Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 64

Chapter 64 – Drunkard





Night, when I was reading Grimoire, Veronica suddenly entered the room, and clung to me.

Her face is red, and she’s speaking inarticulately. Her tension is different from usual.




「What happened?」



She brought her face closer, and stared at me with glazed eyes.


「You, don’t tell meーー」

「There’sh Rusho in yar faysh〜」

「I can’t understand what you’re talking about」

「Ahahahaha, there’sh Rusho in Rusho, sho shtrange〜」


It’s your state that is strange.


「Eei〜, eat it〜〜!」


She suddenly licked me. *Pero*, she licked my cheek.

She put her arms around my neck, and *PeroPero*-d.

I removed Veronica who was like that in a hurry.


「Wait, wait, Veronica?」



This time, she started to shake her body back and forth and right and left, as if she’s a daruma.

This, maybe she is drunk.

A drunk 8-years-old child, is a rare appearance. Veronica within, is already an adult woman though.


「I’sh shomehow hot」


She fanned herself with her hand.


「Should I open the window? Or is magic better?」



She placed a finger on her forehead, and thought.


「There’sh only Rusho」


I’m alone with Veronica in the room.


「There’sh only Rusho, tha’sh whyーーle’sh shtrip〜」


Veronica suddenly took off her clothes.

*Papapa*, she took off her clothes, and she’s in her camisole appearance.


「Wait, wait」


It was a sudden thing, so I stopped Veronica in a hurry.


「Rusho, are you shtapping me?」

「Yes, yes, drunkards should be quiet」


While stopping her with my hand, I picked up the clothes she took off. This, how should I make her wear it?

It’s troublesome, so I should just use magic huh.




My name was called.

Nadia was looking at me from the shadow of the door silently.


「What is it, Nadia」

「I’m sorry, Lucio-kun」


Nadia entered, and stood in front of me.

Her face is red, and she smells alcohol.


「Did you also drink?」

「Un. Uhh, you know, Vero-chan said, alcohol is good. She said, a proper adult should be able to drink alcohol」


Isn’t everyone a child.

No, Veronica’s a little different huh.


「I’m Lucio-kun’s wife, so, I went with her and just drank a little, but Vero-chan suddenly became like that」

「I see」


I nodded, and looked at Veronica.


「I’m nosh drunk!」

「Yes yes, drunkard, be quiet for a bit」


Veronica’s already completely drunk.


「And then, how much did you drink?」

「E〜to, Vero-chan’s about this much of a cup」


She showed the amount with a gesture of pinching with her thumb and index finger.

There’s not even 1cm of a full cup, it’s only like licking a drink.

And she became like this with that huh.




Nadia called my name, she had an unusually uneasy expression.


「What is it」

「Would you become like this if you drink alcohol? I, I drank all of what’s left of Vero-chan’s drink, but……」

「All what’s left in the cup?」




This one’s also interesting in its way.

Nadia’s able to talk and answer questions properly, and although her face is red, she’s not yet drunk.


「It’s alright. Whatever happens, I’m here, I’ll do something about it」

「Well, that’s right huh」


Nadia got relieved, and the uneasiness in her face completely disappeared.


「Un, there’s Lucio-kun here after all. There’s no problem then」


「But, alcohol has a strange taste huh. It’s soft, warm, and feels good」 

「It’s something like that」

「It’s like half happiness of when I sleep with Lucio-kun while holding hands」

「What a fresh way of comparing」

「It feels like, I’d like to drink it after taking a bath」

「A genius huh」


Nadia might have a talent for drinking alcohol.




While I was talking with Nadia, Veronica clung to me from the side.


She clung on my head.

It’s the usual shoulder ride-like position, but although she would just cling to me usually, being drunk right now she would swing back and forth.

It’s like she’s riding a wooden toy horse.

Drunkards are pretty much like this, but still, it’s terrible.

She did what she wanted, and fell asleep as if her battery has been cut.


「Vero-chan’s like another person. You would become like this when you drinks alcohol huh」

「There’s differences in individuals though. Most of the time, if you get drunk, you’d be different than usual」

「Including me?」

「That’s if you get drunk properly though」

「That’s somehow interesting. I should drink a little bit more」

「Ah〜, wait, wait」


I stopped Nadia who was about to jump out of the room.


