Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 59

Chapter 59 – The Third Wife



When we got to the mansion, Veronica immediately hid in her room.

I took a breather in the living room, and Nadia came there.


「Did something with Vero-chan? She ran to her room with you know」

「Just a little, a lot of things happened」

「A lot of things?」


Nadia asked me without letting go.


「Well, a lot of things」


I can’t say that really.

To say that I gave her a ring in that situation, and declared that she’s my wife.


「U〜n, for Lucio-kun who would always talk about anything couldn’t say means……」


Nadia thought about it.

Nadia who had a quite sharp mind. Maybeーー.


「She peed on herself outside?」

「She didn’t!」


That would’ve been better!




「Aryarya, how rare, to think that Lucio-kun would let out a sigh」


“Should I just tell her everything”, I thought.




The door opened, and it hits the wall.

Sylvia entered. Somehow, she’s really angry.




Nadia got surprised. She had an expression that even her best friend got surprised.

Sylvia stomped to where I am, and stood in front of me.


「Lucio-sama, you’re so bad!」


「Yes! I heard it all from Veronica-san」

「……ah〜, she told you huh」


She’s angry because of that huh. Well, that should be the case.

I seiza-d on top of the sofa; no particular reasons.

Looking at that, Nadia widened her eyes on the side.


「Why is it, Lucio-sama!」

「Uhh……un, sorry」

「Please don’t apologize to me!」


Of course.


「Rather than that, please go immediately to where Veronica-san is. Please properly put it on her with Lucio-sama’s own hands」

「Ahh, I’ll do thatーーun?」


This is strange. What did Sylvia say right now?

I raised my head, and looked at her.


「E〜to, Sylvia?」

「What is it!」

「What did you say right now?」

「I’m telling you, that! Please go immediately to where Veronica-san is immediately, and put it on her with Lucio-sama’s own hands If you don’t do that, Veronica-san is pitiful」



Nadia raised a surprised voice.


「Is that true, Lucio-kun?」

「Well, yes……」

「Are you serious? Are you sane? Did your head broke?」


Far straighter than Sylvia, she cursed at me without holding back on her words.

I was prepared that I’d be angry at, but I feel like it’s a little bit off.


「Uhmm……why are the two of you that angry?」


When I asked, the two got red similarly.

The two got angry at the same time.


「「It’s wrong if you don’t put it on her properly right!」」



My thoughts stopped.

I didn’t understand what I was told immediately.

Meaning……they’re not angry because I gave her, but the way I gave it to her was wrong?


「You’re so bad, Lucio-sama, that’s the worst way to propose」

「That’s right! To just give her a ring and not place it yourself, that’s so wrong! In things like this, Lucio-kun should put in on her properly」

「I’m so disappointed!」

「Something like this, I’ll return itーーhey, it can’t be removed!」


Nadia tried to remove her ring and throw it, but the magic ring is combined with her body so it couldn’t be removed.

The two shouted at me with all the words that they could say, and their expressions are unusually in angry mode too.


「Wait, wait, please wait a minute. The two of you, is it alright for you if I proposed to another girl?」




The two was dumbfounded.

Haven’t they thought up to that.

But, in contrary.


「Why is it bad?」

「Un, why is it bad?」

「No, because……I proposed……」

「It’s going to increase you know? Lucio-sama’s wives」

「Un! If there were one more, it would be absolutely more fun」

「It’s exciting right, if we become four, what should we do」

「First, let’s fly to the skies together, call out two more of Lucio-kun, and let’s fly to the sky with everyone」


Sylvia and Nadia, the two joyfully talked about their plans on how to play.

I organized the situation.

It means, the two doesn’t have anything to say at all about me increasing my wives, and they’re angry because of how I proposed to Veronica, huh.

No, actually, I also don’t have any problems if I increased them.

Just like Sylvia and Nadia said, if we increased from a family of three to a family of four, the things that we can do would increase so that’s something to look forward to, and in this two or three days, it was very fun to be together with Veronica.

That’s why, I would be happy if Veronica would be my third wife.


「Wait, the two of you, it’s not like that」


I stopped the two who was horsing around.

I explained the flow of events to up until I gave Veronica a ring.

I emphasized that it just became like that.


「It was like that huh……」

「What, that’s it, che〜」


The two was disappointed.

If they understand the story, I get their feelings.

Somehow, I was also disappointed.

The two was really having so much fun talking about the plans on playing around together with Veronica, and I was even looking forward to it.


「I’m sorry, Lucio-sama, it was a false alarm」

「Sorry, Lucio-kun」


The two apologized.


「But, Veronica-san is confused, so it would be better if you clear the misunderstanding」

「I’ll do that」



I knocked at the guest room’s door.




Just a little bit late, I heard her response.

I entered inside. Veronica was hugging her knees while sitting on the corner.

She was glaring at me intently when I entered the room.

Well then, how should I apologize.



「Am I a mistress?」

「Come again?」

「I am asking if I’m a mistress!」


She stood up abruptly, and asked while getting very angry.


「Sorry, I really don’t get it. Why are you talking about mistresses?」

「I heard it from Sylvia. That you put their ring on them yourself」

「Ahh, that’s true」

「The two of them had you put a ring on them yourself, but in my case, you just threw it……since I am below the two, am I not a mistress」



I couldn’t think of that!

Veronica stomps as she got near me.

She pushed the ring to my chest.


「I do not want to be something like a mistress. I won’t accept other than being a wife」


「That’s why, I’ll get it next time」



Nekst time? Nest time? Next fine?

……don’t tell me, it’s next time?


「Next time, you say……what do you mean」

「Of course, I mean that until you put this on me yourself, until you accept me as your wife, I won’t accept this」


「I’ll say this once again. I don’t want to be something like a mistress. I’d never accept other than becoming a wife just like those two」



I couldn’t help but laugh, and I laughed out loud.

Ahh, somehow, it’s really interesting.

And, I’m strangely happy.


「I-Is there something weird?」

「No, there’s nothing, it’s not weird at all」

「Then why?」


I received the ring from Veronica.




I looked at her straightforwardly.


「Will you marry me?」


「You will be the third one, and the requirements is to get along with everyone after we do, but if you are fine with that」


I took her left hand.


「Will you be my wife」


She was stunned and lost her words.

Just a little late, she understood what I meant, and her face was blushed.

Confused, but she didn’t refuse.

Finally, she nodded timidly.

She was red to her ears, and stared at me looking from below.



「It is still a long life」


「Let’s enjoy it happily and freely」



Veronica nodded emotionally.

I put the ring on her.

The magic ring, became one with Veronica’s ring finger.












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