Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 63

Chapter 63 – Magic Word



Before dawn, for some reason, I woke up.

My three wives are sleeping peacefully.

Sylvia who had completely stopped peeing on the bed.

Nadia who would still have an explosion of bed hair when she wakes up.

Veronica who newly joined.

After lightly gripping the hands of the three, I went down from the bed.

I went out of the bedroom. There was a figure in the dim.

I stared at that, it was the maid Amanda-san.

Amanda-san who had started to work in my mansion with Ojii-san’s order.


「Good morning, Amanda-san. You’re already awake」

「A maid is one who wakes up earlier than their master」


She said as if it was nothing.

Honestly, I woke up to go to the toilet.

It’s something that is irregular, and after I finish, I would return to bed and sleep a second time.

And to think that she would wake up earlier than me, I got curious when would she sleep.


「Danna-sama does not need to keep it on mind」(TL: 旦那(Danna)様(sama))


Did she read my mind, Amanda-san said that.

Well, that’s also good.


「Rather than that, what’s with that “Danna-sama”?」

「I am now working on Duke Martein-sama’s mansion. So, it is Danna-sama, instead of Obo-chama. If you do not favor it, I will change how I call you」

「Will you change it?」

「If it is an order」



Thinking of Amanda-san’s character, I thought that I’d get refused by her saying「I will not call you other than Danna-sama!」, but it wasn’t like that.

Well, it’s also her character that she’d say「If it is Danna-sama’s order」.


「I got it. Danna-sama’s fine」



I said that, and went to the toilet.

After finishing, I went back, Amanda-san was standing there after all, so I nodded to her and passed by.

I entered the room. My wives are still asleep.

Did they search for warmth after I slipped out, the sheets were quite crumpled, and they’re sleeping keeping their bodies close.


「『Air Cushion』」


I chanted the magic with a small voice, and went on the air sofa.

And there, I stared at the three.


Sylvia Martein, my first wife.

She has gentleness within her loveliness.

My wife that is confirmed to grow into an orthodox beauty in the future using my magic.

It’s her charm that she would wet the bed once every ten days.


Nadia Martein, my second wife.

She has a tomboy-ish part of her within her loveliness.

My wife that is confirmed to grow into an open-hearted beauty in the future using my magic.

Dragon Knight Nadia is famous among some, and the person itself is very satisfied with it.


Veronica Amall Martein, my third wife.

A little girl that has not only have loveliness, but also has a high level of elegance and strong will.

My wife that has already grown into a bewitching beauty, but still turned to her little girl appearance using my magic.

Unlike when she is an adult, her expressions that she shows straight-on is super cute.


My three little wives, each of them has their own charm.

On the air sofa, I observed them.


「Lucio-sama……I can’t eat anymore」


Sylvia’s sleep talk.

Well〜, that’s what Nadia should say right.


「Lucio-kun……I haven’t eaten enough」


Nadia’s sleep talk.

Un, Sylvia’s was Sylvia-ish.


「Lucio……eat me」


Veronica’s sleep talk.

That’s really like you, but erotic ones are prohibited under 18 years old. 

The three said their sleep talk.

Thinking that it can be used someday, I recorded that using magic.

Even so, that’s a good for nothing dream. I could probably check the contents using『Dream Catcher』, but it is also sleep talk that feels idiotic to do that.

But on the other hand, their sleeping faces are very cute, I’m content with that.

Staring at the three, when I noticed it, I fell asleep.

It felt good.

It felt good sleeping on the air sofa, but from the middle, it was felt better.

Somehow, I opened my eyes.

I saw the morning sunlight peeking inside, and the three closing their bodies onto me.

Everyone was awake, and our eyes met.

Their eyesーーthey’re sparkling.


「……good morning?」


I couldn’t help it and made my morning greetings with a question mark.

Their eyes were sparkling that much.

I wonder why their eyes are like that, and when I was thinking of that.


「You can sleep longer, Lucio-sama」

「Right, right, and, can you do that again?」

「Hey, Nadia. It’s spoiled if you say that」


Once again? Spoiled?

What is it about?

And when I was not being able to guess that, *Kon Kon*, *Kon Kon*, the door was knocked.

After the silent, rhythmical knock, the maid Amanda-san entered inside.


「Danna-sama, Oku-sama-gata. Good morning」(TL:奥(Oku)様(sama)方(gata)= missus-es?)

「Good morning, Amanda-san」

「Breakfast is already prepared」

「I understood」

「Che〜, it can’t be helped」

「It’s a closure huh」


My wives said one next to the other, they went away from me and left the room.

Only Amanda-san was left behind.

I really couldn’t get it, so I tilted my head.


「I wonder what it was」

「Would you like to know?」

「Un? Do you know it, Amanda-san」


「Tell me」

「I understood」


Amanda-san said that, and cleared her throat.


「I will conshinue on loving you girls〜」


She said it as if to imitate me.

It was so similar to my voice that it’s surprising, but rather than that.


「Is that, my sleep talk?」



Uwa〜, I see now.

And with that, the three were staring at me huh.

I also did that, so I get how they feel.



「That’s fine though. Amanda-san’s good at imitating my voice huh」

「Thank you」

「If you didn’t stutter, it would’ve been a perfect hundred though」

「No, it is completely from the original」



I got dumbfounded. That, don’t tell me.


「Yes, Danna-sama stuttered」


Amanda-san said again as if she had read my mind.



「Yes. To be more precise. It’s『I will conshinue on loving you girls〜. I failed〜. I will conshinue on loving you girls〜. I failed again〜. I will conshinue on loving you girls〜. Why can’t I say it like I want tooooo〜〜』」





I was shocked.

Did I repeatedly say that.

And with that, the three were staring at me very cheerfully.


I held onto my head. It’s sleep talk that I’d like to die a little.

……no, I won’t though.

Regaining myself, I changed, and left the room.

I moved to the dining room in the mansion. And there, my wives were waiting.

All of them were humming, and is in a really good mood.

They’re grinning a little bit.


If they’d make such face, that’d make me say it “properly”.


「Sylvia, Nadia, Veronica」


I took a breath, and said.


「I love you」


I can’t stutter, so I just said the most important thing.

The three grinned more and more.











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