Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 67

Chapter 67 – Lucio-sensei




『Too bad, it’s a miss〜』

「How about this……nya!」

『Ahaha〜, you can’t catch me〜』


Inside the mansion, I took a look because it was noisy, and I saw the cat-eared girl Mami and manga ghost Chris playing together.

Inside the wide room that is usually not used, Chris was flying here and there, and Mami was jumping towards her, they repeatedly did that.


「What are you doing, the two of you」

『Ah, it’s Papa. Good mornin〜』

「Good morning」


Chris that has a high tension, and Mami with a low one. The two were really contrasting.


『We were playing a game of tag, Mami’s the ‘it’』(TL: Oni gokko 鬼ごっこ)


『Un. It can also be called police and the thief』

「It’s called the police and the thief in our neighborhood. Uhh no, I didn’t mean that. Isn’t it boring for you to play tag」

『Actually, not at all. Here, take a look, unlike before, am I not more visible?』


Chris said that, and took poses like a model.



「There isn’t any difference」


Her appearance is still the same when we first met.


『Eh〜, look more closely, Papa』

「Even if you say that……」


I stared at her once again.

As I’ve thought, she looked unchanged. To stretch a point, it’s like I could clearly see her better than before.


「Un? I can see you clearer?」

『You finally got it?』


Chris became smug.

I looked at her carefully once more. It’s true that I could see her more clearly.

Before, I could clearly see through her transparent body, but now it’s harder to see through.

It’s like, the transparency before is 10, and it became 50 now.


「What does this mean?」

『Oh really, Papa, it’s too early for you to be forgetful〜, didn’t I tell you before that I’d materialize the more Grimoires Papa read』

「Come to think of it, you said that huh」


I have memories of talking about that with Chris when I first met her.

Reading manga is my daily routine, and it’s also a leisure time, so I didn’t mind it that much.


『And so』


Chris approached Mami, and touched her.

Mami disliked it, but she hugged her from behind, and played with her.


『Just like this, I am now able to touch Mami-tan〜』

「I see now. And it’s a tag huh」

『That’s right!』


Chris nodded hugely.

Her face seems very happy.

She touched Mami, and clung to her.

It looks like she’s very happy that she materialized.

On the other hand, Mami was frowning.

She turned her cheeks away, and went outside the room.


『Mami-tan has gone huh. It can’t be helped, so, Papa, let’s play』

「By play, you mean tag?」

『I want to read manga with Papa』

「You’re always like that, well, I don’t mind though」


I left the room, and moved through the hallway.

Chris followed floating diagonally to me.


「By the way. How much more should I read for you to completely materialize?」

『……about twice of right now?』

「I see. Well, there’s no problem reading, but I wonder if there are that much Grimoires. In this world」

『Eh〜, there isn’t?』

「No, I don’t know. There might be, or there might not be」

『Then, Papa should write then?』


『Papa should write them himself and read it. There are no worries if you make them yourself right?』

「Who knows if it would be that easy. It’s a Grimoire too, and I can’t imagine how I should write a manga」


The Grimoires in this world has two meanings for me.

Most probably, it has magic powers, and it would make one who completely read it able to use the magic of the Grimoire.

And, it has as a story, so it is fun to read even after that.

There’s those two meaning.

And, I don’t mind either way.


「I can’t create something like a Grimoire」

『A-re? Papa, you haven’t learned that magic yet?』

「Un? What do you mean?」

『A magic that creates Grimoire』

「There’s something like that」

『If there isn’t, you can’t create Grimoires right?』

「……well, now that you say so」


A magic that creates Grimoires.

In a meaning, it’s a very natural thing.



I came to the Royal Grimoire Library.

I asked the assistant Fan, and came to that Grimoire.

I took the Grimoire, and read it slowly.

The contents of the manga, is something that I probably saw somewhere.

A story about four high-schoolers aiming to become a mangaka, each of the talents they have complemented each other, and they would succeed to become a mangaka as a group.

It’s a manga about creating manga.

I read it till the end, and returned it to the bookshelf.


『Have you read it? Papa』

「Yeah. 『Cartoonist』」


I chanted the magic.

A magic light appeared in an instant, but immediately flashed and disappeared.


『Was if a failure?』

「No, not at all. I heard a voice inside my head with that instant right now」

『A voice?』



I nodded.

The voice I heard said things that are largely divided into two.

First, imagine the contents of the manga.

Next, imagine the magic of that.


「I’ll try it once again. 『Cartoonist』」


In front of the light of the magic, I closed my eyes and thought deeply.

The contents of the manga and the magic.

I tried, but I failed.

When I imagined the contents of the manga, the light of the magic once again flashed and disappeared.


「Was there a time limit」

『Is that so?』

「Seems like it. Easy to understand, a story that has a proper concept, and a magic that follows that concept」


I thought once again, I thought seriously.

And, the third time honestly.




I chanted the magic, and imagined.

The match selling girl story that is a little different.




Chris let out a voice.

One Grimoire appeared in front of us.


『Papa, amazing, you really did it』

「I’m also surprised, to think that I’d be able to do it」

『Ne〜ne〜, this, what kind of magic is it?』

「This is」


When I was about to explain, the King came.


「Ohh, isn’t it my Senjukou. What happened? Did something good happen to you」

「Hello, Ou-sama. Un, just a bit」


I said that, and reached out the new Grimoire.


「What is it with this?」

「It’s the first Grimoire that I made」



The King’s eyes sparkled.


「My Senjukou’s first Grimoire huh, this is very joyful, well then, this should be treated as a national treーー」

「Don’t make it a national treasure okay」


I said it first.


「Muu〜, I see. It can’t be helped. But, how regretful, if I could only read a Grimoire」


The King really felt too bad.

After, he is a person that couldn’t read Grimoires at all up until know.

He treats me very well, as if I’m his grandson.

It’s normal that he would feel bad not being able to read his grandson’s first Grimoire.

While feeling regretful, he flipped the pages of the Grimoire.



「What happened, Ou-sama」

「I can read it」


「I can read, I can read it」




The King read the manga.

My manga, he read it with normal speed.


「Ohh, you read Grimoires like this huh」


The King read it until the end at once.





He used magic. A candle that appears in the manga came out from the King’s hand.


「Ohh, I can also use magic」

「It’s true」

「What does this mean. Is anyone there」

「Yes? What happened Your Majesty」


Fan came.


「Try to read this」

「This? Mu?!」


Fan who received the Grimoire flipped it.

It’s the same reaction as the King, he read it at normal speed.


「This……I have never seen a Grimoire as easy to read as this」

「It’s my Senjukou’s special Grimoire」

「I see!」


While being surprised, Fan was convinced. No, well, it’s not as great that it can be said special though.

After a while, Fan also finished reading the Grimoire, and was able to use magic.


「This is amazing, my Senjukou, this is a revolution」


It looks like, the Grimoire that I created properly can also be read by the people of this world.










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