Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 79

Chapter 79 – Favorability Game




「What are you doing?! Please stop!」(Veronica)


Afternoon, when I returned, Nadia jumped out of the mansion, and soon after, Veronica chased after her.

The two stood in front me, and argued.


「Isn’t it fine, making Lucio-kun decide would be the best」

「There is no need for that」

「There is〜. We should make this clear」

「In the first place, that is not something that needs to be judged which one’s better」

「Not like judging which one’s better, but don’t you want to brag about it? Like “ahh, I am being ーー this much”」(TL: the ーー is actually at the end of the sentence in the raws, but can’t translate ’cause sentence construction are different)


「Un, brag about it. And, you’d want to know right, like “Ah! It was really ーー similarly”」

「S-Something like that, I do notーー」


The two argued in front of me.

No, rather than arguing, it felt like Nadia was pushing one-sidedly, Veronica was stuttering.


「Wait, wait」


I got between of the two.


「I can’t tell what you’re talking about. In the first place, what is it? What’s the thing you want me to judge?」

「It is nothiーー」

「Lucio-kun, can you use a magic that can show the likes and loves degree」

「Show likes and loves degree……? Do I only need to visualize favorability?」

「That’s probably it!」


*Bishi!*, she pointed at me.

Nadia was quite in a high tension. On the other hand, Veronica was pouting her lips in a sulking face.

I don’t know what’s it all about, but that faceーー.



「Eh? Lucio-kun, did you say something?」

「No, it’s nothing. E〜to, is it like this?」


I reached out my hands towards the two, with an instant of searching inside my mind, I used the magic that I found.


「『Love Parameter』」


The light of the magic created two panels, each of the panels has 3 digit numbers.

The one that was in front of Nadia was 121, and 197 on Veronica’s.


「Wa〜, it came out. Ne〜, ne〜, how’s this? Our likes and loves degree to Lucio-kun?」

「Please call it favorability」


I laughed wryly. Likes and loves degree is very Nadia-ish, but I really can’t get used to it. (TL: Favorability= koukando, likes and… = sukisukido)


「Well, that’s right I guess」



Nadia looked at the two panels, looked at Veronica, and placed a hand over her mouth and laughed like “Humu”.

Then she tapped Veronica with her elbow.


「As I’ve thought, Vero-chan also super likes Lucio-kun」



Veronica blushed and looked down.

She’s like twice embarrassed with her favorability exposed, and made fun of.


「T-That’s not true at all! This is some kind of a mistake」

「But, the numbers are showing you know?」

「That is the strange part. There is no way that I would have this difference from you. There should be some mistake」

「Is that true?」


Nadia asked me.


「You can say that it’s wrong, or you rather, it’s changing. This is the number right now」

「Right now?」

「That’s right, right now」


After I nodded, Nadia placed a finger on her forehead, and thought about it.

And, she hugged me.




「I love you! Lucio-kun!」


She said to me with her arms around my neck.

And then, her numbers increased.


121, 122, 123ーー, just like that, it increased up to 140.


「Oh〜, it really went up. Un, about that much huh」

「Is that so?」

「Un, I super liked Lucio-kun slightly better than earlier」


I don’t get it, but, it was a number that was completely convincing for Nadia herself.

But, that was also Veronica’s tragedy.




With arms around my neck, I looked at Veronica and her number.

198, it increased a little.


「I-It’s wrong. That’s not it!!」

「It’s okay, it’s okay, super liking Lucio-kun. Vero-chan’s also Lucio-kun’s wife so it’s a normal thing」

「That is!  ……that, might be true……but」

「I know! Ne〜, Vero-chan, let’s play a game!」

「A game?」

「Un! a game where who would be better on super liking Lucio-kun」

「A game like thatーー」

「The person who would win can do “something good” with Lucio-kun」

「S-Something good?」


Veronica stole a glance on me while still looking down a slightly.

Her cheeks were flushedーーwhat is she planning to ask for?


