Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 71

Chapter 71 – The Maid’s Dream




Afternoon in the Grimoire Library, I am reading Grimoire/manga as usual.

I read manga leisurely. I look very depraved, but this is my job.

It’s rather, my life work.

I want to learn more and more magic here, and live a blissful life with my lovely wives.

I am reading manga with that feelingーーand recently, I feel like the pace I read has increased.




I was called so I looked up.

Amanda-san in her maid appearance was there without me noticing it.


「I have brought you a bentou」


Amanda-san handed me a basket.

It’s the basket with a lid that we usually use when I go to a picnic with my wives.


「Thank you」


I received it, and opened the lid.


「Today was made by Veronica-sama」

「Veronica did? Was she able to cook?」

「Without any means to be rude, I have helped her. And also」


「Because it would take a long time to repair the kitchen, I advise for you to return late」

「I see」


It means, Veronica isn’t good at cooking as I’ve thought, and it’s on the level that the kitchen would get destroyed.

I got a little relieved hearing that. That suits Veronica better.

However, if it is like that, I am now worried if there is no problem with the bentou.

I carefully looked inside the basket, several toasts with jam and butter spread on it.

Its shapeーーsaying it kindly, it is artistic. The shape of the toast itself, and the jam spread too.


「Is the kitchen alright? If you want, I can secretly return and fix it using magic?」


Its looks made me not hold back on asking Amanda-san that.


「There is no problem. If you would please return by sunset. And in addition, there is no problem with how it tastes」   

「Is that so」


Since Amanda-san says that, it’s probably true.

I took one of the toasts that for some reason spiky behind, and took a bite.

……un, it’s normal.

It tastes like normal toasted bread with jam spread.

Well, it tastes good. In the level of the ingredients.

Their shape are radical, but it tastes properly.

I got relieved and ate the other toasts.

All of their appearances were devastating, but it tasted normally delicious.


「Well, thinking of her previous career, it’s this much huh」

「It is as you say」

「Come to think of it, I haven’t heard Amanda-san’s past. What did you do before you became a maid of the house of Martein?」

「A lot of things happened」

「A lot?」



After that, Amanda-san did not say anything anymore.

Her expression is unchanged as usual, but it’s a face that doesn’t have the intention to tell.

Probably, if I ordered her to, she would probably would; Amanda-san is that kind of person.

I didn’t order her.

It’s because somehow, I thought that it is wrong with that.

I ate the remaining toast. I also drank the juice that looked more devastating than other things placed inside the basket but tasted delicious.


「Thanks for the mean. It was deliーー」


I looked up and tried to say that, but I closed my mouth.

It’s because Amanda-san who was standing in front of me with her hands together was sleeping.

She’s doing the feat of sleeping like standing, it is really unlike her, but it also suits her.

I stared at Amanda-san for a while.

I enjoyed the sleeping face of the perfect maid that almost did not show any openings.

Most probably, I should thank Veronica who made her this spent.




「Sorry, please forgive me……」



Amanda-san who suddenly started to sleep talk, what she said in her sleep was something I could not ignore.

I thought for a moment, and casted magic.


『Dream Catcher』


It’s the one that I used once before on Sylvia and Nadia, the magic that peeks onto dreams.



The young Amanda-san, one day, the village she was living at was attacked by a band of thieves, and her parents were killed there.

The children were spared, but to have a burial for her parents, she sold herself to a slave merchant, and used the money from that to bury her parents.

After that, she was bought by Ojii-san, and came to the House of Martein.



I returned to the real world from the dream I peeked at.

The dream I saw right now was really sickening.

After all, that is a type of a dream that ‘I have seen before’.

It’s the same with Sylvia and Nadia, it’s a dream based on a horrible past.

It means, that was Amanda-san’s past.

The past where her village was attacked, and sold herself to a slave merchant to bury her own parents.

it’s sickening.


「I should at least change her dream. 『Dream Modify』」


I chanted a different magic, and entered the dream once again.

I fixed one part inside of the dream.


『This girl, how intelligent. How about this, will you let me take her in. I will let her receive education at my place, and raise her as the world’s strongest maid』


I erased the part where the thieves attacked, in exchange, I made it a story where Ojii-san visited the village, saw through Amanda-san’s genius, and took her in.

And just like that, Amanda-san was sent off by her parents with a smile, and came to the House of Martein.




Thus, once again, I returned to the real world from the dream.

It was exactly the same time when Amanda-san woke up.

Amanda-san looked around restlessly.


「Good morning, Amanda-san」

「Good morning to you too, Danna-sama」

「You were fast asleep, did you see a dream or something」

「A dream……? Yes, I saw a dream. It was a wonderful dream」

「I see」


For the meantime, I got happy because I succeeded changing the contents of her dream.


「Rather than that, thanks for the meal. It was delicious」


I said that and returned the basket.

I told Amanda-san who received the basket.


「I’ll leave the rest to you. Ahh, I’ll be a little late today, so you can take your time fixing the kitchen」

「……I understood」


Amanda-san left the library.

I confirmed that she had left, and raised a voice.


「Fan, Fan Cruz, are you there?」


Being called, one man appeared.

