Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 82

Chapter 82 – The Demon King’s Sneeze



I fixed the half-destroyed mansion using magic.

To be sure, I looked at the mansion from the garden, and checked if it’s completely fixed.


「It looks like there’s no problem. Fu〜」

「What happened?」


Balthazar came to my side.

She’s as flighty as usual, and was staring at me.


「Because of somebody, I used a large scale restoration magic that shouldn’t be needed, so I’m a little tired」



Balthazar stared at me, and clapped her hands for a reason, it was a silent clap.


「Don’t mind it」

「It’s not “don’t mind it” though」


I pointed that out, but she didn’t really care.  


「Even so, you’re really Balthazar huh」

「What do you mean, really?」

「The sneeze right now, I’m familiar with the magic powers that were released. I’ve fought several times after all. Against the original and the 7th」

「Is that so?」

「It’s very similar. The magic powers’ーーhmm, it’s fingerprint-like thing looked the same. Especially compared to the 7th」



Balthazar stared at me intently. She stared at me without making a sound.




When I looked back to her, she broke into a smile, and bowed her head.


「Thank you for taking care of my mother」

「No, no, what the heck is that. That’s a little, no, quite off you know」


Balthazar also didn’t answer properly with that tsukkomi. *Totatata*, she ran, and looked closely at the mansion.

……can we do a catch ball of conversation.

I approached her. While thinking, “what should I do with her”.


「Fu, fu……」





I instinctively crossed my arms, and created a magic shield.

Balthazar’s sneeze, I remembered when the mansion was half-destroyed.

And because of that, I instinctively defended, but……nothing happened.

*Zuzuzu*, Balthazar sniffed.

Nothing happened with the sneeze that was facing towards the mansion.


「My nose feelsh itchy」

「……is it hay fever?」

「Hay fever?」

「That, or someone’s making rumors of you」

「Lucio-chan’s doing that?」

「No, that’s why I said “someone”, right. I’m in front of you after all」

「Un. Lucio-chan」


「I wakushun!」


She sneezed in the middle of her words.

This time, facing towards me.

There’s no problemーーI thought, but I reacted instantly.

I felt an explosion of magic powers, so I created a magic shield in a hurry.

I couldn’t make it completely, and a part of my clothes and hair was burnt.


「Lucio-chan, you’re a little burnt huh〜」

「Who’s fault is it」

「The mansion’s huge huh〜」

「Let’s please talk with each other」




A sneeze towards the mansion. I was surprised, but there was no explosion.


「It’s really itcーーkushon!」


This time, towards me, the cutest sneezeーーand the most powerful explosion.

The shield that I created beforehand was destroyed, and my head became more burnt.


「You, you’re really……」


「Faito your face. You’re doing it on purpose right」



Balthazar tilted her head.

She had an expression that looks at it strangely……I could see her not having any evil intent, so much that it’s surprising.

Don’t tell me……she’s doing it naturally? Something like a cliché?

Oi, oi……you’re kidding right.




「Call me Hacchan?」




She made a very happy face. This, it’s difficult.


「I’ll cast a magic on you, so stand still」

「Magic? Lucio-chan’s magic?」


「I got it」


Balthazar closed her eyes.

She closed her eyes, and stuck out her lips.

……it’s not a kiss you know.

I ignored that pose, and casted a mind searching magic.


「『Mind Reading』」


The light of the magic enveloped Balthazar.

It’s a magic that materializes what one’s thinking inside.

Their results……it depends on the person.

A person who thinks of things with words, the words would come out through a voice.

A person who thinks of things with images, those images would come out.

Sometimes, there are people who think using sound or simple colors, but even with those people, deciphering is also possible.

For the meantime, the thing that I want to know, is if Balthazar has ill intents or not.

I casted magic with thatーーand then.


A manga sentence balloon-like thing appeared behind her.

Balthazar was the type with images.

It’s good that it’s with images, but……to think that, it was my face that was inside the balloon.

Face, face, face, the balloon was completely filled with my face.

A smiling face, an angry face, a crying faceーーno, I don’t cry.

My face as completely filling the balloon.


……she’s only thinking of me, huh.


And, I found out another thing.

Ill intents, it looks like she doesn’t have any.

Because the background is light blue, and looks very peaceful.

A person who has ill intents would have black, and people who are full of desires have purple or all colors, so I can tell with that.

This isn’t important, but Isaac is a person who thinks with colors, and it’s always pink colored whenever I looked at it.




She doesn’t have……ill intents.

This is troublesome, but I can’t feel any ill intent from Balthazar at all.

I imagined something like “approach him, then when he lets his guard downーー”, but it looks like it’s not something like that.


「Is it already finished〜?」

「It’s finished」



Balthazar opened her eyes.

She looked at me, and softens her sight. She made a very happy face.

The balloon that’s still behind her changed. My face that was manyーーit became only one.

The head was a little burntーーmy current face.

She seems very happy looking at meーーit’s a situation that I can only interpret like that.

Is she really……that happy.



「What is it」

「I want to play with Lucio-chan〜」


「Un. I want to play a lot, I want to play a lo〜t. Together with Lucio-chan」

「……play, huh」


Taken aback, I think that those words are used in this kind of situation. (TL: taken aback 毒気を抜かれる = literally translated as being stripped off of poison)

Thinking of this and that, I feel stupid being on guard.


「I guess so, let’s play huh」


I’ve had free time from the beginning after all.


「For the meantime, let’s return inside of the mansion」



I started to walk to return inside of the mansion, Balthazar followed me from behind.

Well then, what should we do. It was when I thought of that.




A very cute sneeze, and proportionally terrible destruction powers.

I somehow guarded, the mansion was blown off without any remains.

“Maybe I took this too lightly”, I thought, but.




Looking at her that still have the balloon, I couldn’t bring myself to get angry.










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