Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 87

Chapter 87 – Swan’s Flutter Kick



The four who woke up from their afternoon nap.

Unlike the three who woke up in an excellent mood, Veronica was in a slightly bad mood.


「What is it」

「What is it your face. That dragonfly came out in my dreams!」

「Well, that’s awful. Do you want to do something else to get refreshed?」

「Lucio should let me ride him」

「Un? Me?」

「That is right. Please become a dragon just as usual, and let me ride in your back」

「I got it」


I answered immediately. That much of a request, isn’t that much.





The next instant I used magic, Balthazar sneezed.

It was her cliché sneeze.

The magic powers that were released were absorbed by the gate countermeasure, and it was released to me.

There was a huge explosion right above my head, and the dust smoke covered all of my body.




I heard Sylvia’s panicked voice.


「I’m alright, don’t worry」

「Thank goodness……」

「As expected of Lucio-kun huhーーoh, what’s this」


Nadia was almost finishing talking, but her spirits suddenly went up.

It was a very cheerful “what’s this”.

Soon after, she started laughing while hugging her stomach.


「Ahahahaha, Lucio-kun so cute〜」

「This is……good too」(Veronica)



I heard my wives’ voices one next to the other. What is it so suddenly?

After the dust smoke had cleared, I noticed the change.

The height of my sight is different from usual.

No, well, I used the magic to transform into a dragon, so it’s normal that the height of my sight is different, but I don’t meant it like that.

Rather, it’s the opposite.

It was not the sight of me looking down after becoming big, but it’s a sight where I’m looking up to my wives.

Just like I’m looking upwards from below, it feels like I’m looking up to a giant.


「This, what does this mean」

「Lucio-kun became small」


「Small〜, a dragon’s baby huh」

「It is like he has become like a stuffed toy」

「『Full Lens Mirror』」


I used magic.

A mirror of the same size of my body appeared in front of my, and showed my appearance.

The thing that showed was a small dragon.

It was the dragon appearance before but, it’s just deformed smaller.

Just like Veronica said, it was like a stuffed toy.


「Why did it become like this?」

「Can’t you become bigger?」

「I canーー『Fake Growth』」



The instant I used magic, Balthazar sneezed again, and the magic powers hit me directly.

There was a similar explosion, and the dust smoke covered me.

The instant it cleared, the height of my sight changed again.

Surprisingly, the four of them became adults.

I used magic to make myself that became a dragon bigger, but instead, it made the four of them adults.

Well, leading up to this, I can guess the reason.

The instant I used magic, Balthazar’s magic powers directly hit.

And that lead my magic to malfunction.




And the person in the act, Balthazar……the adult Balthazar that I saw for the first time was having a snot bubble, and was sleeping while standing.

She became a cute adult, but that appearance of hers was very disappointing at the same time.

……well then, I should use magic once again.

I should become bigger, and let Veronica ride on my backーー.

But when I was thinking of that, Veronica hugs and carries me.



「……how cute」


「Lucio, tell me why are you this cute?」

「Wait, Veronica, what are you saying」

「Lucio-kun is very cute from the start. Right! Sylvie」

「That is, to say that Lucio-sama is cute……well, but, un……」


With flushed cheeks, Sylvia nodded.

*KyaKya*, the three adults were in high spirits, surrounding me.

I feel like I’m a puppy caught by high school girls.

Veronica who carries me to an embrace, she pats my head with a very loving touch.

After she had patted me for a while, she gave Nadia her turn.

Nadia rubbed her cheeks to me strongly.

And next to that, she passed me to Sylvia.

Sylvia hugged me nervously, but she did it lovingly.

This isn’t so bad, I feel like being adored by big sisters, it isn’t bad.


「Ahaha, Lucio-kun is like being petted, this is really fun」


Nadia said that, and Sylvia and Veronica nodded.

Everyone, it seems like we feel just the same.


「Bal-chan should also do itーーoh my, Bal-chan’s sleeping again」


I was about to be passed to Balthazar at the end, but she was always asleep since she turned into her adult appearance.


「Too bad, it’s so fun, so I wanted to Bal-chan to join too」

「Lucio only needs to maintain this situation until she wakes up.」

「Right now, it is somewhat like an accident but, is it alright with that, Lucio-sama」


Sylvia got worried.

It’s true that the current situation was an accident, and it was the result of Balthazar making my magic malfunction.

I get her point being worried about that.

But, there’s no problem. And accident of this level, it isn’t much.

To make her relieved, I smiled pleasantly, and.


「It’s alーー」


The instant I opened my mouth, the surroundings changed.

The surrounding space distorted, and I was thrown into a completely different place.




It was a place where nothing exists.

The surroundings were completely black, a space that makes me feel that my sense of balance whether it is up, down, left, or right, it had become strange.

It is a spaceーーa familiar place that I have visited many times.




It was a familiar voice.

When I turned around, there was Balthazar’s (1st) appearance.

That’s right, it was the space that I was summoned to many times.

It was the space where the original Demon King Balthazar was sealed.


「Hou, just like I felt so, you’re weakening, Lucio Martien」


「I casted magic on you. One that would activate when your stamina and magic powers have decreased, a magic that would drag you into this place」

「You even did something like that」

「I will pull out your guts and chop you into pieces!」


Original Balthazar attacked.

A trap that would activate when I’m weakened, I see, it isn’t a bad strategy.

It isn’t badーーbut.




I used magic. My appearance changed.

It was the proper magic where there was no interferenceーーno disruption of magic powers.

I changed my appearance to a giant dragon, the proper appearance of the magic.

To the symbol of power, to the appearance of a giant dragon not deformed smaller.

Balthazar’s complexion changed.


「I-Impossible. You did not weakeーーーBURUAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!」


I trampled the Original Balthazar using my forefoot.  

Quite seriously, without mercy.

I also added grinding to that.

Oh really, to think that he’d get in the way of me playing with my wives.

I defeated the Original Balthazar, and the space started to distort.

It’s the sign that I’m coming back to the place before.

Mu! A lot of things would be spoiled if I returned just as is.




I used two magic spells at the same time.

A magic spell that turns me into a dragon, and a magic spell that would reproduce a situation.

While I was transforming, I hit myself with a chunk of magic powers.

I reproduced her sneeze.

And, in the next instant.





I returned to the place I was before.

Looking at my stuffed toy size after looking around restlessly, the adult Sylvia tilted her head.


「Did something happen?」

「Right now, Iーーno, it’s nothing」


Sylvia, Nadia, and Veronica didn’t react at all, they didn’t even ask “Where did you go to?”.

It looks like they haven’t noticed that I was summoned to Original Balthazar’s space.

It would be better if they haven’t noticed, or rather, it would be great.

And at that timeーーBalthazar’s snot bubble popped.

After waking up, she looked around, looked at herself, and looked at me.

I stared at my stuffed toy sized appearance, and finally, *Powa〜*, she made a soft and lovely smile.


「It’s Lucio-chan〜……it’s still Lucio-chan even inside my dreams〜」


She said that, carried me to an embrace, and rubbed her cheeks to me like Nadiaーーand fell asleep again.


「She knew that it’s Lucio-sama huh」

「Even though she’s just half-awake」

「It is the proof that he is the real one」


Under the setting sun, Balthazar hugged me, and there were three adults watching us while nodding.

The grasslands, it was covered with「happiness」.











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Hacchan’s adult appearance in the bonus chapter of volume 3 of the light novel. I thought of placing it here since I don’t really have any plans yet to translate the bonus chapters.

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