Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 83

Chapter 83 – Maou-sama’s Curse





Evening, with the opening sneeze, the mansion’s garden turned into a scorched plain.

……it would seem insane if you only saw this explanation, but it really became like that so it can’t be helped.

I fixed it properly with magic, and faced Balthazar.




She looked at me with like innocent eyes. It’s a face that doesn’t seem to know what she just did.


「That sneeze, are you doing it consciously or are you doing it unconsciously, which is it?」


「Unconsciously huh……」


I just met her, but I knew that she’s a human that is straightforward.

She’s a person that is straightforward, for good or for bad. ……regardless whether a Demon King is a human or not.

If she’s doing it unconsciously, then it can’t be helped.





I turned around to the voice that I suddenly heard.

Within the setting sun, I saw Isaac and Amanda-san’s appearance.

Isaac entered the premises of the mansion confidently, and Amanda-san followed after him.

Come to think of it, Amanda-san came to get him because he did some trouble or something.


「Was there no problem」

「Of course, how can I be dealt with, with such a minor thing」

「I really wonder why you’re that confident」


Amanda-san who’s behind him had her usual expression, but a little bitterness was mixed with her face.

I understood that it was absolutely not「a minor thing」.

I should ask Amanda-san later.


「Rather than that, Lucio, I have something to ask you」

「Something to ask?」

「That’s right, I heard that a red-haired beauty is living here. Where is she」

「Red-haired……are you talking about Veronica?」

「NO. Not that milk smelling brat, but a glamorous, bewitching, adult beauty」


……it was Veronica after all.

Red-haired, glamorous and bewitching, it’s Veronica’s true appearance.

I casted magic on that appearance of hers, and the one who’s a child right now is Veronica. And with that, I would return her to her normal appearance sometimes, and she would enter the mansion with that.

I looked at Amanda-san.


「I have explained it to him, but he would not believe」


I see.

It means that, somebody saw that and it reached Isaac’s ears, but even though Amanda-san explained it to him, Isaac wouldn’t believe.

It’s too much of a pain, too much of a pain to explain.


「What do you want with that person?」

「Introduce me」


Isaac answered immediately, it’s like that as I’ve thought huh.

This guy, he likes women very much after all.


「From what I have heard, it’s a beauty that I’ve met before. I did something wrong at that time, but this time for sure, I’ll seduce her and make her mine」

「Seduce her, you say」


I have seen scenes where Isaac would seduce women several times.

Honestly, that’s just like a sketch comedy, I can’t think that he would be able to seduce women with that.

Even so, Isaac was full of confidence.

It’s amazing in a different meaning.


「Hurry up and tell me. An adult beauty is more fitting for an adult man like me. You should justーーthere, you should just drink milk with that kid there. You’re just fine for each other」



I turned around, there was Balthazar’s flighty appearance.

Fine for each other, well……she looks like she’s the same age with my wives, so if he’d say we’re fine for each other, that’s true I guess.

And that Balthazar, she’s flighty as usual, but when I noticed it, she was staring intently at Isaac.

I wonder what happened.




「It’s 1/3 Lucio-chan」

「1/3 me?」


I tilted my head to Balthazar’s ambiguous words.


「Looks similar to Lucio-chan, about 1/3 is the same」

「Ah〜……he’s my brother after all, the same blood is flowing through us too」


At least, for「Lucio Martein」that is.

That’s right, I’m not conscious about it at all, but Isaac is my real brother.

……now that I’m conscious about it, I suddenly felt distressed.

Well, whatever.


「Lucio-chan is fine with just one」



When I was pondering what it meant, Balthazar reached out her hand towards Isaac.

Magic powers were raised, and the magic enveloped Isaac.




His voice sounded like it became far away, and Isaac’s body gradually shrunk……he changed.

Within a few seconds, he turned into a slug from a human.

……a slug that is very colorful, and has star marks all around his body.

You……you still look like that even if you turn into a slug huh.

No, no, rather than that.


「Why did you do that」

「I hate Lucio-chan who’s similar to Lucio-chan other than Lucio-chan」

「The same genes with me……you changed him using magic because he was similar to me huh」


*KokuKoku*, Balthazar nodded.

I see, I get the story.

It was completely not your fault huh, Isaac. I did something bad for just watching because I didn’t felt any killing intent.

……well, whatever, it’s Isaac after all.



「I’m back〜」

「I have returnedーーara, she is?」


And while this and that happened, my wives came back.

Somehow, it feels like there’s more trouble to come.










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