Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 65

Chapter 65 – That Body is Surely Made with Cotton



Royal Capital La Linea, in the Royal Grimoire Library.

After successfully finishing the case with Guernica, I came back and am reading Grimoire as usual.

The one I’m reading right now is a story that I probably have seen somewhere.

A small girl dropped a doll in the spring, and when she was crying out loud, a goddess appeared from the spring asking「Is this the doll you have dropped」.


「This probably came from respecting golden axe and silver axe〜」


The honest girl pushed back the expensive doll to the goddess, begging to return the doll that the girl has fond memories with.


「Ahh, it’s probably a similar development with a ‘good Gian’」(TL: Doraemon bully)


For reading manga, this one has a more familiar development. It’s a good work after all, un.

I read the Grimoire until the end, and learned the magic.

I should try it I thought, and chanted the spell.


「『Possess Doll』」


In an instant, it was pure white in front of me.

It’s a similar feeling with teleportation or summoning magic.

I entrusted my body to the magic.

After a while, my sight returned.


(This……where is it? Mu!)


First, I noticed that my voice wouldn’t come out.

I tried to speak but my voice won’t come out. I feel my mouth moving, but there’s no voice.




I tried to use magic. The tip of my finger lit.

It looks like there’s no problem using magic.

And with that, I calmed down, and looked around.

It looks like it’s a room. On top of that, one that I’m familiar with.

I took a look around.




I saw our house’s pet dog.

A dog-eared girl with beautiful fur and is mofumofu. A mysterious race that changes to a cat-eared girl when she’s splashed with water.

That Coco, she was lying flat on the bed.

In a position that is a little strange as a beastman, she’s sleeping with her body curled up like a dog.


(I see, this is Coco’s room huh. Well, there’s no helping that I’m familiar with it)


I looked inside the room once again. There’s no doubt, it is a room in my mansion in the royal capital La Linea.

I found out my own appearance in the glass window.

I became a doll.

A doll that is the third of Coco’s size.

My lookーーit is exactly like me.

Just a little bit reformed, but a doll that you’d know it’s me with a glance.

I moved my hand, the doll raised its hand to its limit.

I moved my feet, the doll took a turn.

I took a pose, Sapotendā. (TL: Cactuar in final fantasy)

I see, it means I’m inside this doll because of the magic huh.

It’s connected with the contents of the manga, and also in the spell’s name.

It’s probably a magic to go inside a doll.


But, how can I say this……it’s quite tattered.

The Lucio doll that is shown in the glass window that I’m inside, can be obviously seen as tattered.

The cheeks are a little dirty, there’s loose threads here and there, and when it comes to the shorts, there’s a little hole and cotton is coming out.

“Why did it become like this”, when I was thinking of that.




I heard Coco’s voice.

I turned around, Coco’s sleepy face because of the warm sunlight is looking towards me.


「Thish ish where it’sh warm〜……」


She said that, and hugged me(the doll).

And just slept like thatーーbut when I was thinking of that, she started to rub her cheeks to the doll.

She rubbed her cheeks, or bit it softly. She did that while still half-asleep.


(Well, it can’t be helped that it would be in tatters)


Her drool seeps into the parts where she bit lightly, and I felt a strange feeling.

Well then, what should I do.

I already checked the magic, so I should probably return to my body.

The instant I thought of that, it was pure white in front of me.

A common phenomenon with teleportation or summoning.

It’s the same phenomenon when I went inside the doll.

ButーーI didn’t do anything.

I didn’t use any magic.

What happened?

After a while, my sight recovered.

The thing that I saw was a different dimensional space.


「Kukuku, I have waited, I waited for this time」


Demon King Balthazar’s space.

His appearance is a little bit different from awhile ago.

It’s originally close to a human’s, but right now, it feels like he’s become half-monster(?).


「I casted magic on you. I have waited for the time that you are away from your physical body, I have waited for this time that you cannot use your full powers」


Was he doing something like that.




With a shout, Balthazar’s clothes tore apart.

It’s barely humanoid form, but most of it is a monster-like body.

It feels a quite different from before.


「This is my metal beast monster body that I turned to with the body reformation that I used half of my magic powers. With this, I can win, this time for sure, I will defeat you and return to the mortal world; I will dye the earth with fear」







I instantly killed Balthazar, and returned to the mansion.

Oh really. That guy, isn’t he getting more persistent every time?

That’s already in the range of being a stalker you know.

I looked at my own appearance that is shown in the glass window.


The tattered doll from the start, became more tattered.

It was actually more different with using this doll body so I received a hit from him.

The cheeks got broke, and cotton was coming out from there.




I used magic towards my selfーーto the doll.

The tattered doll gradually got repaired with the power of magic.

With a blink of an eye, it was like a new one.


(Well then, this time for real, I should return to my body)



Coco woke up again.

She looked around with her sleepy face.


「Mashter’sh not here〜……」


I stealthily moved in front of Coco.

Coco turned looking around, and stared at me.

She touched me, and smelled me.


「I’sh wrong〜……」


Coco made a very sad face.



「Mashter〜, where are you〜……」


She looked around with a face that is about to cry, and searched for the doll.

This is bad, I fixed it too much.

I remembered the contents of the Grimoire.


New and pretty doesn’t mean that it’s good.

I strongly imaged the appearance before.

That appearance that was shown in the glass window.




I chanted the spell, and casted the magic on me.

The doll’s appearance changed.

The cheeks are a little dirty, there’s loose threads here and there, and the shorts is a little broken and cotton is coming out.

To that, original appearance.




Coco sounded her nose, and looked towards me.


「There it ish〜」


Her face changed to one that has an innocent smile.

She pulled me(the doll), and hugged me.

And after that, she returned to her dog position, and slept again.

She rubbed her cheeks, or bit me lightly and sweetly.




My tattered appearance became more tattered.

More than when I was hit by Balthazar, more tattered than that.

Coco, she seemed very happy.

While feeling her drool seeping into this body, I continued to look at her happy smile.










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