Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 76

Chapter 76 – Agricultural Revolution




「Welcome to my land, Lartar」


In the lord’s mansion in the place called Lartar.

The one who welcomed me who entered the mansion was Ruby who is wearing a princess’s dress.

How can I say this……it’s a last boss-ish dress as usual, and it’s slightly different from the last time.

It was normal last boss last time, and this time it’s like it’s powered up to the second stage after being defeated.

Is she going to take the throne with her appearance and sit on it someday or something.


「It’s been a while」

「Thank you for visiting from so far away……forgive me for calling you so suddenly」


Ruby said with a serious face.

That’s right, just earlier, a person who claimed to be her messenger came to my mansion in the royal capital La Linea.

She’s calling me, so I went here as soon as possible.


「Don’t mind it, it isn’t that much of a distance」

「It’s a distance that would take a whole day for a fast horse though」

「It’s only an instant if you fly. Rather than that, the reason you called me is?」

「Umu, let’s talk while looking at it in person, that would be easierーー」


Ruby turned around and started walking.




She stepped on her dress, and greatly fell down to the floor face first.

She raised her head quickly, and glared at me with teary eyes.




I looked away blatantly, and whistled.

Ruby stood up, cleared her throat, and assumed a composed look.


「ーーthat would be easier to explain」

「I got it」


While secretly making her not step on her hem using magic, I left the mansion following her.



「This Lartar is our kingdom’s important land for grain producing, but these recent years, the yield quantity has decreased a lot」


「Decreased, why」

「I do not know the reason. When new crops are planted, more than half would die and would not grow」



I ride a carriage with Ruby, and looked around the farm for inspection.

As she has said, most of the crops hardly settled down, so the field was quite empty, and it’s like there is spot baldness here and there. (TL: alopecia areata )


「It also seems like there are no particular laws」


Looking at the field, I said my opinion.

The places where the ones they planted are not growing up or has tilted is random, and there seems no regularity


「Umu. The cause is completely unknown so we are troubled」

「The fruit tree there is normal huh」


I pointed, and asked Ruby.

There’s an orchard where fruits were growing from afar, and it seems quite normal.


「The crops that have finished establishing would grow without problems. Is it not strange」

「Making them take root is the hard part huh. If then, shouldn’t you just make it up using numbers?」

「It is unknown if it would grow, and there are also cases when it would tilt after somewhat growing. It is exactly as you said, we only need to make it up with numbers, but there is no difference that half of the land are being wasted」

「I see, well, I guess so」


I nodded, and looked at Ruby.


「And so, you want me to do something about it then」

「Umu. It is His Majesty’s favorite Senjukou. I thought that if it is you, you might be able to do something about it」

「You overestimate me. Well, I already found a solution though」

「Is that true!」


Ruby’s eyes sparkled.



I came to the orchard’s place.

I stood in front of the healthiest tree within there, and said to Ruby.


「What is the main crops that were grown here originally?」

「It’s this. It’s called Arrose」


Ruby reached out a seed casually.

That is something that I ate almost everyday, it’s like rice.


「I see, it’s this huh」

「It’s planted during the spring, and harvested in autumn. It takes a long time until it grows, the grace period until it tilts due to the abnormality is very long too so we are troubled by it」

「It’s really like rice huh」

「What are you going to do with that?」

「Just look……『Synthesis』」


I chanted the magic.

The light enveloped the seed and the tree, and the two fused.

After the light settles down, the thing that appeared was a tree that was a level smaller.

A tree that is comparatively small, just as tall as an adult man; there were many fruits in that tree.


「This is……Arrose huh」

「That’s right」

「An Arrose tree, you say?」

「Probably, it only needs to be planted once, and harvesting several times within a year is possible. The problem’s solved with this right?」



*Poka〜n*, Ruby dropped her jaws.


「What is it」

「What is it or whatever……」


She looked at me with an unbelievable expression.


「Not mentioning the problem being solved, this is an evolutionary thing」

「Is that so?」


That might be true, though.


「Either way, there’s no difference that the problem was solved right?」

「U-Umu. That’s exactly right. It’s exactly as you said」


Ruby regained herself, stared at me straight, and said.


「I thank you, Senjukou」


Ruby was very very thankfulーーwell, that’s good, but.

This Arrose tree, and later on, with King’s final word.


「The name of this variety is Lucio」


And just like that, it was named like Sasanishiki. (TL: Japanese rice created as mixture of Sasashigure and Hatsunishiki)









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