Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 75

Chapter 75 – Final Fight! God Lucio vs Devil Lucio


「Lucio-kun, it’s somehow boring」


Inside the mansion, Nadia said something like that.

Rain is falling outside, rain that has continued for three days, and it seems like Nadia who is very active was very bored being unable to go out of the mansion.


「Can we do something fun?」

「You want to go cockroach subjugation again? Or something like ant dungeon exploring」

「I’m tired of that, do you have something new?」

「New, huh」

「Right, right, something that is to be done during a rainy day」

「A rainy day huh……」


I thought.

Well, what was I doing during rainy days before.

I remembered the times before I reincarnated in this world, when I am still in modern Japan.


「During rainy days, I’ve been playing games, well, most of the time」


「I’ve been playing things like fighting games or hunting games」

「He〜? That, can you do that using Lucio-kun’s magic?」


Nadia asked with sparkling eyes.

They’re eyes of expectation. Oh really, if you look at me with eyes like that, you’d make me want to answer.


「I can. Hmm, then, can you take that tea cup」


I pointed at the round teacup on the top of the table.

The tea cup we finished drinking from that Amanda-san prepared for us.


「Here! What would you do with that?」

「Look. 『Any Remote Control』」


After I used magic, a game controller-like remote control with antenna appeared.

Remote control and antenna, two sets of that pair.

And I erected the antenna on the teacup and saucer.

Then I held one of the remote control, and pressed the stick and button.

The tea cup moved.



「Just like this, it’s magic that makes you able to control the thing where the antenna’s erected at. And with that」


I took the other remote control and operated it.

And then, the saucer moved.

Controlling the teacup and saucer, I made them battle.

The tea cup kicked the saucer’s ass, and spins around as if to make a winning pose.


「It’s like this」

「Looks fun〜!!」

「You want to try?」



I gave one of the remote control to Nadia.


「Is it like this!」


Nadia got used on operating the remote control very quickly.

The saucer came back, and this time, the tea cup blew it away.


「Ahaha, Lucio-kun so weeak〜」

「You’ve said it」


Nadia and I enjoyed the real fighting game.




Amanda-san entered quietly.


「What is it」

「His Majesty the King and Dai-Danna-sama have visited」(TL: (Dai大=big)(Danna-sama)旦那様.)

「Ou-sama and Ojii-san did?」

「I wonder why」


Nadia put down the remote control and tilted her head.


「They had come with presents, according to them. To Danna-samaーー」

「My dear Lucio〜」

「My Senjukou, where are you〜」


Interrupting Amanda-san’s report, Ojii-chanz’s voices and footsteps had become closer and closer.


「Ohh, you were here」

「I wanted to meet you, my Senjukou」


The King and Ojii-san’s usual combination.

They entered the room, and the instant they saw my face, their faces become so “dere-dere”.


「Hello. Ojii-chan, and Ou-sama」


I talked to the two with child-mode.

The ends of the two’s eyes drooped.


「Un, un, are you well, Lucio」

「Do you have inconvenience or anything? If something happens, you came always come to me」

「It’s okay. I’m well and happy everyday. Rather than that, what is it today? Did you come together?」

「That’s right, I have something to show Lucio today」

「Luca really insisted you know. I’m not really interested with that, but I don’t want to be told I ran away from the contest」

「Hmph, you can only say that right now」


The instant they came, the two started to escalate and create sparks.


「I’m sorry, I can’t understand what you’re talking about」

「This is it!」



Ojii-chanz took out a stuffed toy at the same time.

They’re dolls that look completely like them.


「E〜to, this is?」

「It is my stuffed toy」(Ojii-san)

「I can tell by looking?」

「It’s something I made even working at night. How is it, isn’t it similar」(Ou-sama)

「Un, it looks very similar」


Not only the King’s, but also Ojii-san’s was like that.

It’s a slightly unique stuffed toy, but they are stuffed toys that exactly looks like the two.


「Lucio. Abe’s or mine, which would you take」

「You will take mine right」


……eh? What does this mean.

How can I say this, it feels like I’m being pressured by two grandpas like「Me or that woman, which one will you choose!!」.

No, it’s not just a feeling, but it’s exactly that kind of situation.


「E〜to……do I really need to choose?」

「That’s right!」

「Choose now!」


The two pressured me.

How can I say this, what should I do?

And, when I was hesitating like that.


「Ah, stuffed toys would move better huh」


Nadia took a remote control, and controlled Ojii-san’s stuffed toy.

The homemade stuffed toy that exactly looks like Ojii-san jumped vertically and released an uppercut.


「This moved very well. It might be easier to move than a tea cup」


This time, she took the other remote control, and moved the King’s stuffed toy.


「Mu! What is this, Lucio」

「E〜to, it’s called『Any Remote Control』, a magic that controls anything using a remote control」

「I played with it with Lucio-kun earlier」


Nadia said that, and controlled the two stuffed toys at the same time.

Ojii-san’s stuffed toy blew away the King’s stuffed toy with a punch.





「This is good……」


*Kyupi〜n!*, the two’s eyes flashed that it almost sounded like that.


「Nadia, pass me that」

「Let me have this」


Ojii-chanz took away the remote controls from Nadia as if to steal them.


「I see, you move it like this huh」

「As expected of my Senjukou. You’ve done a great job as usual」


No, it’s not I worked with it.

They operated their stuffed toys making them take general movements.

And then, they faced each other.

The stuffed toys also faced each other.


「There will be no grudge」

「Umu, it is the fitting location」

「「The one who wins will be accepted」」


The two controlled the stuffed toys very incredibly for some reason, and started to fight.

Ojii-san’s stuffed toy and the King’s stuffed toy started to fight fiercely.


「Hoe〜, isn’t it amazing, Lucio-kun」


I nodded, and agreed.

And finally, the two’s stuffed toys became tattered at the same time, and fell down to the ground unable to be controlled.

It’s a drawーーit ended with injuries for each side.


「Fu, fufufu. Aren’t you good, Luka」

「You’re pretty good too, Abe」

「It can’t be helped, if it comes to this, I shall take out my secret weapon」


Secret weapon?


「Look! This is Senjukou’s stuffed toy that I have created, it’s named 『Thousand Spell King that Controls the Whole World』」


*Ba〜n*, the King took out the stuffed toy as if they were flashing lights in his movements.

It’s me-ishーーwearing black-based clothes that are reminiscent of a Demon King of a vampire with a cape.


「Waa〜, so cool」


Nadia got happy innocently. It’s cool, but……u〜n.


「Oh Abe, that is the only thing isn’t good about you. Lucio does not need a very grand and long name like that」





「Lucio’s image is likeーー『Saint Lucio』!!」


This side also was like, *Ba〜n!*, and took out the stuffed toy.

This one also had my face, and with a white base, it’s a stuffed toy with an image of a God or an angel.


「Ammaazing〜, this one also looks exactly like Lucio-kun」


Nadia is getting more and more excited. ……no, no.

What does this mean? This time, the two suddenly took out a stuffed toy of me.


「It looks like we need to have a conclusion」

「It seems like that. Let’s go!」


Ojii-chanz controlled the stuffed toy that looks exactly like me using the remote control.

This time, it became like a superman battle like dragon ball.

Flying in the sky, they threw punches at each other with super speed, a super battle using fighting skills.





Ojii-chanz, with high spirits, they made the stuffed toys fight materializing the image they have of me.


「Oh Ojii-chans, you are as usual huh」


Nadia smiled pleasantly, I made a laughed wryly a little, but I agreed with that.










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