Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 88

Chapter 88 – Underwater Flight



Afternoon in the next day.

Without going to the Grimoire Library, I was reading Grimoire in the mansion.

And the reason behind that was, Balthazar would stick to me and wouldn’t go away.

It would be troublesome if it was blown off altogether with the Grimoires and repairing it back, so today, I didn’t go and remained at the mansion.

And right now, Balthazar is lying her head on my thigh.

Rather than letting me, she is the one doing it.

She placed her head on my thigh while I’m sitting on an air sofa, and relaxed leisurely.

“Shouldn’t be the other ways?” I thought, but.




She was making a content and happy face, so I let her do what she want.


「Lucio-chan. What’s that〜?」

「This? It’s a Grimoire with the『Ball Pool』magic. The story is quite interesting, but the magic spell might be most useful as a party trick」



Balthazar had a question mark in her head.

While lying down with her head on my lap, she dexterously tilted her head.


「What do you not understand?」

「Magic? Grimoire?」

「Un? I explained yesterday that you can learn magic by reading Grimoires right」

「Bal, she doesn’t remember you know?」

「You don’t remember huh. Well! That’s about it pretty much. ThisーーI mean, reading Grimoires like this, you can learn a magic spell for each book」

「Lucio-chan already learned it?」

「I just finished reading now」

「Show me the magic」

「Yeah, it’s alright」


It’s a magic that doesn’t have the minimum versatility, but it might be good as a party trick.

I put down the Grimoire, and casted the magic.


「『Ball Pool』」



The instant I casted the magic, Balthazar sneezed again.

She sneezed with her head lying on my lap, without letting the gate do anything, the Demon King’s magic powers hit my face directly.

I expected it, and I also have countermeasures.

And ignoring that, the magic malfunctioned.

It was originally a magic spell that creates a ball of water with 3 meters in diameter

It’s a magic that would just create water and the power of the magic would make it a sphere, and you can play inside that.

And that, with a malfunction, it covered the whole mansion.




Balthazar seems to be suffering.

The water covered us together with the mansion.





I casted magic that would make one adapt to water.

Her magic powers hit my face, and a part of the water was blown off.

The sphere lost its shape for an instant, but immediately returned back.

It’s magic that has that effect.


「It hurts〜, it hurts〜, Lucio-cha〜n」


On the other hand, after sneezing, Balthazar panicked on top of my lap.

Her appearance of panicking although she can speak normally was very cute.


「Calm down, it should be okay already」

「Fue? Ah! It’s true〜」


Balthazar calmed down. She raised her body, and looked at her hands.



「Yeah, it’s water……un?」


I noticed the strange thing.

I reached out my hand, and I moved it in the airーーor rather in the water.

I felt the water resistant. It was like in the waterーーI feel the resistance just like when moving my hand in a bath.

I got a little surprised, it shouldn’t be like this.

The『Adaptation』magic that I casted just down should be a magic that makes one move like they’re in land.

Being able to breathe of course, one should also be able to move normally, ignoring the water resistance.


「I can breath, but I feel the water resistance」


I looked at my hand, and looked at Balthazar.

This malfunction was probably because of her sneeze earlier.

There’s no problem breathing, but it’s hard to move like this.


「My bad, I’ll recast the magic right nowーー」

「Look, look」


Balthazar moved her arms and legs.

Not in land, but in water.

She flapped her limbs lifting her body upーーand floated up.


「Bal, she’s good at swimming you know?」

「Was that so」

「Lucio-chan wants to swim too?」

「Let me think」


It’s an irregular, but since it already happened, I think it could also be enjoyed like this.

I followed Balthazar, and flapped my limbs.

And doing that, I floated.

I imitated the movement of breaststroke.




I became too fast, and flew up to the ceiling.

My head hits the ceiling.



「Lucio-chan, you okay?」

「Yeah, I’m fine. We’re inside the water, so we float a lot huh」


I tried moving a lot.

We can breathe and talk, but other than that, it feels like we’re within waters.

It’s troublesome diving down, but it’s easy to float.

Meaning, the situation right now.

It feels like we’re inside a pool where we can breathe freely.




Balthazar swam around the room.

She was like a mermaid, and it was fun watching her.


「Lucio-chan, let’s go outside」



Together with Balthazar, we went outside through the window.

A giant sphere pool was covering the entire mansion.

We swam around the mansion.

We also went to the back side of the terrace where we can’t normally go to.




A voice calling me.

The one who came out of the mansion was Christina……the Spirit of the Grimoire, Chris.

Chris floated in the air just like us, and flew towards us.


「This is bad, Papa, the Grimoires are all soaked in water」

「I see. I’ll do something about it later」

「Is it okay?」



That is already within my expectations.

It would be easily solved by casting repair magic to the whole mansion.

Although, during that, I need to do it in a place where Balthazar isn’t around.

……no, it might also be interesting taking a look at what kind of malfunction would occur when she’s around.


「Ne〜, ne〜, Papa, who is she?」


Chris asked about Balthazar.

Before I answered, Balthazar answered instead.


「Bal is Bal you know?」

「I’m Chris. Nice to meetーーyou?」


Saying that, Chris looked at me.

Her appearance of tilting her head, was like asking “can I get along with her?”.


「You should get along with each other」

「Un, please take care of me」


Chris reached out her hand.

Balthazar tried to shake hands, but she passed through the translucent Chris’s hand.


「You still can’t be touched huh」

「Hurry up and read lots and lots of Grimoires okay? Papa」

「I’ll do my best」


The more I read Grimoires, the more would Chris materialize.

I’m reading Grimoires with the goal of someday, she would completely materialize.


「I know, Papa, Papa, I have another thing to report」


「Coco-chan’s panicking around there」

「Said that earlier! Where is she」


I asked Chris Coco’s whereabouts.  Chris showed a clueless face for an instant, and guided me.

Coco was found on the other side of the mansion.

Coco was doggy paddling trying to get out of the water but it seems like she can’t do it very well.

It seems like she’s suffering because she could swim but couldn’t take a breath in between.

Ah! She lost consciousness.

I swam in the air in a hurry, going towards Coco.





I heard a sneeze from behind, and the magic powers directly hit the back of my head.

I knew it. That’s why I properly put a magic barrier on Coco.

In a moment, 「Pu〜」Coco spat out water.

It was as if the spouting of a whale.

Spitting out water inside the water, it was that kind of an interesting scene.


「A-re〜? Where is this place〜?」

「You woke up」

「Master〜……a-re-re〜, right now, I saw Okaa-san waving her hands across a river right now〜」


Coco tilted her head, no matter how you look at it, isn’t that a near-death experience.


「Ne〜, that right now, how did you do it?」


Balthazar asked.

n? Right now, I just normally used『Adaptation』magic…….

But when I was thinking of that, Balthazar wasn’t asking me, but Coco.

Coco was confused, looking at Balthazar and me alternately.

I asked Balthazar.


「By right now, you mean, Coco’s swimming style?」


「It’s dog paddle, you want to try it?」


「Coco, can you teach her?」

「Yes, I understood〜」


Her master said it, so Coco got relieved, and taught Balthazar the dog paddle style.

Balthazar learned it immediately.

Together with Coco, the two of them flew around the mansion using dog paddle style.

And to that, Chris also joined. Chris was flying in the air and her movements are smooth, but she was at least making the dog paddle pose.


The four of us swam inside and outside of the mansion, horsing around.











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