Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 74

Chapter 74 – Gamble Date



Sylvia and I are on a date.

We’re walking in the afternoon royal capital while holding hands.


「Waa〜, what a lovely children」


Is it because our appearance is a child’s, or is it because Sylvia is simply lovely, the people that pass us by were bewitched.


「Lucio-sama, there, it looks very bustling」

「Un, let’s take a look」



While holding hands, Sylvia and I walked towards the front of a certain store.

With a glance, it seems like it’s a pub, but for that, it’s bustling although it’s in the afternoon.

From how it looks from the entrance, it seems like there are 2-300 people inside.

There’s a man who’s standing outside, so I asked him.


「Ne〜ne〜, Oji-chan, what is this place?」

「Aann? This place is too early for brats, come again after ten years」


I got a cold shoulder.

Well, it’s true that a pub doesn’t have anything to do with children huh.


「Let’s go, Sylvia」



Sylvia and I left from there, but she was taking glances and was curious about the store.

She took a glance at the store, and took a glance at me.

Does she want to enter? ……it looks like she wants to.

If this was Nadia, she would say「Lucio-kun, do something」and beg straightforwardly to me, but Sylvia is a shy type for that kind of thing.


「Sylvia, come with me for a second」



I casted magic to Sylvia who nodded, and casted magic to myself.

Gradually, our appearance became of an adult’s.

It’s a magic I often use, a magic that turns one’s appearance to a grown up.

Sylvia and I became adults.

Sylvia who is in front of me became the beauty in the banquet sometime before.

So much that even I get charmed.


「With this, we can now enter right」



As I’ve thought, it looks like she really wanted to enter, and Sylvia nodded with an excited face.

I started to walk, Sylvia who followed didn’t place her hand on mine, but linked our arms.

It’s a sudden change from very lovely children holding hands, to a very intimate couple with arms linked.

Her chest that touches my arm makes my heart beat a little faster, and we returned towards the store.


「Can we enter?」

「Please do」


The man outside lets us pass easily.

Entering inside, I found out that it was more bustling.

There was a lot of seats, a stage on the back, and a huge transparent box on top of it.


「Welcome, is it for two?」


A person came out from the store.

It’s a young gentleman.


「Yeah. Also, we’re here for the first time, what kind of place is this?」

「You do not know about our shop『Making A Killing Inn』?」


The man made a little surprised face.

Is this store that famous.


「Yeah, please explain」

「I think that it would be better to actually take a look, it is a very simple system」


A simple……system?

What does he mean by system, is this not just a pub?


「I will guide you to your seat」



Well, there should be no problem whatever happens.

Taking Sylvia with me, I let the man guide us.


「Ohh……what a beauty」

「So beautiful……」

「Ke! The man’s also handsome, this world is full of mistakes, right!」


Many kinds of voices came from the surrounding, they’re different opinions than when we were holding hands in the town.

And just like that, we were guided to a seat near the wall.


「Well then! The next game is starting. Please place your entry fee on top of the table」


One man on the top of the stage said.

It’s a 30-year-old man.

After the man said that, *GachaGacha* it sounded around us.

Everyone placed a coin on top of the table.

That one coin is worth 500 ceta, its value is quite high within the kinds of coins.

The coin disappeared silently, and in exchange, it turned to a wooden coin of the same size.

There are front and back of the coin, the front is dyed green, and the back is dyed red.

And about the coin that disappearedーーit’s unknown when, but it’s already gathered inside the transparent box on the stage.

500 ceta coins worth all of the store’s table other than ours, it’s a bit spectacular.


「Well then, we shall go,『Binary World』」


The man used magic.

A box releasing a white light appeared in front of the man.

The box spins around in the air.


「Lucio-sama, what kind of magic is that?」


Sylvia on my side asked.


「It’s magic that’s like coin fortune telling. When used, the results set would come out with a probability of 50/50. It’s also a simple but strong magic. In its Grimoire, there’s an expression that God’s will working on it, and once the magic is used, it would not have any outside interference, the results would come out with an entirely half-half possibility」

「Even Lucio-sama cannot interfere with it?」

「It’s impossible, it’s that kind of magic. I can use it though」


I said that, and used『Binary World』.

The same white box on top of the stage appeared, and eventually burst.

Mami’s face appeared there for an instant.


「Ah, it’s Mami-chan」

「『Binary World』」

「It’s Coco-chan this time」

「Just like this」

「That’s amazing!」


I wonder what’s amazing with it.

I regained myself, and looked around.


「I’m gonna go with red」

「The trend so far is red, red, green, red, green, red, green, green, green……」

「Let’s do it with all green this time」


I could hear voices coming from each table.

*GachaGacha*, it sounded, and everyone moved their red/green coin.


