Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 85

Chapter 85 – Inspection



「We’re here〜」


Being first, Nadia was in very high spirits.

Lunch under the bright sun, we have come to the grasslands in the outskirts.

Me, my three wives, and with Balthazar, the five of us.

With the exception of Balthazar, we come here a lot.

Going for a picnic, sleeping in the afternoon, or playing with new magic spells.

Since it’s wide and open, convenient place, we come here a lot as a family.

And Veronica, recently, she usually goes here out for a walk with Coco/Mami.

I feel very warm seeing the appearance of Veronica going out for a walk with Coco and Mami with a leash connected to their wrist, so I sometimes follow them secretly.

Well, enough of that.


「O〜i, Nadia」

「What’s up?」


When I called her, Nadia returned with a trot.


「Why did you bring us here?」

「It’s for, Hacchan to practice controlling her powers you know」

「Control? Practice?」

「Un! You know, that sneeze. She need to control that right?」

「Ah〜, well, that’s true, that’s a little troublesome. I’d be able to react and protect when I’m around, but it would be the worst if I’m not around. It’s crude since its powers are dispersed, but its destructive powers aren’t that different from the first generation」

「Is that so〜?」

「You saw the mansion getting blown off right? And also, I feel like its strength is gradually growing. I guess that she’d be able to blow off a whole town sooner or later」

「As expected of the Demon King’s daughter huh!」

「I’m already the Demon King you know? Only Hacchan is still alive within Balthazars」


Balthazar said in a carefree tone. No, the first generation is alive in that space though.

But well, leaving that on the sideーーDemon King’s are something like that huh.


「Then even more, you should learn to control it. To become Lucio-kun’s wife too」

「To become a wife?」


Balthazar tilted her head. She was still having a light and fluffy air.

Sylvia also soft and gentle, but it is a different kind from that.

That trait of Sylvia feels like peaceful and quiet, with a pinch of timidity on the side.

Balthazar’s fluffiness is like out of the world. Common sense would be hardly of use.


「Right, to become a wife. If you can’t do that, you shouldn’t become Lucio-kun’s wife」

「Wife……even if I can’tーー」

「Then, you can’t hold hands」

「I’ll become his wife〜. Even if the whole world becomes my enemy」


“Hmph”, with high spirits, Balthazar made a very lovely guts pose.

I thought that she had settled down overnight, but she’s still hung up on that huh. For some reason, she’s firmly determined too.


「I mean, is everyone, really fine with that」

「I think that it is fine」


The one who answered was Sylvia.



「Call Bal, Hacchan」

「……Ba, Balthazar-chan, I don’t know much about her, but I know that she has strong feelings to be together with Lucio-sama. I-I think that it is fine」

「That is exactly right. Leaving her on Lucio’s side would also be for the sake of mankind」

「It’s not something so difficult」


With a face full of smile, Nadia tapped the other two’s back.


「She really likey likes Lucio-kun, and she’s not a bad girl so she should be together with him」


I think that, that’s too simple.

But, it looks like that was good enough.

Both Sylvia and Veronica, after getting surprised, they nodded with a convinced face.


「If so, even more……from how I think of it, is it not fine even if she cannot control it? It is something that would not cause any problem if Lucio’s around」

「That’s why I’m saying, there are also times when he’s not around right? What if, Hacchan is just like Sylvie who would wet her bed when Lucio-kun’s not around because she got sad, wouldn’t that be bad?」

「Waa〜! Waa〜! Nadia-chan, don’t say that!」


Sylvia waved her hands and was saying “Wa〜Wa〜”. She took a glance at me with a very flushed face.

I mean, well, it was like that huh. Sylvia’s habit of wetting her bed, I thought that it has completely disappeared recently, but she’s not completely out of it huh.

……un, this also love as a husband, I should make it as if I didn’t hear anything.


「I also, when I’m sad and lonely without Lucio-kun around, my head would explode」

「Is that not just a gag」

「Vero-chan alsoーー」

「What is it with me?」


Veronica glared at Nadia under a smile.

She’s facing Nadia so I couldn’t see her expression, butーーI felt cold.

Shivers were sent to my spine.


「……it means, Hacchan needs to train!」


Ah! She diverted the conversation.

Nadia, she’s probably having a cold sweat.

I don’t know what she was about to say, but, un, it’s for her own sake to say nothing more.


