Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 66

Chapter 66 – Frankenstein



I woke up in the morning, and came to the kitchen.


「Good morning, Danna-sama」

「Ah! Good morning, Lucio-sama」


Sylvia and Amanda who were in the kitchen welcomed me.

It looks like the two were cooking together.


「Are you making breakfast?」

「U〜un. We are making Lucio-sama’s bentou」


「Yes. Today, Lucio-sama is going to the library right」

「I’m planning to」

「We are making the bentou for that」

「He〜, what kind of bentou is it?」

「Ah! No!」


When I was about to take a peek, Sylvia tried to hide the bentou in a hurry.

Because she was in a hurry, her hand slipped, and the contents were thrown into the table.




Sylvia got depressed. She stared at what was fell off with a sad face.

It’s my fault.


「It is alright, Oku-sama」(TL: Oku-sama = Madam/Mrs)


On the other hand, Amanda-san was in her usual attitude.


「There is still another set of ingredients. Let’s make it again」

「Un. I’m sorry, Lucio-sama. I will send it later, so」

「I’m sorry too, I’ll wait in my room until it’s made」



Sylvia nodded with a smile.

I took a glance at the dishes Amanda-san was picking up, and left the kitchen.

Guessing from the dishes for the bentou she was picking up, it’s a character bentouーーon top of that, it’s a character bentou with my appearance.

Well, that is really embarrassing to be found out.

On the other hand, Amanda-san picked all of it and placed it in a bentou box, but.


「It’s like a funny facial expression」(TL: Fukuwarai 福笑い = no direct translation)


I thought.


「What is a funny expression?」


Nadia who I met in the hallway asked.


「You don’t know what a fukuwarai is?」

「I don’t know」

「I see」


I thought for a while.

Since I’m going to wait for Sylvia’s bentou.


「You want to play a little?」

「Un! What would we play with? You want to put water in an ant hole?」

「It’s not that kind of a game that an elementary school boy would play」


I came to the living room with Nadia.

I sat on the sofa with Nadia, and used magic.


「『Montage Body』」


The light of the magic floats in the air.


「What would you do with this」

「Look. The face is Amanda-san’s, the body is adult Veronica’s, and the clothes……it’s Nii-san’s」


I touched the light of the magic, closed my eyes, and imagined and selected the parts.

The light flickered. It repeatedly got stronger and weaker, and finally collected.

And there, one doll appeared.

It’s the appearance that I selected.

The face is steel faced Amanda-san’s, the body is glamorous adult Veronica’s, and the clothes are Isaac’s that can be described as a peacock’s.


「Kyahahahaha, what’s that, so fu〜nny〜」

「It’s that kind of magic. Do it just like I did just now」


I casted『Montage Body』once again, and returned the doll to the light of the magic.

Nadia touched that just like I did earlier, closed her eyes and started whispering.

After a while, that was created.


「What is this」

「Lucio-kun’s normal body, Lucio-kun’s dragon wings, and Overlord Lucio-kun’s face」



The thing that Nadia createdーーunexpectedly, I thought that it was cool.

The size of the body is the same as a child like me right now, but there are dragon wings in the back that symbolize strength, and the face is the “amazing me” that Nadia and Sylvia created in their delusions before.

Honestly, it’s quite cool.


「Lucio-kun, so cool……」

「『Montage Body』」


I thought myself that it was cool, but it’s embarrassing if she would get bewitched by it right in front of me.

I casted the magic, and returned the doll to the light of the magic.


「Eh〜, why did you erase it?」

「Whatever. Make something else」

「Che〜. Let me think……ne〜ne〜, Lucio-kun, can you make this more detailed?」

「More detailed?」

「For example……oh, I should just show you how」


Nadia said that, and made a doll again.

The one that appeared was one bishoujo.

A bishoujo that I feel that I have seen before.


「What is this」

「Sylvie’s eyes, my nose, and Vero-chan’s lips」

「Ahh, you limited it in your face’s parts and shuffled it huh」


I looked at the doll, I got it when she told me, it’s the parts of my wives.

It’s really like a montage picture.


「Lucio-kun, one more time」

「『Montage Body』」

「This……make it like this」

「Please stop sticking that face in a dragon’s body」


What the heck.


「One more, one more」

「Yes, yes. 『Montage Body』」

「This time……like this! I stuck Ojii-chan and Ou-sama together」

「Don’t stick them vertically! It’s not Baron Ashura you know」

「One more time!」


I played with magic with Nadia.


「Ne〜ne〜, can’t this be made together?」

「Un? Together?」

「For example, I will decide the eyes and the lips, and Lucio-kun would decide the eye brows and the nose. Like that」

「It can be」

「Really! Then, let’s try it」

「『Montage Body』」


The two of us touched the light of the magic.

I closed my eyes.


「The hair……I’ve decided. Next, it’s Lucio-kun」

「I’ve decided the eyebrows……is this right? Next, it’s Nadia」

「It’s alright with that. Then, the eyes is this person’s!」

「What kind of appearance would this become……this one’s the nose」 

「I’ll reveal only the ears okay……Coco-chan!」

「It became animal ears! This is bad, the unbalance with the eyes are already so bad」


While talking like that with each part, Nadia and I played with the creation.

While expecting on what would be made.

And finally.


「Fuu〜, it’s finished……pu!」

「Oi, oi ,oi ,oi」

「Aha, ahahahahaha. This is so bad〜. If this comes outside, it would be arrested」

「Rather than that, I think that they’d die passing out because of the shock」

「Ahahaha, that might be true」


The one that came out……was a living thing that cannot be named.

It is barely maintaining human shape, but at worst, it can’t be seen as a person.

It’s like a frankenstein, like ten times worse than that.

Even with one hand, three of it is my wife’s and the remaining is Coco and Mami’s.

There’s no bad thing in the choice, but it can only be called as bad.


「I’ll show them this for a bit〜!」


Nadia carried the doll and jumped out of the living room.

I heard Sylvia’s scream from the kitchen’s direction.

Oh really.


「……『Montage Body』」


I used the magic again in the living room that I was left alone.


I invoked to the light of the magic.






I chose the parts while invoking the appearance of my wives.

A beautiful doll that in some meaning, is the combination of the three.

With that……I……

Without helping it, I gaped in admiration.




「Lucio-kun is cheating with an amazing beauty!」


It was so difficult to explain to Nadia who had returned.










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