Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 77

Chapter 77 – Lucio’s Dungeon



Nadia is running inside a giant labyrinth.

The labyrinth’s walls are made of wooden planks, and made that there would be doors every several steps.

Nadia opens the doors and advances one next to the other, but.


「Isn’t this a dead end too!」


That place she entered after opening the door was a space that was like a small room.

Nadia immediately turned back, returned to the last, last door, and went to a different route.


「Only 30 seconds left desu wa」

「Do your best, Nadia-chan」


Girls’ voices could be heard from the sky.

Veronica’s were with a tone that was enjoying and making her rush, and Sylvia’s were purely cheering after her best friend.


「30 seconds?! Awawawa, what should I do, what should I do」


Hearing the time limit, Nadia increased her running speed more and more.

She opened the door, and advanced.

She opened the door, and turned back.

She opened the doorーーand plunged into the water.


「It’s finished huh」

「Nadia-chan, so close」


When Nadia who plunged into the water left from there, “the size of her body returned to normal”.

To Nadia who was drenched, Sylvia ran carrying a towel.

And wiping her head with that, Nadia looked at the giant labyrinth’s “model” beside her.

In the corner of the miniature sized giant labyrinth, the door that was left open was moving, with the lake(puddle of water) that has ripples ahead.

And right next to that.


「Ah〜, isn’t it the goal after I go to the right!」

「Un, it was the last door」

「Ohh, so frustrating. I almost made it」

「Well then, I shall go next alright. Lucio」



Watching from a little distance, I answered.

I will use two magic.

One of them would make Veronica’s body smaller, and the other that would remake the structure of the miniature sized giant labyrinth.

Veronica who became little stood in the entrance, and without touching the entrance and the lake, I changed the structure of the giant labyrinth.


「I’m going」

「Then, let’s start」


With Sylvia, Nadia, and I watching, Veronica opened the door and jumped into the giant labyrinth.


「Ah, that place isーー」

「No, Nadia-chan, you shouldn’t. You shouldn’t react」


Sylvia covered Nadia’s mouth in a hurry, but Veronica who heard that made a grin, left the door that she was about to reach out to open, and entered a different door.

A giant labyrinth dungeon that is randomly generated.

And because it is random, the first door was a lake falling trap.

Nadia couldn’t help but raise a voice with that, and Veronica luckily avoided it.


「It’s so interesting, Lucio-kun. This, it’s also fun advancing personally, but it also looks interesting from outside」

「It’s something like that. It’s similar to a game called Werewolf. After you were eliminated, you can watch while grinning」(TL: Also known as Mafia)

「Un! You’d grin right. By the way, what’s Werewolf?」

「Let’s have it for next time」

「Un, I got it!」


Nadia made a huge nod, and went towards Sylvia.


「It’s Sylvie’s turn next huh. Let’s make plans beforehand」

「But, it will change until before starting with Lucio-sama’s magic right. Then, I don’t think that you can have plans」

「That’s not true at all. I think, if you would go to the same direction from the start, you can get out. Like, always to the right, or always to the left」

「I-Is that true, Lucio-sama」

「Well, that is one of the strategies butーー」

「I heard something good」


Veronica once again made a grin inside the labyrinth.


「The same direction, was it. Then, if I would continuously go to the right hereーー」



Sylvia raised a small voice.

From the two doors, Veronica who had opened the door just like she had declared, she had plunged into a lake with good momentum.

Veronica who was drenched and had returned to her original size confronted me.


「Did you not say that it would be the goal if I go to the same direction?!」

「No, that’s a strategy used when there’s only one exit. This one has walls that are like an entrance right. It’s just that most of it connects to a lake」



Looking at the labyrinth, Veronica groaned.

She was like, understood what I said immediately, but couldn’t contain her anger.


「Whatever desu wa! Next, Sylvia, it’s your turn!」

「Un. Then, please take care of me, Lucio-sama」



While casting magic to Sylvia this time, I remade the labyrinth.

