Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 86

Chapter 86 – Demon King Immediately Falling Within Two Panels



When Balthazar’s magic powers explosion trouble was solved, my wivesーーespecially Nadia, was brimming of desires to play.

I like playing with my wives, so when I see them wanting to play, I also feel happy.

And Nadia, when I saw her running around in the grassland, she suddenly stopped, and bent her knees to the ground.

And after a while, she seemed like she thought of something, and asked me to make it a reality using magic.

That is our house’s daily life.


「Lucio-kun! I want to ride that!」

「You came huh」


I looked towards the place Nadia was staring at.

There was a small frog there.

It was just staying at its place, and only occasionally inflates its cheek pouch.


「You want to ride that?」


「I got it, 『Sma……」

「Sylvie too!」

「Eh! Hyan!」


Because I finished casting the magic『Small』that makes someone smaller, Nadia pulled her best friend Sylvia by the hand.

The magic was casted on the two, and their body became small.

After the two had become smaller, Nadia pulled Sylvia, and rode the frog on its back together.

*Pyon!*, the frog jumped.





Nadia who started laughing out loud on the back of the frog that jumped, and Sylvia who was forcefully pulled on raising a scream.

While letting them do what they want, I left some part of my consciousness on them to follow up in the case of anything happening.

And while doing that, I also asked Veronica who is beside me.


「Is Veronica fine? With something like that」

「Me? Let me think, then since you’re asking, I want to fly to the sky」

「Then how about a dragonfly? Unlike a bird, it can stand by in mid-air so you might get a different feeling from it」

「That seems interesting. Can I ask you then」



I replied with a smile and magic, and let Veronica who got smaller ride on the back of a dragonfly.

She didn’t raise a scream or laughed out, but looking at her side, she seems very content.

But, that was only for an instant.

Another dragonfly came on the dragonfly that she’s riding, and they have docked together mid-air


「Wait a minute, why did another dragonfly come?! Lucio! Hey Lucio! They are doing a weird thing!」

「It’s the dragonflies mating」


「Don’t worry, dragonflies mate while flying so there’s no problem」

「There is a huge problem! Let me choose another kyaaaaa!」


She complained, raised a scream, and Veronica was taken away.

Putting it as it’s a great experience being able to ride on the back of a mating dragonfly, I let it as it is.

Of course, I didn’t forget to leave some consciousness on her to not let any harm come to her.

Lastly, I looked at Balthazar.

She’s sitting beside me obediently, and looked up to me with a light and fluffy feeling.


「What about you? You want to ride on a honey bee or something?」

「Right now, it’s magic〜?」

「Un? Yeah, it’s magic. This much, I think that you can also do it though?」


After all, she’s a Demon King.


「Bal, she can’t use magic you know?」

「……come to think of it, you also said that earlier huh」


She made Isaac into a slug though, I wonder what that was.

……it’s Isaac after all, so, whatever.


「Would Demon Kings also learn magic after reading mangaーーI mean, Grimoires?」


「Something like thisーー『Transfer』」


I used magic, and reached out to my side.

A mysterious hole opened in the space to my side, and I placed my hand in there.

A magic spell that connects different spaces passing through dimensions. This time, I connected the space to the Grimoire Library.

And from there, I took out one Grimoire.

There was a fluffy sheep drawn on the cover, a Grimoire/manga with a heart warming feeling.

After checking the cover and the contents briefly, I passed it to Balthazar.


「Try reading this」

「Reading? ………supi〜」


The instant she looked at the first page after opening the Grimoire, Balthazar fell asleep with a snot bubble.


「What the heck!」


I couldn’t help but shout.

I mean, it’s not a textbook you know.

This is the first time I saw someone fall asleep immediately by reading a manga.

Being shouted out, Balthazar’s snot bubble popped and opened her eyes.

With a sleepy face, she looked at me and the Grimoire I passed onto her alternately.

And finally, with a little sulking face.


「An item to curse only Bal?」


She said.


「If so, that would be amazing! Isn’t that a rare item for Demon King fights. Not that, but, this is a, wellーーa magical book that makes you learn magic」

「Bal too?」

「I don’t know about that. It’s like that for humans, but I wonder how it is for a Demon King. It would be proven if you’d just be able to finish reading it though」

「If I read it, Lucio-chan will be happy?」

「Happy, well, it’s rather, it would be helpful if the mystery is solved」

「Then, I’ll read」


Balthazar said that, and looked onto the Grimoire once again, but.




Once again, she immediately fell asleep.


「Are you Nobita or something!」


She fell asleep once again.

Probably, she has only read two panels, she really fell immediately.

And this time, I stopped having the feeling of pointing that out.

While holding the opened Grimoire/manga, *KokuriKokuri*, she swayed her head with a snot bubble.


「Lucio-chan……can’t eat anymore you know?」

「Your sleep talk is normal huh」

「Instead〜……you can eat Bal」

「That’s what you meant huh!」

「You know〜……」


Grinning, Balthazar drooled while smiling.

“Demon King, what was it again” I mean, she had a very innocent sleeping face that made me think of that.

For the meantime, the thing that I found out with this.

Balthazar can’t use magic, and she also can’t read (you can say it so) Grimoire.



「She’s sleeping huh」

「I’ll also sleep!」

「I’d had enough of dragonflies desu wa」


Returning one by one, my wives that started to sleep on top of Balthazar while still small, I also found out right now, that they really like her.











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