Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 68

Chapter 68 – Treasure, got it



In the mansion, afternoon.

Reading Grimoires while relaxing on the sofa in the living room. Books were piled up on top of the table, and on the side, there’s the juice and snacks prepared by Amanda-san.

The snacks are Amanda-san’s home-made potato chips. There wasn’t a dish like this in this world, but she made it when I explained it to her.

Amanda-san, amazing.


「U〜n, happiness〜」


I read Grimoire with the golden pair for reading manga called juice and potato chips.

I used『Replace』to make the season in the room as spring, so it is comfortable.

I read Grimoire.

After I finished reading one, I reached out to the next.

I learned magic, but the reason why I didn’t test that right away, was because it was a series.

A series strengthens the same magic; in the case before, I learned magic arrows, and the more I learn from the series, the more arrows I can use.

2 arrows in the first volume, 3 arrows in the second volume, 5 arrows in the third volume; just like that, the number that I can shoot at the same time increased, and when I finished reading all 20 volumes, I was able to shoot 71 arrows at the same time.

And since there was a happening like that, I thought of reading completely these 10 volumes of manga/Grimoire that I took from the library.




The second volume of the Grimoire that should’ve been the second volume, was a completely different book.

I took the other Grimoires that I placed on the table.

The first volume that I finished the volume, the volumes that are piled up, the third volume, fourth volume, fifth volume, sixth volumeーー.

The series, only volume two was missing.


「Khu! I can’t read with this」


For the first time in this world, I fell into the situation where I can’t read manga.

To read the third volume skipping the second volume, no way.

The pent-up feelings reading the third volume where the story is disconnected, and the spoilers would probably attack me.


「It can’t be helped, I should go take the second volume」


“Ha〜”, I let out a sigh.

Even so, why did something like this is mixed within? In the first place, what is this?

Since I already went my way on taking it, I thought of reading this one-off first before returning it.

I thought of that, and opened the pages, but.


「Mu?! This is」

「A-re〜, that, maybe it is a treasure map?」


Did she come in without me noticing, Nadia who was peeking from behind said.

As she had said, that was something like a treasure map.

At the least, it is not a manga/Grimoire. After all.


「Fumu, fumu, Lucio-kun, this, isn’t it La Linea?」


Nadia immediately read it.

I have yet to meet somebody in this world who is able to read Grimoires easily other than me.

Since Nadia was able to read it easily, it means that it is not a Grimoire. 

It means, it is a normal treasure map.


「A treasure map huh〜. Isn’t it exciting, Lucio-kun!」

「I guess so」

「I’ll go search for it a bit!」


She took the book where the treasure map is written as if to steal it, and Nadia jumped outside.

She’s as active as usual.


「Coco〜, come here for a bit〜, we’re going to search for something〜」


Nadia’s loud voice that I could hear from outside. It looks like she’s taking dog-eared girl Coco with her.

On top of being active, she might be also quite an intellect.

Well then, what should I do


「I’m back……」

「So quick!」


Nadia returned seeming sad and her shoulders drooping.


「What happened?」




What happened with Coco?


「It was here, the place that the treasure map was pointing to」(TL: Kokoここ/cocoココ = the first one means ‘here’, and Coco is mofumofu)


Ahh, you mean like that.

I mean, it was pointing at this mansion huh.

I received the map from Nadia.

I concentrated reading it, and it’s true that it was pointing to this mansion.


「It seems like it’s buried under this mansion. I mean, isn’t it already gone, this」

「Un. If it’s in the mansion, it’s already gone. Coco said」

「……does she usually dig in the garden or something」


She’s a dog after all, Coco.


「Uu〜, too bad, I wanted to treasure hunt」

「……you want to? Treasure hunting」



Nadia got surprised, it was written on her face that she couldn’t understand what I said.



I came to the mansion’s garden with Nadia.


「『Dream Search』」


When I casted that magic, one piece of a map appeared in front of me.

The corners were tattered, and it really seemed like a map.


「This is?」

「A treasure map」

「A treasure map? This, our house?」


Nadia looked at the map and the mansion alternately.



「Is there a treasure in our house?」

「Yeah. Try to look for it」



Nadia jumped into the mansion.

After I looked at that, Amanda-san returned from outside.


「Sorry to keep you waiting, Danna-sama」

「How was it?」

「I have gone and received it」


Amanda-san passed me a Grimoire.

The series Grimoire that I was reading just earlier, and the Grimoire of the magic I used right now; the volume two of that.


「Thank you, Amanda-san」

「You’re welcome」


And there, I opened the Grimoire and started to read it.

After a while, Amanda-san came with a chair and a table, and the potato chips, juice and all of the remaining series.

She also erected a parasol.


「Thank you, Amanda-san」

「Please take your time」


With being fully taken care of, I read manga.

Around when I finished reading the second volume, I heard hurried footsteps.

Nadia returned from inside the mansion.



「How did it go?」

「I found this behind the cabinet!」


She said that, and the thing that Nadia reached out was one silver coin.


「This is the treasure?」

「That’s right. The magic of the Grimoire I’m reading right now, 『Dream Search』. It’s a magic that creates a treasure map that points where the treasure is」

「Amazing〜! To think that something like that exists」

「I guess it does」


I’m also surprised.


「But, but, calling one silver coin a treasure feels depressing. How can I say this, when you say treasure map, an exciting one is good right!」

「Then, you want to go for the next one? I’ve just finished reading the second volume. The magic should also be strengthened」

「Un! Do it, do it!」


Nadia was excited. Her full smile was quite cute.


「『Dream Search』」


I used the level two. The treasure map that came out looked older.


「Let me see……ah! This, it’s La Linea」

「It spread to the whole town huh」

「I’m going for a bit okay!」


Nadia left like the wind.

I read the third volume.

At exactly the same time when I finished reading it, Nadia returned again.


「Lucio-kun! This time it’s this!」

「A wallet huh」

「There was two silver coins inside」

「That’s a bit iffy. You want to go with the third volume?」

「Un! It’s somehow, super fun」


Nadia was very happy.

The effect of the magic is quite iffy, but my lovely wife is happy so, whatever.

I read manga, and Nadia hunted treasures with the map.

Each time I finished reading volumes, the treasure map became older, and the value of the treasures that are found increased, but it was still very little.

Because when I already finished reading the ninth volume, the one that came out was a cheap brooch(10 silver coins on Amanda-san’s identification), so it’s quite that.

The value is like that, and the effect of the magic is iffy, but.


「Nadia is happy with it, so whatever」


Within the setting sun, I saw Nadia’s video in the garden and thought of that.

It’s Nadia’s appearance, when I secretly casted『Create Delusion』every time she returns. (TL: Hidden Camera magic?)

Here appearance of horsing around like a child was super cute.

……well, she’s an 8-year-old child, she’s a young wife though.




When I was watching that, Nadia returned.

She had something in her hand.


「I found this you know」


Her tension is the same as up until now, well, it’s like that.

I asked Nadia who returned and stood in front of me.


「What was it?」

「This. A Grimoire」

「He〜, the value increased at once huh. Let me take a look……」


I received it, and my casual movement of flipping the pages had stopped.


「What happened?」

「This is……no, no way right」

「What, what, what happened Lucio-kun」

「This front page, I have seen it before」

「A Grimoire you read before? It’s a miss then」

「No……it’s a jackpot」


「This……it’s an ancient magic Grimoire」


To the sudden super jackpot, I was caught off and got really surprised.











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