Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 80

Chapter 80 – Magic AR



On this day, it’s been raining since morning.

No, it was raining continuously for the past three days.

The sky that can be seen through the window is gloomy, and the rain was pouring without stop.

There are buildings from afar that have lights leaking although it’s still daytime. Together with the peculiar smell to the rainy day, there was a unique, quiet atmosphere.


“This is a good day for reading”, I thought, so I was reading Grimoires.


It’s a cooking manga, about the protagonist and his daughter cooking, and making the people around them eat it.

The cuteness of the realistic drawing of the daughter, and the countless simple food but delicious food was very interesting.

Since it’s something that has a sequel, the magic that I learned was leveling through stages.

And, when I finished reading the second volume of that.




Nadia jumped into the room.




I was so surprised and couldn’t help letting out a voice.

Nadia who entered the room, her head was completely like a bomber head.

Just like when she just woke up, to a head like that.


「What’s with your head」

「Eh! Ah, this is because of the rain. If it becomes humid, it becomes like this. Rather than that, Lucio-kunーー」

「No, rather than that, come here, Nadia」



While tilting her head, Nadia came over to me.


「『Heat Finger』」


I chanted the magic, and heated my finger.

I used my finger that turned red as a comb, placed Nadia’s hair in between of them, and combed.

It’s something like a hair iron.


「It’d be quick, so just stay still」



Nadia let me do what I wanted obediently.

Without taking five minutes, Nadia’s hair returned to normal.

No, it seems like it became straighter and flowing than usual.

Nadia who originally has a frizzy hair, also suits her having a straight hair.


「Thank you, Lucio-kun」

「You’re welcome」

「Rather than that, Lucio-kun! I’m bored, I’m so bored that I’d go crazy」


「That’s right. It’s the third day that it’s raining right? I can’t go even go anywhere, so it’s super boring」



I thought, “I see”, and nodded. Probably, with the continuing rain, Nadia who was originally an outdoor type of person finally couldn’t hold it on.


「Isn’t there anything, Lucio-kun」

「You wanna go exterminate cockroaches?」

「Too boring〜. Isn’t there another thing?」



I put the Grimoire down, and thought.

From the ten thousand magic that I have, something that can be used.


「You want to go hunt?」

「Hunt? What do you mean?」


Nadia’s eyes sparkled.


「『Augmented Reality』」


When I chanted the magic, a pair of glasses appeared in my palm.

I gave that to Nadia.


「Do I only need to put this on?」



Nadia wore the glasses.




I couldn’t help but let out a voice.

Nadia’s appearance with a straight hair and glasses, were very different from her usual atmosphere.

She seemed like intelligent and quiet, as ifーー.


「Ahaha, I’m like a sensei〜」


Nadia laughed and said that, it looks like we had the same opinion.


「Ne〜, ne〜, do I look good?」

「Yeah, it looks great. Make your face a little more strict, how can I say this, more elegant like something would be more suitable」

「Elegant……is it like this」


Nadia assumed a composed look, and stared at me.


「Lucio-kun, did you forgot your assignment again? What a naughty boy」





Her atmosphere fits it completely. Exactly like a female instructor, like an adult.

But, however.


「Ne〜, ne〜, how was it, how was it」


Nadia returned to normal in an instant.

Nadia who was very mature is also good, but this one makes me comfortable better.


「It looked great」

「Thank you〜」


Nadia seemed very content, and asked me once again.


「And then, what will we do with this?」

「Look around inside the room, is there something different」

「Something different? U〜n, ah!」


Nadia looked around restlessly, then stared at the floor in the middle of the room.


「There’s an usagi-chan there, Lucio-kun」(TL: rabbit-chan)

「Is that so」


I can’t see it, but I’m sure that Nadia could.


「Wa〜, it’s so fluffy〜. How cute」


Nadia went over there, carried something up, and patted it.

I couldn’t see it after all.


「Did Lucio-kun make this?」

「That’s right, try to remove the glasses」

「Unーーah! It disappeared」

「You can see and touch it just only while you’re wearing those glasses. And」


I used additional magic. Nadia who was wearing the glasses again looked at her hand.


「Wa, a weapon appeared」

「You can fight with that」

「I see, I see. U〜n, but」


「Cutting something like an usagi-chan is very pitiful」

「Then, I should just change it」


*Chon*, I touched Nadia’s forehead.

Her forehead lighted like *Powa!*.


「You should imagine the enemy and the weapon, it should change with that」

「Let me see……u〜n, u〜n, umumumu」


She’s thought as if she was in a toilet.


「How’s this! ーーahahahaha, it really became like it. The weapon also looks good」


Nadia laughed out loud.

I don’t know what she’s seeing, but it’s great that she likes it very much.


「Ei〜! Ahahaha, it hits properly」


Nadia swings down the something in her hand using both hands, is it a hammer or something.


「I set it that that『enemy』would appear randomly here and there inside the mansion. You should be able to go on a light hunt and adventure」

「Thanks, Lucio-kun! I’m going」


While in her female instructor-like glasses appearance, Nadia jumped out of the room.


「I found it! Ei〜! Ei!!」

「What are you doing?」

「Vero-chan! You know, using Lucio-kun’s magic, I’m doing a whack-an-Isaac game」

「Whack-an-Isasac? Are you doing something like a game with your delusions?」

「No, no, try putting this glasses onーーahahaha, Vero-chan looks more like a sensei!」

「Please do not make fun of mーーara, something’s there, also, something’s in my hand」

「You should hit it with a hammer」

「Is it like thisーーara, how fun」


I heard the voices of my wives from outside the room.

I got curious because of some parts of their conversation, so I created another glasses using magic, and put it on.

And then, I looked at the place where Nadia swung down her hammer earlier.

The thing that was there, was a chibi Isaac, on top of that, it was walking cutely while flattened furthermore and was also teary eyed.

It has a weird cuteness about, damn it.

I see, hitting this huh.




I looked at AR-Isaac.

Even though its appearance was a chibi and flattened furthermore, you can still tell that it’s him.

“What a detailed character〜”, I thought.










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