「Well……let’s go, OPEN!」


The box of light disappeared, and a green coin came out.

Soon after, the coins on top of the table that was red disappeared, and only the one ones who chose green remained.

The man used magic again. This time, red came out, and green coins disappeared.


「An O/X quiz huh」



That was repeated for a while, and eventually, it dropped down to one person.


「Jackpot!!! Congratulations!」


To the place of that man, all of the 500 ceta coins were brought.

I could hear applauses and words of congratulations being given nonstop.

I see, it’s like that huh.

Everyone would each take out a coin, do O/X quiz, and the last one remaining would take everything huh.

In some meaning, it’s like a lottery.


「It’s been a while since I got a jackpot. Bring out the best alcohol in this store. Give everyone a cup」


「Ke! Oi, bring extra drinks here too! I won’t drink something that comes from him」


Orders were sent from here and there.

The ones who won and the ones who lost both ordered drinks and food.

Especially the one who got the jackpot, he became generous on spending his money.

I see, in exchange for not taking money for the lottery ticket, this store is doing business like this huh.

They’re good.


「Eeii! This is strange!!」


I heard a man’s shouting voice from the other side of the store.

Looking at himーーit was Isaac.


「Dear Customer, making a disturbance is」

「Listen! I was here since the morning and had done it ten times. For all of those be a miss from the first turn, what the heck does this mean」


Isaac was completely making a fuss.

The store’s staff near him was making an annoyed face.


「This is cheating! You are definitely cheating!」

「Please excuse my words, Dear Customer,『Binary World』is magic that cannot be interfered by anything, and……」


Un, that’s true.


「NO, you are definitely cheating!」

「……it cannot be helped」


The store’s man gestured and called someone.

Two huge men from a little far away came, and caught Isaac from his sides.

And he was forcefully dragged outside.

The surrounding customers looked at Isaac with cold eyes.


「Isn’t he darn stupid?」

「Everyone knows that that magic can’t be interfered with」

「I’d sympathize that your luck is bad, but」


After Isaac had been kicked out, the store returned to usual business.


「Well then, once again, the next game shall start. Please place your entry fees!」

「Lucio-sama, can we try?」

「It’s fine doing it, but since you’re going to, it would be better if you’d win」

「But……it’s testing one’s luck right. Lucio-sama also said that it’s magic that can’t be interfered with」

「Yeah, I can’t interfere with the results」

「If that is soーー」

「But, I can guess the future」


「『Time Shift』」


When I chanted the magic, Sylvia appeared on Sylvia’s side.



「As expected of Lucio-sama, it’s red」


Sylvia who came from tens of seconds in the future said that, and immediately disappeared.


「Get it」



I paid 500 ceta, and gained the red/green coin.

I turned it to red.

The result “red” appeared on top of the stage.


「『Time Shift』」

「The next one’s green, Lucio-sama」


Sylvia said that the moment she appeared.

And she immediately disappeared again, and the result in the stage became “green”.

Using future prediction, I hit each turn of the 50-50 gamble every time.

The first time, I was able to remain until the end, and the surroundings congratulated me.

The second time, I was able to remain until the end, and the surroundings got louder and louder.

The third time, when I still won, those reactions changed to astonishment.

The coins that were piled up on top of the table after my third win had become amazing.


「What does this mean, don’t tell me he’s cheating」

「But, that shouldn’t be possible with『Binary World』?」

「Then, are you saying his luck is good? Are you saying he continuously won with 50-50 chances for about 30 times with that?」


It’s not at the level of only good luck hitting two 30 times though.


「Lucio-sama, somehow, the eyes around us」




「Yeah. Oi」


I called the store clerk nearby me.


「Do you need something?」

「Does this store’s system have a carry over? With no-one winning and making all of the prizes be in the next one」

「There is, there are many cases when everyone misses at the last turn, so」

「There really is huh. Then, place all of these as a carry over」

「Eh? A-All of this?」

「Yeah. There’s no problem giving free meal with the money that was won right. Just like that」


The store’s man got dumbfounded, and ran away in a hurry to confirm after that.

After a while, that was announced on top of the stage.

Everyone was told about the carry over for the amount of three times.


「For real?! Amazing!!」

「Brother, you’re awesome!」



The place was filled with cheers and whistles.


「Lucio-sama……how amazing」

「Is that so?」

「Yes, with many kinds of meanings」

「I see」

「I, thank goodness that I am Lucio-sama’s wife」


She said that, and Sylvia hugs me with an entranced face.

When she’s in her grown-up appearance, she gets a little bit more aggressive.

Being hugged like this, might be the best harvest for the day.

By the way.


「Let me do it too」


Hearing the excitement, Isaac who returned to the store and wanted to aim for the three times carry over was immediately kicked out.











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