Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 81

Chapter 81 – I’m, Probably the Eighth One



I’m reading Grimoire/manga in the mansion.

I reading, but I can’t concentrate at all.

It’s not like stopped being able to read manga, it’s that feeling sometimes, like “I don’t feel like reading”, or “I can’t continue reading”.

I tried my best to read.

I read each panel seriously, and flipped the page.




This isn’t good! It isn’t my mood to read after all


「Yosh! Let’s stop for today! I won’t read manga」


I voiced it out and declared. There are days like that right.

I won’t read manga, so I would play with my wives.

I left the living room and searched for my wives.


「Sylvia? Nadia? Veronica?」


I called out to them, but there’s no reply.

Come to think of it, it was very quiet in the mansion since earlier.

I walked around inside the mansion, and searched for them.

I made a full trip around, but in the end, there’s no one.


「『Current Status』」


I used magic, it’s magic that examines the status of a structure.

I designated there the “number of people”.


『1 Resident, 0 Visitors, 0 Others』


Mu?! All of it’s 0?


Resident is about the people who live in this mansion, my wives, Amanda-san, and I are placed there.

Visitors are the people who are visiting, it’s normal that it would be 0.

The problem is the Others is also 0. Coco, Mami, and also Chris are placed here.

1 Resident means, the I’m the only one in this mansion right now.

I wonder what this means.

I came to the front door for no particular reason. A magical light was floating there.

This is……a magic that leaves messages huh.

I touched that.

The magical light pops, and a translucent video of Sylvia and Nadia plays in mid-air.


『Lucio-sama. Is this correct, Amanda-san』

『Looks like it is. And, with that, Lucio-kun. I’m going to play with Sylvie okay』


It looks like the two left a message using Amanda-san’s magic.


I see.

I touched a different magical light, and this time, Veronica and Coco’s appearance was shown.


『Master. I’m going for a walk with Mama-sama okay〜』

『We’ll be back by the evening』


I see, Veronica and Coco (she’d probably change into Mami along the way) has gone for a walk huh.


There’s one remaining ball of light, is this from Amanda-san’?

I touched it, and as expected, it was from Amanda-san.


『Please excuse me, Danna-sama. They had said that Isaac-sama has caused some problems, so I am going to go as his guarantor』


I see. It’s Isaac again huh.

I mean, when did Amanda-san start being his guarantor?

Was she asked by Ojii-san to do that? I should ask about it later.


Well, anyways.


I pretty much found out that everyone’s not in the mansion.

It seems like they’re not going home soon so, it can’t be helped, I’d just read some manga.

I returned to the living room and tried to read the manga, but, I can’t really concentrate.

U〜n, if only a visitor comes.


I see, a visitor huh.

Un, I should just call out a visitor. If they’re not coming, I should just call them myself.




I used magic.

This is a magic that calls visitors. It’s a magic that somehow makes a visitor come from nowhere.

By the way, the one I called is an acquaintance, but doesn’t visit very so often.

With that, there’s no way that the King and Ojii-san would come.

“Who’s going to come”, I thought, and looked forward to it.

*Kon, Kon*, the door knocker was used.

I went to the front door, and opened the door.




「Thanks〜, and goo〜dbye〜」



The one who appeared was a face that I don’t know.

Somehow looks flighty (like *PowaPowa〜*), and is about the same age as my wives.


「E〜to, who are you?」


It’s a person who I met for the first time, so I talked with child-mode.


「You’re Lucio-chan right〜」

「U-Un. And you are?」

「Can I enter〜」


The girl didn’t wait for my reply, and one-sidedly entered the house.

She passed through my side, looked around restlessly, then advanced inside.

I was taken aback, but I chased after her in a hurry.






In the drawing room, I am sitting facing the girl.

The flighty girl entered without permission, and came up to here.


「For the meantime, can you tell me your name?」

「You can’t tell?」

「I can’t. We’ve met for the first time right」

「Un, we met faces for the first time, but it’s not the first time we met」

「What do you mean?」

「We had met before I was born」

「Before you were born?」


I can’t understand. What is this girl, is she receiving some weird signals?


「Sorry, I can’t understand, can you teach me?」

「Are you happy if I teach you?」

「I’d be happy, or rather, very helped」

「You’re going to be helped, huh……ufufu」


She squinted her eyes happily.


「I got it. Then, I’ll teach you Bal’s name」

「You’re called Bal?」

「U〜un, no, that’s wrong, Bal’s name is called Balthazar」



Eh, “that”?

Demon King Balthazar. The name of the villain who had messed up this world once upon a time.


「That’s right. I’m Balthazarーーthe Eight, nano」

「The eight, ah!」


I remembered, come to think of it, I defeated someone called Balthazar the 7th or something before.

The eight, means, the daughter of that?


「You remembered huh〜」

「I remembered well, I should rather say, I connected them」


I got on my guard secretly, I searched magic inside my head, picked several magic that can be useful for preemptive attacks, and prepared to use it.

If it’s Demon King Balthazar, a fight couldn’t be avoided.


「And so, what did you come here for」


My tone also changed. If it’s against Balthazar, there’s no need to use child-mode.


「Bal, you know, she’s just born. She’s born, but doesn’t know what she needs to do at all」

「Doesn’t know? Isn’t it taking over the world?」

「Is that so〜? Bal, you know, her name, and Lucio-chan’s name is all that she knows」

「My name?」

「Un. It’s a very important name for Bal. I only know about that, you know」

「Important……well, I guess it’s important」


Rather, it’s more of a fate to fight or something, so I can’t really say it’s wrong.


「That’s why I came to meet him. To meet Lucio-chan」



E〜to, meaning?


「Are we, going to fight?」

「Is Bal and Lucio-chan going to fight?」

「No, it’s not like we really need to fight or something」

「Is that so」




I’m getting crazy.

Balthazar the Eightーーit’s troublesome, so Balthazar’s good enough. She’s somehow, seems very flighty, and I can’t  

Even though her name’s the same with the Demon King, I can’t really get on her pace.

Well, what should I do.

Forcefully subjugating her is fine too, but……I somehow feel guilty attacking from my side.

“Eat this attack!!”ーーif she was saying something like that, it would be easier though.


Oh really, what should I do.


「Hey, Balーーhey」



Balthazar was sleeping.

While sitting on the sofa, she’s swaying left and right with eyes closed.

She was even drooling.

……this, damn, pace.

This is making me so crazy that I can’t really attack preemptively anymore.

Oh really, what should I do.






Balthazar who was dozing sneezedーin that instant.

A directional explosion attacks me!

I created『Magic Shield』in a hurry.

I’m fine, but the mansion was blown off.

The mansion was half-destroyed with one of Balthazar’s sneezes.

She’s a Demon King, she’s a proper Demon King.

She’s flighty, but her powers are of that of a Demon King, a dangerous person.

If soーー.




「I finally……found you〜……」


……sleep talk huh.

Even in her dreams, with me……?






It can’t be helped, for a while……I’ll let her stay.

And just like this, our house’s visitor increased by 1.










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