Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Saving the Best Friend


It had passed two years since I reincarnated in another world, and I have become 8-years old.

If I were to say what was different in these last two years, there’s not much of it.

I am usually reading the Grimoire manga at Ojii-san’s archives everyday, and sell water and ice sometimes.

And after saving the money I earned with that, it became a small fortune.


Other than that, nothing had changed that much.

If I were to say another thing that had not changed. Sylvia’s bedwetting.

She still wet the bed sometimes. If I wasn’t holding her hand, it was often that she wet the bed.


Other than that, when we hold hands recently, she started to become shy.

It seems that she had begun to be conscious about being a man or a woman. It was funny that she just started being conscious with that, although we were already married.



I was reading Grimoire at the archives today as usual. I was being fanned by Sylvia who had grown her hands and feet a little.


「Lucio-sama, you read that book before right」


「You read books a second time?」

「It’s because I’ve read all books in here」


I have read through Ojii-san’s archive. And with that, the magic that I’ve remembered passed 4-digits.

Honestly, I currently, can do about anything.

If I was to summon a monster, I could and if I wanted to create a homunculus I can.

Once, I went to a place where there are no people and dropped a meteorーーI used Meteor.


I can do about anything that I think that I could do with magic.

I don’t have the need to use it, so I don’t.


「Lucio-sama, I peeled an orange」


「Yes, please eat it」


I opened my mouth, and let her put the orange inside. Sylvia is very dexterous, and she can do the feat of fanning me while she peeled the orange.

And with that Sylvia, I spend the days leisurely.



I came to the town of Baeza together with Sylvia.

It was a relatively huge town, so we come together sometimes, and without doing anything we walk around aimlessly.

We first entered a bookstore.

It’s the bookstore that trades this town’s Grimoire. But the merchandise available isn’t that good, most of them are already owned by Jii-san.


「Welcome, Lucio-sama. We have new Grimoires available today」


The male store clerk saw me, and showed a fake smile that is usually for trading.


「How does it look? Show me」

「Yes, it’s these three」


He said, and brought in front of me three Grimoires.

I saw the cover, looked at its contents by skimming.


「These two, we already have. Suspension and Document. The third one, I think we don’t have it yet」



The store clerk’s eyes shine.

I was being told by Ojii-san, if it’s bookーーGrimoire, I could buy as many as I want, rather, he even urged me to buy all of those that we still do not have.

It’s Ojii-san’s hobby, and he also wanted to make me read more and more, so if there’s a new Grimoire he buys it mercilessly. Honestly, I’m very grateful.

And after doing that in two years, the store’s people also knew about that.


「Un, I’ll buy. Send it to the mansion as usual, and also send the claim」

「Thank you very much!!」


We came out of the store while the store clerk sees us off with a wide smile on his face.

It seems like the Grimoire was very expensive, I heard that selling even that one book will have a lot of profit.


「You are reading a new book again」


Sylvia who was with me said with a wide smile on her face.


「Yeah, I’m looking forward to what kind of book it is」

「The book that was bought before was amazing right」

「The Screening huh. Un, that was amazing」


The magic called Screening is a very convenient magic.

For example, there are about 10 pieces of egg, only one of it is spoiled, but you can’t find out which one because it looks all the same.

If you use Screening at that time, if you make the “spoiled egg” as the condition, only the spoiled egg will glow light.


It’s a magic that chooses the things, in the condition of many things.

It’s true that it’s amazing, but also very convenient.

By the way, the Grimoire, it took me an hour to read it, but Sylvia and Ojii-san had yet to read even a page.


While chatting, we walked around inside the town.



「What is it Sylvia」

「……That carriage, I think that a girl I know is inside that carriage」



*Suuto* Sylvia pointed with her finger.

I saw a carriage that just had turned.


「A girl you know huh, how did you know her?」

「Our fathers were best friends, and she’s a daughter of a merchant like me」

「He〜, I wonder if she came here to play. Let’s go meet her」


Together with Sylvia, we chased the carriage.

When we arrived in front of the store where the carriage had stopped, I was astonished.


「This is……」

「A slave you say?」


There was the notorious store that handles slaves in Baeza.


「Sylvia, the home of your acquaintance, are they doing a trade with slaves」

*U〜un*, there aren’t……I think」

「I see」


I somehow had a bad feeling.

Anyways we should ask about the story, I took Sylvia with me and entered inside.

The store’s person suddenly came, and made an unpleasant look.


「Hey, get out get out. This isn’t a place where kids come」

「You know〜, My name is Lucio Martein〜」



The store’s clerk suddenly became polite.


「It’s Martein-sama, right? Are you related to Isaac-sama?」

「He’s my Onii-san you know〜」

「Well well, I have not thought that the Obo-chama of the Martein House would have come, please excuse us」


The store’s clerk let us go inside.

We were guided to a private room, and we sat.

After a while, a different man came.

It was a middle-aged man with a beard.


「It’s nice to meet you, I am this store’s owner, Golka Poron」

「I’m Lucio Martein」

「Well, do you want a slave today?」

「Uhmm, you know! My wife is saying there’s someone she knew that entered this store. I came to find that. Nee〜Sylvia, the girl’s name and characteristics is?」

「Uhmm, she’s called Nadia-chan, the same age as me」

「Her house was a merchant’s, she’s the same age as her, and it’s a girl called Nadia. Is she here」

「She is」


Golka answered promptly.


「As the store’s merchandise」



「No way! Why did Nadia-chan become a merchandise?!」

「That isーー」

「Sylvia, let’s talk about that later with leisure」


I stopped Sylvia, and talked to Golka.


「If she’s merchandise, then I’ll buy. How much」

「She is 10 million Cet」

「……Un, I’ll buy her」

「I understand, well then, the claim will be to Martein Houseーー」



I shook my head sidewards.


「Not to the house, send the claim to me〜」



Golka made an interesting face.

Unlike Grimoires, I can’t use the house’s money with my selfishness.

Fortunately, the money I have saved this two years was enough.









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