A huge man that exceeds two meters, my assistant that doesn’t usually appear, but is always on stand by in this library.


「What is it, Administrator」

「This, you know something about it?」


I drew a picture in the air using magic.

The symbol that the thieves that I saw in Amanda-san’s dream have.

In the dream where most of the scenery was vague, only that were clearly shown.

……it probably means it was engraved in her heart.


「This is……the emblem of Iron Sharks Troupe」

「Iron Sharks Troupe?」

「Yeah, it’s famous that their captain is hard headed……oh, that part doesn’t matter huh. It’s the emblem of a famous band of thieves. They’re heinous. They’re guys whose motto is to steal everything they want from others


It was like that after all huh.

There’s no way that they would be shown in that dream if they weren’t related.

It means, most of that dream is Amanda-san’s past, andーーit means that even now, Amanda-san is still having nightmares from it.


「Do you know where they are?」

「The place called their headquarters is in the north-west of La Linea……oh, w-what are you going to do?」

「It’s decided of course」


I used my head fully, and searched for ‘usable’ magic.


「I’m going to crush them」


It’s been a while that violent emotions filled my chest.



Northwest of La Linea, in a certain mountain castle.


「Stop! What, a brat huh」

「This isn’t a place where brats come」

「Go home and drink your mama’s milk」


They tried to intimidate using their weapons at first, but the instant they knew that it was an 8-years-old boy who came, everyone threw out dirty words, and teased.


「『Blaze Needle』」


I attacked with magic without warning, flaming needles pierced through each one of their limbs.

Screams and shrieks exploded; the thieves that were attacked were rolling around the ground.

There was the one who was more energetic, and he also cursed at me with dirty words, so I shot him extra needles.


「What happened! What the heck is this!」


One man appeared from the back.

Unlike the other men, he’s wearing an armor and cloak with shark designs.


「Ne〜ne〜, is Oji-san this place’s boss?」


It’s child-mode after a long time.

Because if I don’t act like this, I don’t know what I would do with anger.


「You brat, who the hell are you」

「I’m the one who’s asking」


I shot magic. The flaming needle pierced the man’s feet.

As if it was a nail, the man was nailed to the spot.



「Ne〜, answer please」

「You bastard, doing this you thinkーー」

「How stupid〜」


I shot magic once again, I shot a flaming needle to his other feet.


「Do you want to answer now?」

「W-What did you came for. Is it revenge? Bounty hunting? If it’s moneyーー」

「Too bad, it’s the former」


We can now talk a little, so I answered that.


「Amanda-san……do you remember this girl?」


I chanted『Create Delusion』,

The one that was shown was the appearance of the young Amanda-san and her parents.

It’s the scene Amanda-san saw in her dream.




The man would not answer


「How is it?」

「……I don’t know」

「You don’t know?」

「How can I remember such a little damn thing! You bastard, do you damn remember what you ate before! Aann?!!」

「You get angry instead huh. How cruel. But, you know something right」

「Yeah, of course. I did things like this countless of times. What’s bad about that」

「There isn’t. I just hate it」


Well, whatever. Even if this continues, it would only be a useless conversation.


「Answer, you bastard. I don’t damn care if you’re a brat. My comrades will come someday, and fucking kill you」

「A-rerere〜, how strange〜」



I laughed, I couldn’t help but laugh out.

My heart, my tone, it became colder.


「You, did you think you would have ‘someday’?」


The man was dumbfounded for an instant, but understand the meaning of my words soon after, and started to get noisy.

It was pleading for his life, but I didn’t hear it out.



I cleaned up the thieves once, and when I was about to leave the fortress, she was standing in front of me.

In front of the fortress, with her usual cold face and maid uniform.


「……Amanda-san, why are you here?」

「I saw a good dream, Danna-sama said that he was going to be late. And also」


「Danna-sama’s face was stiff when I woke up. It was the first time I saw Danna-sama’s face like that」

「I see」


“I was careless”, I didn’t think of that.

It’s because I thought, “It isn’t strange if Amanda-san had noticed”.


「It can’t be helped since you found out. Rather than that, from where did you watch」

「The whole scene」

「Was ‘it’ within them?」

「The man with a cloak」

「I see. Let’s go home then」



With Amanda-san, I left the mountain castle, and returned to La Linea walking.



「What is it」

「There’s a magic that can change one’s memories. I cannot change your past, but I can overwrite the whole memory itself. A magic that would make you forget your painful past. Shall I cast it on you」

「It is fine」


Amanda-san refused by answering immediately.


「Are you sure? It’s something that is finished, it’s also alright forgetting the painful things by overwriting them」

「No, it is not yet finished」

「Mu?! What do you mean, do you still have a vendetta? If that is so, I willーー」

「I am still to return the gratitude I have for Danna-sama, that is why, it is not yet finished」

「Ahh, you meant it like that huh」



A serious, a more serious tone that usual.

The sound of Amanda-san’s footsteps stopped, I stopped to a stand, and turned to Amanda-san.


「Thank you very much. This kindness I received from Danna-sama, I will return it all of my life」

「I got it. I’m counting on you from now on」



Amanda-san silently nodded.

Her tone, it was the same up until now.

But, in her face.

There was a peaceful smile, one that I had never seen before.










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