Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 62

Chapter 62 – Fish and Fishing Rod



「As expected of my Senjukou」


In the capital, in the audience hall.

When I came to report, the King was super happy.


「I believed in you, I believed that if it was my Senjukou, he would rebuild Guernica’s state affairs with skills like magic」

「You’re praising me too much, Ou-sama. I just dug gold and didn’t do anything else」

「Umu, that humility, it’s also as expected. As expected of my Senjukou」

「The Duke Your Excellency. Uhmm……the gold bullion that Your Highness dug……」

「I gave all of it to Guernica’s treasury」

「All of it!」

「Un, all of it」

「As expected of my Senjukou. To think that you would not be blinded by gold. That cleanliness should be written down to history」

「……how great would it be if he put it in his pocket……」


The minister was having a headache.

I know how he feels. I also noticed it later on.

A hundred tons of gold bullion.

The number a hundred ton doesn’t sound like it’s a large number. It’s gold so it’s probably expensive, I thought, but it’s only a hundred ton. I thought like that.

But thinking of it carefully, remembering the market price in the world I was in before.

I realized that it’s actually five trillion yen even counting roughly.

A hundred ton is that much.

I don’t know the market price in this world, but there’s no doubt that it’s a tremendous amount.

It couldn’t be helped that the minister would get a headache.

I mean, I’m very sorry.


「The Duke Your Excellency, can’t something be done, even though it’s a little late. Your Excellency has the highest achievement in this case, I think that the thing you receive is too small」


The minister insisted.


「Is it not alright, minister」


The King said to let him calm down.


「My Senjukou’s name had spread loudly with this case. It is as you have said. Is it not alright with that」

「ーThat is very trueー」


Uwa〜, he said with a very flat tone.

This person, won’t he have a hole in stomach sooner or later.

It’s really troublesome being under a troublesome king after all.

No, well, it’s my fault this time though.

I met eyes with the minister, when I looked at him with sympathetic eyes, his face got more and more pitiful.

And like that, when I was staring back at the minister.




「I understand your concern」


「Do you see me as senile as that? A hundred ton of gold bullion, imagining what would happen if that would be passed to Guernica is very for me」

「I-If so」

「I am saying that on top of that, there is no problem. After all, in our kingdom, look」


The King looked at me. It’s a face that is full of smiles.


「There’s my Senjukou」



*Pon*, the minister hit his palm.

His face was saying, “I see”.


「That is true, the one who did that was the Duke His Excellency, and the Duke His Excellency is our Kingdom’s heavyweight」

「Umu, it’s as you say. The gold bullion that passed on them is only once, it means, it’s dead money. However, here, there is the living Senjukou」

「That is true, there is really no problem at all」



Well, I know what they’re trying to say though.

It’s probably the logic of even if a lot of fish was caught, if the fishing rod is at hand, there would be no problem.

I get that.

I got surprised, I didn’t think that the King was thinking up to that.

I was sure, that as usual, he was just praising me without thinking of anything.

Honestly, I’m sorry.


「Are you fine with that, minister」



Is it only in my mind, the way the minister looks at me changed.


「The Duke Your Excellency」


「Please continue on taking care of us」


How can I say this, it’s completely the same eyes with the Kingーーhis eyes was like, “Senjukou, awesome!”.










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