「Lucio? Right now, did you hear anything?」

「N-No, nothing at all. I just suddenly felt my ears hurt and couldn’t hear anything」


It’s also for my own sake to not ask anything, un.

The conversation’s divertーーreturned to Balthazar.


「If that is so, you want to overcome it?」


「By the way, what magic was that? That sneeze. If I knew what magic is it, it’s possible for me to pin point it and seal it」

「Bal, she doesn’t know how to use magic?」



I doubted my ears. She can’t use magic?

No, there are a lot of people who can’t use magic, but then, what in the world was that sneeze?


「That was just a normal sneeze you know?」

「A normal sneeze?」

「A normal sneeze」


Balthazar clearly nodded with an immediate answer. Is it that, she really can’t use magic?

To confirm that, I casted a magic spell on Balthazar.




The magical light enveloped Balthazar, burst off and disappeared.

It’s a magic spell that checks how many magic spells are learned……or Grimoires read. A figure should come out if she had learned any magic spell, but if none, nothing would happen and it would burst off like what happened right now.

By the way, Sylvia, Nadia, and Veronica, 1 came out from them, and in my case, it easily exceeded five figures.

The『Inspection』was working properly.

Then, it just means……she really doesn’t know any magic spells, huh.

I thought that that sneeze was very crude, but……I see, it’s a magic spell, but magic powers being released casually huh.

Strangely, I got convinced.


「Is there nothing that can be done, if, it isn’t magic?」

「That’s not true at all. Right! Lucio-kun」

「Yes, if it is Lucio-sama, then surely」

「He is my husband after all, this much, it would not even be called a problem」


It seems like I’m quite trusted huh.

Well, I can really do something about it though.

I searched the magic spell inside my head, if it is just a release of magic powers, then……that one should be good enough.


「『Worm Hole』」


I used the magic, the space before Balthazar distorted.

The distortion that could be seen with the naked eye, it’s not like there’s anything special, but it was just, distorted.

A given example would be, the heat haze during a midsummer day.

Sylvia, Nadia, and Veronica, all of them focused on that.


「What’s this? Is it okay to touch it?」

「There isn’t a problem with just touching」


I touched it first to show them. But even so, there isn’t anything there, so rather than touching, it’s more like passing through.

When my hand passed through, my hand looked like it was distorted.


「Waa〜! Looks fun」


Nadia passed her hand through the distortion many times.


「So fun〜. Look, look, Sylvie」


And she even puts her head in it.

Nadia’s distorted face, everyone laughed out at once.

After finishing laughing.


「And then, what’s up with this?」

「It’s probably better if you actually see it」


I said that, and looked at Balthazar.

Everyone got into their senses, and focused on her.

With how the conversation progressed, everyone knew that it’s a magic to counter the sneeze, so they’re expecting for a sneeze.




The only one who’s clueless was Balthazar. She stared back at us while tilting her head.


「Yosh, Sylvie, go and catch Hacchan」

「Un, I got it」

「I picked this up earlier. The end of this plant is like a fluffy wool, so it should be enough」

「As expected of Vero-chan! It’s the wisdom of an old woーーi’sh noshing!!」


Nadia who received the long and thin thing from Veronica after saluting, and Sylvia who hugged Balthazar from behind.

Using that thing, Nadia tickled Balthazar’s nose.


「Aha, ahahahaha. Sto〜p it〜」

「Here, here, hurry up and give up〜」

「Should you not just plunge it inside her nose?」

「I see!」

「Ah! Balthazar-chan, don’t struggle」

「Call Bal, Hacchaーーhakushun!」


Her refute changed into a sneeze.

She made a huge sneeze, and just like up until now, magic powers were released.

The magic powers that would cause an explosion were absorbed by the distorted space.

In the next instant, another distorted space appeared in front of me.

And from there, the enormous amount of magic powers blew off, and hit me directly.

About half of the grasslands were blown off, and the earth was scorched behind me.

I should fix it using magic later.




Sylvia called out to me worriedly.


「Don’t worry, he’s the one who did it purposely, so he should’ve expected this」

「Ahahaha, Vero-chan, your voice is shaking, worried huh」


It’s rather, you should worry about me a little more.

After the magic powers smoke cleared, and looking at me.


「Thank goodness……」

「W-Well, it’s this much desu wa」

「Ahahahaha, Lucio-kun’s head exploded. You’re going to wet your bed tonight, I’m sure」


Different reactions with each of the three, it’s nice that they’re having fun.

For the meantime, the sneeze is solved with this, I guess.











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