Sylvia entered the labyrinth. Is it because of her personality, it feels like she’s very cautious opening a door.

Cautiously and carefully, she is advancing to clear the labyrinth.


「Ne〜, Lucio. If this continues……」

「Yeah, she would reach the time limit with no doubt」

「Come to think of it, what would happen after the time’s up?」


Nadia and Veronica looked at me at the same time.


「It would be faster to just look rather than explaining……look, there it is」

「Ahh, it would be like this huh」

「Wawa, Sylvie, run, run〜」

「Eh, eh, ehhhhh?」


Sylvia who got little panicked.


「That is……how cruel. If you’re going to be chased by that, it would be better to fall into water」


Veronica said her opinion.

Un, I set it like that after all.

A small bucket-like thing appeared inside the giant labyrinth.

The bucket was full of black ink, and advances through the labyrinth running by itself.

It’s something that would search for the challengers who have reached their time limit and throw ink to them.


「Sylvie, run away〜」

「Looking at it is very fun huh」

「By the way」


The moment I said that, the second bucket appeared.


「It increases with time」

「Ahh! No, Sylvie, if you go there, you’d get caught betweーー」


Shortly after Nadia’s warning, Sylvia was caught by the buckets, and was covered by ink.

Sylvia who had returned was making a slightly teary face.


「Uu, you’re so bad, Lucio-sama……」

「Sorry, sorry, as an apology, I’ll wipe it for you」


I took the towel, and made Sylvia pretty while using magic.


「Yosh, you became beautiful」


At the end, I kissed her on her forehead.



「Who’s the one next?」


Veronica stared at me with squinted eyes, and Nadia was looking at the labyrinth with an excited face instead.


「I will go」


And, Veronica challenged for the second time.


「A-re, she wouldn’t move」

「What happened? If you don’t move, the time would be up」


Sylvia and Nadia thought of it strangely.

Veronica stayed in the first room after the entrance without moving.

The bucket finally came, and she was now covered in ink.


「Why didn’t you move?」


Nadia asked Veronica who had returned strangely.

Veronica didn’t answer, and moved straight towards me.


「Please wipe me too」



Just like with Sylvia, I wiped her using the towel and magic.


「Un, that’s good」

「Is that all?」


Veronica stared at me with squinted eyes and dissatisfaction.


「Just like, you know, there’s something after you wipe it off right」

「After I wiped off?」


I wonder what it is, I tilted my head.


「U〜n, “you became beautiful.” Is that it?」

「Eh, w-what did you say right now?」

「Eh? Veronica became beautiful?」

What’s up with that, I thought, but.




Veronica’s face reddened like *Puff*, and looked down.



「Ah! It was like that huh」

「What, what, what do you mean?」

「E〜to, in my case, it wasーー, and in Veronica-san’s case, it wasーー, so」


Sylvia whispered to Nadia’s ears.

I couldn’t hear it well, but Nadia who heard that gradually widened her eyes.


「I see! Lucio-kun, I’m next!」



I made Nadia who was suddenly in maximum tension small, and made her enter the labyrinth.


「Is it here, or is it here. Is it time yet, hurry up and come〜〜」


For some reason, without trying to clear the dungeon properly, Nadia comes and goes through rooms that were safe.


「Ne〜, that」

「Yes. Doing that would make her encounter it more quickly」

「I see. Well, it can’t be helped huh」


Sylvia and Veronica, nodded at each other as if they knew what it was about.

The time was finally up, and Nadia, she charged herself to the bucket that appeared.

And Nadia who had returned.


「Lucio-kun! Wipe me, wipe me, kiss me on my forehead and say that I’m beautiful」



I got it with that.

I looked at Sylvia and Veronica.

Sylvia looked down shyly, and Veronica acted as if nothing happened.

She wanted me to do something, and charged with it huh.

……oi, oi, this wouldn’t work as a game.

It wouldn’t work as a game, but.


「Lucio-kun, hurry!」


Looking at Nadia’s appearance that makes me hurry with an excited smile, “Well, whatever”, I thought.










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