「What do you think?」



「However, I will also add a rule. During the game, you can not touch him」

「I can’t touch?」

「It is normal to increase if you’d touch」

「U〜n……well, that’s true」


A weird rule was given, but Nadia was convinced with it.

As if she completely agrees with what Veronica said, as if it was a very natural thing.


「Well then, in a count of three」

「I understood」


Leaving me behind, the two were fired up.

It’s fun watching, so I made an air sofa, and entered spectator’s mode.





Together with that signal, the two moved at the same time.

First is Nadia, she was making a grinning face while hugging her body with her arms that I probably have seen before.


「Uhehe……Lucio-kun, stop〜, not there〜」


What “there”.

On the other hand, Veronica was placing her hands on her tummy with an elegant gesture that was very like of her, and was closing her eyes just the same.

Her face was gradually getting red.


「I can’t, no more than that〜!」


I wonder what she can’t do.

The first one’s “don’t”, and the other one’s “no more”.

It is very scary to hear what they’re really about.


「Ne〜, Lucio-kun, who’s winning right now?」


Nadia asked.


「What’s the criteria for winning? The current numbers? Or is it with the increase in number?」

「The increase in number then. Vero-chan’s fine with that right?」


「Then, it’s Nadia. Just a little, though」

「I did it!」



Nadia made a small guts pose, and Veronica was like *Poka〜n* with her open mouth.


「Too bad, Vero-chan」

「……it’s a three-game match」


「It’s a three-game match, and the one who would win is the first two win two」

「No, two wins, you say. Are you sure that’s fine being told afterwards」

「I accept!」

「You’d agree to that?!」


Nadia accepted Veronica’s suggestion very happily.


「Next, let’s do it with allowed us of tools」

「Sure desu wa」


The two returned inside the mansion for once. After a while, the two appeared while holding something.

Nadia was holding my doll that was Coco’s favorite, and Veronica had my clothes, she’s holding my shirt.

The two held that, and faced each other in front of me.


「Well then……」


「*Kun*, *Kun*」(Smells)

「Su〜, ha〜. Su〜, ha〜……」(Breaths in)


They started to smell them!







There’s a pervert〜, there’s two perverts〜.

If you’re asking what’s “pervert” about it, the most perverted about it is that the numbers in the panels are rapidly increasing.

After a while, the two stopped smelling as if they had timed it together.


「You’re good」

「It is nothing to be mentioned」


Somehow, it was like they’re praising each other.


「Lucio-kun, how was it?」

「How was it?」

「U〜n, this time is also Nadia’s win. Just a little, though」



Nadia won twice.

I was thinking that it was the end with this, but.


「Yo〜sh, let’s go to round two. It’s five rounds of three-game matches okay」

「……just what I wanted」


They were going to continue! I mean, why is the winner Nadia suggesting it.

The two continued the game. It was surprisingly very fierce, and Nadia won the bout by winning three straight rounds.

The game continued until the sun fell down, and under the setting sun, the victor and the defeated were facing each other.


「S-So frustrating. To think that I would be inferior」


Veronica got frustrated just like she had said. I wonder where her confidence in the beginning went.


「If it’s like this, it is the night part」

「Just what I wanted」(Nadia)

「You’re still going to continue! I mean, was the thing up until now the afternoon part? Are you going to do five rounds of three-game matches in the night part too?」

「Isn’t that natural」

「Of course desu wa」


The two made a face that was like, “a foolish question”.


「What should we do next?」

「Hold hands with Lucio-kun! Only that」

「I accept」


The two said that, and held hands with me.

The game continues, the numbers in the favorability panel are rapidly increasing.

The game that continued until midnight, ended with Nadia’s victory.



And, in the next day.


「The second day, let’s go!」

「Just what I wanted, I will surely win today」

「That’s why I’m telling you, why is the one who won extending the results」


I pointed that out, but regardless of that, my two wives were very lively and having fun.










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