Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Sees as an Enemy


After one week of the first time I earned money.

I went to the three villages once, purified the water, and after that sold shaved ice.

Both of the trades needed almost no capital, and I earned 100k Cet in one week.

If you want to tell how much is that. 200k Cet is a month of living expenses for a four people family.


It was a reasonably good income, but not “Amazing!” like income.

But I could earn easily, so I was content with it.


Using the time when I am not going to work, I read Grimoires in the mansion leisurely.

The one that I’m reading right now is the Grimoire that has Raging Mist’s magic on it.

It is a very wide-ranged attack magic, and there is probably not many instance that I will use it, but the contents was as I’ve thought, very surreal, and reading it is very interesting.


In my side, while reading, Sylvia had a shaved ice, and lets me eat one spoonful at a time.

It has no particular meanings, but Sylvia insisted that she wanted to do it, so I just let her do what she want.


「You stupid shit!!」


I heard a loud voice that was echoing from the mansion.

It was Ojii-san’s shouting voice. I wonder what it is suddenly?

I was curious, so I made eye contact with Sylvia, left the Grimoire behind, and went to see what’s going on together.

In the courtyard, there was Ojii-san and Isaac Aniki.

Isaac was making his body small, and was being preached by Ojii-san.


「I’ve told you so many times before! There is no such thing as a free lunch. But even if I repeatedly said that, you don’t learn and keep pouring a lot of money」


It looks like he was being preached for failing a trade.

Isaac tried to behave while being scolded, but he dared to have a rebuttal.


「B-But Ojii-sama. Bruno said it would be absolutely profitable. He said that if I sponsor it now it would return to double」

「That’s too much of a joke」


I instinctively let out a voice. It was so ridiculous I couldn’t help to point that out.

I was glared at by Isaac.

……Can’t you not glare at me too much. I don’t know who is this Bruno, but saying that it would be absolutely profitable and it would return to double, even if it’s fraud it’s an outdated one.

Did you really fall for that Isaac.


「That’s why I’ve told you so many times!! There is no such thing as a free lunch. If it would be absolutely profitable, then why didn’t the man called Bruno do it himself」


Un, just like he said.


「Bruno told me, “You are my friend, so I will tell you specially”」


Did you really believe that, Oi oi.

In his rebuttal, Isaac was more and more scolded by Ojii-san.

He was scolded very much, told to look back on his actions, and released.

After Ojii-san went away, I was glared at by Isaac in the best way he could.


「What was that earlier!! And what’s with the way you look at me!!」


……Honestly, it was with pitying eyes, but I didn’t say it.

Falling for such a fraud, and not looking back on his actions at all………


「Stop that look!! You’re just a kid, a kid that hadn’t worked!!」

「L-Lucio-sama isーー」

「You shut up!! A girl who has been bought shouldn’t interrupt!」


Being shouted at, Sylvia became teary-eyed.

*Gyutto* she held the hem of her clothes.

Her tears dropped……and fell to the ring.




*Kachiーn* I was enraged. I asked Isaac.


「Arerere〜, was Nii-san really earning money」

「Haa? What did you say」

「I, have no memory of Nii-san making money. Only fails at every trade and be scolded. That, is that really, “working”〜」

「A kid shouldn’t say cheeky things, getting a profit isn’t that easy!!」


He just should have said he had, but he got angry backーーYou haven’t really earned a profit ever since huh.


「I had a profit you know〜, in one week, about 100k Cet」


「Proof’s here」


I showed the money I earned the last week


「W-What did you do」

「I made the water clean with magic, and I sold that」



Aniki lost his words.

But soon came back, and puts on airs.


「F-Fun. That much, is enough for a kid like you playing house」

「Un, it might be playing house〜. But Nii-san can only do less than that playing house right〜」


I told him unnaturally in child-mode, *Giro* glared at Aniki, and put an end to him.


「I’m a kid that’s “not married”, so playing house is okay right〜」



Aniki lost his words again. And couldn’t say anything back, and went away as if to run away.

I tried to follow him, and say a lot more things to him.

Saying things to people’s wife, he shouldn’t be left with only this.


But, I couldn’t go after him. My clothes were grabbed. It’s Sylvia.  

Sylvia held my clothes, and looked up to me with her teary-eyes.


「Thank you very much, Lucio-sama」


She told me thanks with tears in her eyes.

I wiped Sylvia’s tears. I returned to my usual way of talking and said.


「I’ll tell you this, Sylvia is nothing like a girl who was bought. You are my wife even before we are born, you are the girl of my destiny, you are not something like a bought girl」


「……Let’s go back to the archives」


I still had a lot to say to Aniki, but it didn’t matter at all after seeing Sylvia’s face.

We returned to the archives, continuously read Grimoires, and ate shaved ice.

At night, we slept while holding our hands.








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