Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 78

Chapter 78 – Invisible Man



「Excuse me〜!」(TL: Tanomou〜)


When I was reading Grimoires in the Grimoire Library, I heard a woman’s shouting voice from outside.

It’s sort of old-fashioned words, and words that have limited uses.

When I went outside, there was one woman there.

It’s a young woman wearing good lady-like clothes, but her air seems to be a little strict.


「Hello, do you need something?」


It’s a person I met for the first time, so I talked to her in child-mode.


「I had heard that His Excellency Senjukou Lucio Martein is here」

「Un, he is. He’s the administrator after all」

「If possible, I want to meet with him!」

「I got it. I’m Lucio」



The woman stared at me intently.


『There is no way that a child like this is Senjukou. What is he planning? ……I see, the real one who is in the back is testing me huh. Yosh, I should not be fooled by this appearance and act like he is Senjukou』



I couldn’t help but get dumbfounded.

The girl spoke very quickly with a thinking gesture.

This, is it……


「It was Senjukou, Your Excellency himself huh, please forgive me for not knowing」


The woman took a step back, and half kneeled like a knight.


「My name is Manuela Elise. A descendant of the Elise Family」

「Manuela-san huh」

「It is my greatest honor to meet Senjukou His Excellency」


Manuela said that.

After a leaving a breath of time.


『How’s this. I did it perfectly. The true Senjukou inside should be content with this right』


She said very quickly again, and took glances behind me while bowing down, looking at the back of the library.

This is……is it like that after all?

Is she the type of person who would speak out the things she’s thinking.


I checked, I haven’t used magic, and there isn’t magic that is cast right here right now.


「Ne〜, ne〜, Manuela-oneesan. Is Onee-san cursed or have a magic casted on, or something like that?」

「Eh? No, there is no such thing」


She answered while surprised, and soon after.


『What is this boy asking me, is he testing me? Ha!! Senjukou who’s inside has casted magic on me without me knowing huh!』


「Come to think of it, I feel I feel a little sick a while ago!」


She declared strongly. It isn’t a tone of a person feeling sick.


『How’s that』


It’s a person who’s leaking out a lot of things.

It seems like nothing can be done pointing that out.

I ignored it, and continued the conversation.


「And then, Onee-san. Meeting me, what do you want?」



Manuela looked at me, and looked towards the back of the library.


Ah〜, it was like that huh.


「It’s okay」


I said. Manuela made a slightly surprised face.


「Say anything. Senjukou is listening properly」


Manuela came to some kind of realization.


『It was like that after all, huh. He would not go out himself, and would send this boy instead. Yo〜sh, if that is so』


She misunderstood it quite conveniently.


「I want to show you this!」


Saying that, and reached out a book very quickly as if to give a love letter at the an entryway.


「This……a Grimoire?」

「That’s right! The Grimoire that has been passed from generations to generations of our Elise Family! ……or, is should be」


Lines that was almost lost at the end.


「Should be? What do you mean?」

「Actually……it is a Grimoire that possesses a tremendous magic. It is a very strong magic, that it is said that the Elise Family’s ancestors had conquered the world with this」

「Conquer the world? That’s amazing, what kind of magic is it?」


Manuela shook her head.


「That, we do not know, it is only said in legends that it was incredible. And that it could be understood just by seeing it」

「Is that so〜」


It’s probably a visually intense magic.


「However, other than the ancestors, no one has been able to read this Grimoire for hundreds of years. For hundreds of years, thousands of members of our family has challenged, but no one」


「That is why, recently, it is being rumored that this Grimoire itself is a fake」

「That’s harsh」

「No, it is fine even if the Grimoire is fake, however, having the glory of Elise Family be denied because of that……」


If the magic were fake, the achievements done with that would also be a lie.

I see now.

Manuela was feeling very down.

She dropped her shoulders, and looked at me while kneeling.


「I heard the rumors about Senjukou His Excellency. An amazing person who could immediately decipher any kind of Grimoires, and can use a thousand magic」


It’s already over ten thousand though.


「That is why! If Senjukou His Excellency could read this, it will be proven that this Grimoire is real! I came here thinking of that!」

「I see」

『And if things go smoothly, I will be the one who would return Elise Family’s glory, mufufu……』


I heard something.

The voices in her heart are leaking.

Well! That much is natural as a person, so I ignored it.


「Well then, can you show it to me?」

「Eh, but, however」


Manuela looked at me and the back of the library again.


「For the meantime, I’d be the one who’d look first」


I emphasized, “for the meantime”.


「I-I understood」


I received the Grimoire, and flipped its pages.

Hmm, it’s a modern one, and the pervert main characterーー.



「W-What is it?」

「This……it’s a little weird」


『What’s weird? I mean, a child like you can’t understand something like that so please hurry up and give it to the real Senjukou』


I ignored her, and read the Grimoire.

I flipped the pages, I turned back and forth, comparing them.

And then, I finally got it.


「This, the pages are out of order」

「O-Out of order?」

「Un, the numbering of the pages were ridiculous you know? ーーit was normal with the first page, but the next page would be the fourth page. Turning it again, this time it would be the third page, and the second page would finally come out after that. Un, it can’t be helped that you can’t read this」

「Y-You can find out even that?!」

「You don’t get it? ……I see, you can’t read it in the first place, so you can’t find out if the pages are in order or not」


「Wait a bit okay……」


I said that and let Manuela wait, and focused on the Grimoire.

The order of the page were ridiculous, but if I recognize that it’s pages are out of order, I can read it.

From the last page, I can guess what would be the first page next, so I somehow understand even if the situations had completely changed in order.

I turned the pages back and forth……and twice of usual, I finished reading it for an hour.


「Un, I read it. It’s true that this magic is amazing, you can tell with one look」

「Eh? Y-You read it?」

『Don’t tell me, this boy……he is really Senjukou……?』


I said that from the start though.

Well! I’ll prove it to you right now.




I casted the magic.

The next instant, I became an invisible man.

With my clothes just as they are, but my body invisible.

It isn’t a place that it should be used, and the purpose is to let her know its greatness, so I talked to Manuela while wearing clothes.

It’s quite an amazing scene that looks like the clothes are floating in the air.


「It’s this kind of magic」


「As you can see, it’s magic that makes you invisible. You can do sneaky this with this……but you can also do amazing things」


「The Grimoire is the real thing, the magic inside is convincing too. There’s no doubt that Manuela’s ancestors had done an amazing thing」

「For, real?」



I nodded……I’m invisible so she probably couldn’t see.

But, Manuela’s expression was relieved.

Her face became relaxed, and relieved.


「It was real……thank goodness」

「You told me that there were people doubting it right. I’ll send you a document. I’ll announce that his Grimoire is genuine, and that it’s an amazing magic. It’s something about magic, so I think Senjukou’s words should be convincing」


「Un. Leave it to me. If you want, I could go personally and show them this magic」


It’s my thanks for letting me learn an amazing magic.

After I said that, Manuela was petrified for a while.

And finally, she regained herself.


「Thank you!」

『This person’s amazing! This person’s amazing! This person’s amazing!』


From the surface and from the back, she thanked me so much.











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