「It’s bad for your health drinking too much alcohol so you should stop」


My wife is treated as an adult socially, but even so, her body is a child’s so it isn’t good for her.


「Eh〜, but, it somehow looks fun you know?」


Nadia looked at Veronica, she seems very envious.


「Hmm, in short, you just want to know what would happen if you get drunk right?」


「I got itーー『Reverse Sober』」


I searched in my head in an instant, and used the most suitable magic.

Several candy drops-shaped things came out from my palm.


「What’s that?」

「A magical medicine that will make you drunk within a minute with each drop. It’s not alcohol so it isn’t bad for one’s health, and it would only last for a minute」

「That’s amazing, something convenient like that exists」

「Try it with this」



Nadia received the candy drop, and put it in her mouth.

*Gokun*, she swallowed it.

And, in the next instant.




She clung to me with a super high tension.


「Rusho-kun, Rusho-kun, Russho-ku〜n」


Completely different from earlier, she was suddenly in a drunk state.






She clung to me very tightly, and kissed my cheek.




She kissed me on the cheek again.




She kissed my cheeks so many times.

Does she start kissing a lot when she gets drunk.

A minute of a rain of kisses fell.




The effect of the magic worn off.

Nadia regained herself in an instant.

She looked at my face and the magic candy drop alternately.

This……it’s probably the pattern when one would regret it after getting drunk.


「Well, don’t mind it, being drunk isーー」

「It’s interesting!」



It’s an unexpected reaction.


「It’s amazing, Lucio-kun, alcohol is like this huh」

「Alcohol, well, you mean, being drunk」


It’s my magic after all.


「I see〜……it’s so interesting〜. I know, wait for a bit」


Nadia jumped out of the room.

What is it really.

After a while, she came back pulling Sylvia’s hand.


「What is it, Nadia-chan. I still have to clean the room」

「Don’t mind, don’t mind, leave that to Ama-san, Sylvie, eat this」


Nadia gave one of the magic medicine drops to Sylvia.


「Eat this」

「This is?」

「Just eat it」


She couldn’t help it, and Sylvia swallowed the magic medicine.

After a moment, her face reddened, and her eyes started to get watery.




She suddenly embraced me. Is it the same pattern with Veronica?


「I’m shorry Rusho-shama, I’m shorry Rusho-shama」


She suddenly cries out

Ahh, she would cry when she’d get drunk huh.


「Uee〜n, I’m shorry for alwaysh peeing on the bed」

「Oh〜〜, she would cry huh」


Nadia cheerfully laughed.

Sylvia hugged me while crying.

And, one minute.

Just like with the time with Nadia, Sylvia suddenly stopped.

*GiGiGi*, she went off of me with awkward movements.

She looked at me with grudged eyes.


「You’re so bad, Lucio-sama」

「I wonder if it’s my fault」

「Nadia-chan, you’re also so bad」

「It’s alright! Sylvie was cute!」


Nadia made a thumbs up.

What is alright.


「I know, Lucio-kun, you should swallow one too」


「Un, I want to see Lucio-sama」

「No, no, wait a minute」


I had a cold sweat.

I looked at the『Reverse Sober』candy drop. There’s just one more left. 

If this goes on, I’d be forced to swallow it, I need to do somethingーー.




Veronica who I thought was sleeping suddenly woke up, and put the candy drop inside my mouth. It was a sudden thing, so I couldn’t help but swallow it.

“This is bad”ーーit was too late when I thought of that. The magic of drunkenness filled me.

I looked at the three in front of me.

My very cute and lovely wives, my most, super, important young wives.


「Sylvia, Nadia, Veronica」


I took a hand of the three, looked straight at their eyes, and said.


「Let’s go get itーーthe world」

「Lucio-sama, so cool……」


「H-Hmph, you’re my husband so that much is natural」


Each one of the three reacted differently.

Eyes sparkling, seeming very content, everyone was very supportive.

Butーーafter one minute.

I deeply regret that I was born in this world.










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