with only one, it became like that」



Is that also the magic powers going out of control, or is she reacting to “me”, with how she said it like 1/3 Lucio?

Then, if the density of “me” changed?


「Bal, wait here for a while」

「Eh〜, why?」

「Just listen. I’ll return quickly」


I left Balthazar, and entered the library.

I confirmed Balthazar not entering(she probably can’t enter, because she’d fall asleep), and used magic.


「『Time Shift』」


I summoned me from the future.


「You know what to do」


「Let’s go」


Future me nodded.

I used magic furthermore.




The magic covered me and the future me.

My sight was flashed by white, and when it clears, future me disappeared.


「「With this, it should do it」」


Instead, my voice became weird.

A voice that was like the same voice overlapping.

I summoned the future me, and furthermore, I used magic to combine.

And in that condition, I went outside the library.

*Poka〜n*, Balthazar was stunned.


「It’s 2x Lucio-chan……why?」

「「You can tell」」


*KokuKoku*, Balthazar nodded.

So, then, if it’s in this condition?


「「『Magic Ring』」」


I used magic.

I got cautious to be sure, and used magic.

A ring appeared on my palm.

She didn’t sneeze. It looks like she doesn’t sneeze with 2x me.

I took Balthazar’s hand who was stunned, and put the ring on her ring finger.





After a while, nothing happened.

Or specifically saying, nothing weird happened.

The ring did its normal effect, and turned into one with Balthazar’s finger.

I confirmed that, removed the magic, and returned the future me.

He made a thumbs-up. That’s not needed, that information.


The future me disappeared.

I turned to Balthazar. I took her hand wearing the ring.

I stared at her.

She didn’t sneeze, and there wasn’t any malfunction.

The ring made by 2x me, it was properly releasing light from Balthazar’s finger.



「Fue? W-What〜?」


I stared at her with a serious face.


「Please become my wife」


Once again, I proposed to her properly.











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