Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 72

Chapter 72 – Fashion Leader




Morning in the entrance, when I was about to go to the Grimoire Library, Veronica came out from deep inside the mansion.


「Wait, Lucio, I will go with you」



I nodded, and went outside with Veronica.

We went out from the mansion, and walking together in the royal capital in the morning.

Various kinds of people passed by each other, and La Linea is full of life today too.

I took a glance at Veronica who is walking beside me.

She is wearing a black one piece dress with frills and white tights, and she has a red ribbon on the neck.

She who is better in dressing up than Sylvia and Nadia, is wearing clothes where cuteness and beauty combined in a high level, and it is very elegant and like of her.


「Those clothes also look good on you」

「A-Ara. Is that so?」

「Yeah, it looks very well」

「W-Well, dressing up this much is not even breakfast for me」


Veronica said it like that. It looks like she did not dislike that she was praised.


「The clothes that you wore when we first met was sexy and good too」

「That was the trend」

「The trend?」

「That’s right. With black laces in the side and the back, the fad was the line of when it is about to be seen or not」

「You’re not going to wear something like that anymore?」

「That is a lady’s etiquette, it is not something to wear in this appearance」

「Ahh, I see」


It is just as she has said, see through clothes like laces on the back or the side, it isn’t something that a child would wear huh.


「You, you are unfamiliar with trends are you」

「Sorry about that」


I laughed wryly, it’s just as she said.

I’m unfamiliar with trends, or rather, I don’t know.

It was like that even before I reincarnatedーーbut.


「I’m unfamiliar with trends, but I can do something to make one」

「Make a trend?」

「Yeah, lookーー『Make Trend』」


I chanted the magic, and a lump of light appeared in front of me.

I placed the image within that lump, and released it.

And finally, the ball of light became small particles that scattered all over the town.


「With this, yosh」

「What is going to happen?」

「Just look」


After we had walked for a while, the door of a certain building opened, and one girl went out from inside.

The girl was only about the same age as us, but she’s wearing a dress.

The dress was largely revealing, it was clothing that you can see through the black laces on its side.

It’s the same clothes with what Veronica wore when I met her the first in her adult version.


「Ara, what a coincidence」

「It’s not a coincidence」




I pointed at a place a little far away, there was a girl there that was different from the one earlier, and this time, she is wearing clothes with laces at the back that can be seen through.

The people in the morning town gradually increased. There were no particular changes on adults or boys, but all of the small girls, they are wearing Veronica-like clothes.

Even the Ojou-sama-ish girl from the start, and even cheerful girls that would play with boys.


「Good morning, you’re cute as usual, Marie-chan」

「Ehehe, I know right. This is the most popular clothes right now」

「Was that so. Here, I’ll give you this free」


Even the girl that was going on a shopping errand, every one of them is wearing similar clothes.


「Just like this, it’s magic that makes trends」

「H-How amazing. As usual, your magic is」

「Is that so?」

「Can you make other trends?」



I used the magic once again. A lump of light appeared, and showed that to Veronica.


「You should just put what you imagine here. You want to try?」

「Is it alright?」

「Yeah. I’ll return it later with magic, so you don’t need to hold back」

「Well then, without reserve」


Veronica invoked, and the ball of light scattered.

After a while, a change happened.

Everyone has a bird’s nest placed on the top of their head now.

Whether they are male or female, old and young.

Everyone, they have a bird’s nest in their headーーone that has birds inside.


「Amazing. To think that something like this would really be a trend」

「It’s your way of thinking that is amazing」


To make people place a bird’s nest on top of their head, what kind of thinking is that. It’s an idea that makes the unicorn hairstyle look cute.


「But, how can I say this」


I looked around.


「Even though it’s called a trend, there’s a lot of different kinds of version huh〜. The birds that everyone has, they’re entirely different, and there’s also different colors of nests too」

「That is called fashion」

「He〜, it’s like that huh」

「This is your magic, but normally, different kinds of changes would happen from here, creating new trends. Slowly and naturally」

「I see」

「And the one who could create that would be the fashion leader」

「That’s an impossible feat for me」


I said that, and casted magic.

Well, I feel discomfort in the scene in front of me, and since we were done with it already, I was going to return the trends to normal.


「Isn’t it Lucio」

「This voice isーーIsaac」


I stood to a stop, and turned around to where I was called from.

And there, it was Isaac.

There is a peacock resting on Isaac’s head.

Wearing his usual nobility-like flashy clothes, he is carrying a peacock’s nest on the top of his head.

It was surprisingly very natural, it was the usual Isaac.


「What is it, Lucio, were you bewitched by your elder brother’s beauty?」

「Ah, un」



I exchanged looks with Veronica.

Everyone that was passing by were looking at Isaac with great admiration.

The trend, it might be the best for him if it didn’t return to normal, I thought of it just like that.









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