Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 84

Chapter 84 – Underage(Wife)’s Point



Night, in the living room, my wives who have come home gathered.


「You would explain what is going on right」


Within the three, Veronica asked with a grim face.

By the way, “that girl” Balthazar is in a short distance away.


「I’m Nadia, what’s your name?」

「Call me, Hacchan」

「Hacchan huh, un, I got it. By the way, does Hacchan like tea?」

「I don’t know. What is, tea?」

「Fue? You don’t know tea? Yo〜sh, Amanda-san, please take out a good one」


Nadia shouted towards outside the room. She had already broken the ice with Balthazar quickly.

Since there was the case of Isaac, I was worried that Balthazar wasn’t planning on getting along with anyone other than me, and there would be a bad mood with my wives, but that was not the case at all.

It’s probably all thanks to Nadia who is friendly and cheerful.

Suddenly, my face was caught.


「Looking away!」


My face was forcefully turned back. I could almost hear the sound *Goki!* in my neck.


「Please do not. I am asking you a question」


Veronica made an extra grim face.


「Sorry sorry」

「If you really think of that, explain. That girl, who and where did she come from?」

「It would be very long if I explain」

「Please make it short」



I thought for a while, then decided to tell it honestly.

She’s my wife after all, it’s not good to hide things from her.


「Do you know the name Balthazar?」



Veronica thought for a moment.


「I know that! It’s the Demon King right!」


Nadia who was a little far away answered immediately.

I knew that she’d be like that. Nadia has been with me to Balthazar’s space several times, and fought against him.

Next to me, she’s the person who was the most involved with Balthazar in this house.

Because Nadia had answered like that, Veronica nodded as she remembered.


「You were talking about “that” Balthazar huh. If so, even children knows about that」

「It seemed like you had a hard time to remember though」

「I-It’s because it is a term that is not used in daily life!」


Veronica refuted with a flushed face. She has a point.

There was no way that the Demon King who has been sealed a long time ago would be mentioned in daily life.

That was what I thought, but.


「I have heard about that a lot. When I was a child, Otou-san would always threaten me like “If you are not a good child, Balthazar will come and take you away〜”」


It’s really used in normal daily life, I mean, isn’t that a Namahage.

When Sylvia said that, Veronica had a blushing face.


「T-That does not matter desu wa! Rather than that, what is it about Balthazar?」

「She, she’s Balthazar」

「Do you really think that you can get away with such a made up story of poor quality?」

「No, it’s true. Precisely, it seems like she’s Balthazar the 8th. How can I say this, she’s the original’s descendent, I guess? I haven’t heard the details about that though」

「……are you saying the truth?」

「Had I ever lied to everyone?」


「Lucio-sama had never lied to us」


Veronica did not say anything, and instead, Sylvia answered.

And, Nadia had high spirits.


「I see, it’s Balthazar the 8th, so it’s Hacchan huh〜」(TL: 8(ハチHachi) = Hacchan)

「That’s right〜」

「I see, I see. Let’s get along from now on okay, Hacchan!」

「U〜n. Un. Let’s do that」


Nadia reached out her hand, and after Balthazar had thought for a while, the two shook their hands.

Are you fine, just that easily?


「D-Do you have proof?」


Was she already unable to pull back, Veronica insists.



「Yes, proof desu wa. The proof that that girl is in the bloodline of the Demon King」

「Even if you say that〜……」


It’s not like she looks similar to Balthazar, and there isn’t IDs in this world.

Something that can be used as a proofーー『Magic Shield』!!!

I instinctively used magic. I expanded the shield fully to protect my wives.

Soon after, “Kuchi!”, Balthazar let out a very cute sneeze. About half of the mansion was blown away.

A sneeze that almost didn’t have any sign. The reason that the shield was in time was because my sixth sense reacted.

The mansion half destroyed with the Demon King’s sneeze, my three wives that I protected unscathed, and flighty, light and fluffy, Balthazar.


「How cool! What’s that right now, what magic was it right now?」


Nadia raised her spirits. It’s very like her.

I looked at Veronica. She was stunned to the half destroyed mansion.


「Do you believe me now?」

「Y-Yes……with this much magic powers shown……. I can’t understand why it’s a sneeze though」

「I also don’t know anything about that」


I used magic to return the mansion to normal while saying that.

