Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 73

Chapter 73 – Animal and Child





When I was reading manga, I heard Nadia’s scream from outside the mansion.

Thinking of what it was, I went outside.

In the mansion’s garden, Nadia was covering her mouth using her hand with surprised eyes.


「What happened, Nadia」

「Ah! Lucio-kun! This is bad」


「Look at that!」


Nadia said that, and I looked in the direction she pointed to.

Under the tree in the mansion, dog girl Coco was sleeping curled up there.

Her tail was swinging, and she really seems relaxed.

“What is it about that?”, I almost said thatーーand noticed the abnormality.

In Coco’s side, there was “something” else.


The reason why I described it “something”, was because its size was small.

Even compared to the petite Coco, it was even less than half of her.

It was a baby.

It’s a human baby.


The problem was, that baby is Veronica.

Red hair, and dress that was now too big for her.

And as if that dress was a comforter, she was curled up inside that, and on top of that, she is sleeping with her body close to Coco’s.


「W-What happened here」

「……it’s probably the magic going out of control」

「Magic going out of control?」



I nodded.

I remembered the contents written in the『Reconnection』Grimoire/manga.

This magic depends on the physical condition of the human it was casted on. There are cases that if their body weakens, the magic would have too much of an effect.

And when I explained that to Nadia.


「Come to think of it……Vero-chan, she said that she feels bad in the morning」

「That’s the cause」

「I see, that’s why Vero-chan shrunk huh」

「By the way, if she regains her health, she would return to her size before, so. This is a temporary thing」

「I see, thank goodness」


Nadia was relieved.

And while we were at it, Veronica woke up.






Baby Veronica suddenly cried out.

It didn’t have any sign at all, so Nadia panicked.


「W-What does this mean, Lucio-kun」

「『Reconnection』isn’t just for the appearance, it is a magic that changes the inside the same with how they look」

「Eh? That meansーーVero-chan right now……」

「Ahh, it means that she has completely become a baby」

「Hawaa〜……I see〜……」


Nadia panicked when Veronica started to cry, but she calmed down after hearing my explanation.

It’s because that even Nadia knows that it’s normal for babies to cry.

On the other hand, Veronica continues to cry.

Woken up by the crying voice, Coco looked at Veronica with half-opened eyes.

And there, she licked Veronica’s face who were crying continuously.

Her instincts have appeared a bit, it’s the showing of affection of the dog girl.


「Ah, she calmed down」


Nadia whispered.

Being licked on the face by Coco, Veronica stopped crying for an instant.

She crawled out from her dress, and in an appearance wearing only a camisole that was still caught to her body, she climbed up on Coco.




And there, even Coco woke up with that.

She woke up, and made a troubled face looking at Veronica.


「Master? What is this〜?」

「It’s Veronica」




Baby Veronica tried to climb as if it was a ride.

She climbed up, and dexterously turned on the top of the body, and relaxed leisurely as if the dog girl was a sofa.


「Wa〜, looks fun」

「It looks like Coco is troubled though」

「But, she isn’t making her stop. And also, she’s wagging her tail you know?」


It’s exactly as Nadia said, even while making a troubled face, Coco was wagging her tail.

It seems, she’s troubled but doesn’t dislike it that much.

Or maybe, her maternal instincts was stimulated by child Veronica.

Either way, it’s a situation where I don’t need to do a thing.




It looks like Nadia is about to do something.


「Wait a minute Lucio-kun, I’ll go for a bit and throw a basket of water on myself」

「Wait, wait, why are you going to do that?」

「I’m going to catch a cold, and then, I’ll also become a child」


Ahh, because Veronica became a child when she got weak, so she’s going to do that.


「Wait, wait, I can also make you a child from the start using『Reconnection』」

「Is that so! Then, Lucio-kun, please!」

「Yeah, yeah」


Nadia made a full smile and had eyes full of expectations.

And to her, I casted『Reconnection』.

Her body gradually shrunk.

And within ten seconds, her appearance became of a crawling baby’s.




Why making baby laughs, Nadia crawled towards Coco’s direction.

Coco had a more and more troubled face, but she did not refuse her.

And finally, Nadia also climbed on top of Coco.

Coco was like a rideーーjust like a jungle gym, and Nadia and Veronica were playing on top of that.



「Hold on, do your best」


Salvation was asked, but I push her away.

Instead, I made an air sofa using magic, and took out a Grimoire that I have read mid-way.

I relaxed there, and carefully watched the children and pet dog girl play.

*PechiPechi*, Nadia slapped her face, and Veronica pulled her tail.

Without getting angry, Coco let the two do what they want.

She was making a troubled face at first, but as time passed by, Coco’s expression changed to like “It can’t be helped then〜”.

Following Baby Nadia and Baby Veronica who was crawling, Coco also started to crawl on four legs herself.




She’s a dog girl so she usually walked on two legsーーand looking at that scene, I giggled.


「If I took a video and uploaded it, this would easily go for a million views, huh」


The physical contact of my baby wives and pet dog, it was that heartwarming that it made me think of that.









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