Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Earning Pocket Money


In conclusion, Distillation was turned to money properly.

I went to three villages nearby, Aisen, Caluchi, and Kibu.

I talked about it, marketed it, I used the magic to water sources that can be only used in laundry, and showed them that it was drinkable by drinking it.

They were very happy with that. I had a promise that I’ll go purify it once a week and got money.


I thought about what can be made into money next.

I thought while I was walking home from the last village, Kibu.

*Suto* Sylvia reached out her hand from my side, and wiped my forehead with a handkerchief.

It looks like I was sweating again.


「It’s hot huh」


「Is Sylvia okay?」

「I’m okay」


She was saying, but sweat comes out of Sylvia’s forehead.

The season is near summer. In addition that it’s started getting hot, and we were walking all around.

Well, you’ll really sweat with that. And when I noticed it, my throat was parched.


「You want cold drinks right. Like a juice that is chilled with ice」

「It’s because ice is expensive」



I stopped my feet, and looked at Sylvia.


「What is it?」

「What did you say? Ice is expensive?」


「What do you mean?」

「Uhmm, I heard from Otou-san before. The only way to eat it ice in summer, is to dig veery deep down, place ice from winter, and take it out when you want to. The only ones who can do that are rich people, or the Ou-sama he said. Also in a big town pu-blic u-tili-ty? was other way left, he said」


Public utility huh.

But, I see. If I think about it, there wasn’t a refrigerator huh.

That means……Ice could be turned into money huh.

I recalled all the magic that I’ve learned until now, and find something that can be used.



Returning to the mansion, I prepared drinkable water and a knife in the living room. I also prepared a syrup.


「Celsius Zero」


I first freeze it with magic. The water became ice in an instant.

I shaved the ice using a knife. This one’s physical labor, so I was a little tired.

I put sweet syrup on top of the ice.

Shaved ice was completed.


「Here, try and taste it」

「Is it okay?」



Sylvia took the shaved ice, scooped one bite size, and put it inside her mouth.


「Sweet, Cool. *Ku〜*……」


She was happy at first, but made her eyes like X soon.

She was like *Kiiin*.


「Are you okay」

「Y-Yup……Just my head」

「If you eat shaved ice at once you’ll be like that」


Smiled, took the shaved ice from Sylvia, and I also ate it.

It was delicious. The syrup had no colors so it has no fun in it, but the taste had no problems.

This, can become money.



I borrowed a push cart from a maid, loaded the kit that was needed, and went to the Aisen Village.

I widened the goods at the village square, purified water, freeze it, and made it a shaved ice.

A farmer passed by, so I called him.


「Ne〜Ne〜Oji-san, would you like to eat shaved ice?」


In child-mode, I called out amiably.


「Shaved ice?」

「Yup! Like, shredding the ice, and put syrup on top. It’s that food」

「Using ice?! That looks delicious. ……But, it’s expensive right」

「200Cet is alright」


Cet is a unit of this world’s currency, and 200 is a price of a small cup of noodles that is fully loaded.

In other words, it was a very reasonable price setting.


「So cheap! Is it okay if you sold it at that price?」

「Because it’s ice I made with magic」

「Did you make it?」


「I see. You made it with magic huh. Then, can I have one」


The man took out 200Cet. Sylvia received it, and I made shaved ice and gave it to him.


「Sweet, and also cool. Haa……Eating something cold on a hot day, I didn’t think it felt this good」

「I know right〜. If it’s okay, can you tell everybody that I’m going to sell it every time I come to purify the waters」

「Yup? Ahh, you were Lucio-kun who would purify the water for us」

「Yup! Nice to meet you」

「Yeah, Nice to meet you too」


The man patted my head.


「But, you sure are amazing, doing a trade in your age」


I took Sylvia’s hand, and showed the ring.


「It’s because I have a wife you know」


The man was astonished in an instant, but made a big laugh after that.


「Well, that’s true. If you have a wife then you should earn right. You are a boy……No, you are a man after all」


「Yosh, leave it to this Oji-san. Your……Shaved ice? I will tell everyone in the village」

「Thanks Oji-chan」

「Thank you very much!!」


I said thanks, and Sylvia also said thanks.

With this, I can earn a little more.








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Translator Notes:

1. 「Ou-sama(王様)」=「王(King)様(-sama/honorific)」

2. Sylvia is also cute today=Yes, her words aren’t correct=She’s 6-years old

3. Distillation(蒸留) magically turned into purification(浄化) in this chapter. Don’t ask why, its “Magic”.

4. 「Shaved Ice(かけ氷)」=「かけ(Kake=put on top)氷(Gōri=ice)」=「put on top (of) ice」
Kakigōri is a Japanese shaved ice dessert flavored with syrup and a sweetener, often condensed milk(wiki)
Same reason why hotdogs are called hotdogs. It’s easy to call it, although there are no dog-things as ingredients, well maybe most of the time?

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