Sylvia came to my side. She held my hand with a worried expression.

Nadia with high spirits, and although surprised, Veronica who was still composed.

Unlike the two, she seems to be a little afraid.

That’s why, I held her hand tightly in return, and smiled at her.

And then, with that, Sylvia got slightly relieved. She made a very peaceful face.

When I noticed it, Balthazar has come in front of me.

*Ji〜*, she stared at Sylvia and me, and stared at our holding hands.


「What is it」

「That, what kind of magic?」


「Your hands are holding each others」

「Ahh. This is notーー」

「You held each other’s hands, and that person became like *Fuwa〜n*. What magic is that?」


Balthazar asked while tilting her head.

No, it isn’t magicーー.


「It’s the magic of holding hands!」


「When you hold hands with Lucio-kun like this, you’d feel very safe」


Nadia came to the other side, and held my open hand.


「She also became like *Fuwa〜n*」

「Well, I’d be like that. Right! Sylvie」



Nadia with a smile, and shyly Sylvia.

Balthazar who stared at the two.

She looked very interested, comparing the two’s faces and the holding hands.

I felt I was being looked at from the other side.

It’s Veronica. She’s staring at me.


「What is it, Veronica」

「Where’s my part?」


「I’m asking you, where’s my part」

「Part, you say……you mean this?」


I showed the hand that was holding Nadia’s.

Veronica didn’t nod, but the way she stared at me says yes.

I see, she wanted to hold hands huh.

But even so, both of my hands aren’t open after all.


「Please do something about it」


Veronica asked cutely.

How can I say this, hmm, it’s amazing.

It’s not like it’s jealousy or something, but rather, it’s simply “I also want to do it, so do something”.

Just like the time I proposed to her, it was very like her.


「『Magic Hand』」


I used magic, and created another hand.

*MonyoMonyo*, the hand grew from my back. The third hand reached out to Veronica.


「Please go on, my princess」

「Your frivolous talk is as low as usual huh」


Even though she’s saying that, Veronica held my hand in a very good mood.

With three hands, I held my three wives.

It was very soft and warm.

They say that it’s magic, but I feel like it’s rather, I’m the one who has fallen under a spell.

I thought, it might also be great sleeping like this today.

Suddenly, I feel I was being looked at. Balthazar’s look that I have felt since earlier became stronger.

She was staring at the increased hand, and Veronica’s face who was holding that.


「It’s really magic right. After all, she’s like *DereDere*, when she held it」

「W-Who is *DereDere* you say!」

「Ahahaha, Vero-chan’s so stubborn」


Nadia laughed happily.


「I am not being stubborn! I-I’m his wife, so I would not be like *DereDere* with just this」

「But, you’re very *DereDere* you know. Ne〜」



Both of them tilting their head, Nadia and Balthazar nodded at each other.

Nadia who is lively and cheerful and Balthazar who is somewhat light and fluffy.

Their personalities are at the opposite, but it looks like they’re getting along with each other already.


「Ne〜, Lucio-chan」


「Hacchan also, wants to do that」

「This? You mean hold hands」


Balthazar nodded. “What should I do”, but when I was thinking of that.


「No way」


Very surprisingly, Sylvia was opposed to it.



「There is no way. The only ones who can hold hands with Lucio-sama is his wives」

「Oh〜, Sylvie’s quite serious」

「How rare, to think that you would insist on that point strongly」


「I am not blaming you」


「After all, I feel just the same」

「Un, I also think so. The only ones who can hold hands with Lucio-kun is his wives」


Nadia said like a teacher saying you can only read manga if it’s Jump.

Just like that, wives agreed with Sylvia.

I also agree.

The only ones who I should hold hands with are my wives.

This action is a special thing for them, and I would only do it with them.

That’s why, I feel bad for Balthazar, butーー.


「That’s why, Hacchan should become Lucio-kun’s wife first」

「Eh? No, no」


I made a wry laugh. It was very likely of Nadia to suggest that, but isn’t that going too farーー.


「Yes, that is right」

「There is no problem then」


Surprisingly, Veronica……and even Sylvia followed.


What does this mean?   What kind of development is this.

I, could not understand what my wives were talking about.









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