Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 58

Chapter 58 – Search Error?



「You’re late!」


After I had sent out Ojii-chan and the King, I was immediately scolded by Veronica when I returned to the living room.



「Chase away old men immediately alright」

「No, I can’t do that」

「Well, whatever. Well then, rather than that, where are we going today?」

「Un? What do you mean by going?」

「To play!」


Veronica smiled pleasantly.

It’s a spoiled, selfish smile, but a smile that I can’t somewhat hate.


「We’re going. Now, think of something」

「Is it already decided that we’d go」

「Of course」

「Let me think……」


I don’t really mind playing, so I thought.

I thought of how to play, what kind of magic to use, just as usual.


「This is bad, Lucio-sama」


Sylvia entered the living room.

She seems to be quite in a hurry.


「What happened」

「The floor of the room that the books are placed was broken」

「Ah〜, that’s bad〜」


It finally came huh, I thought.

Books are heavy after all〜. It can’t be helped that the floor would be broken with the amount of books the King brought.

I came to the room where the Grimoires are brought in with Sylvia.

Veronica also followed.


Inside the room, there was really a hole opened there.

I went to where the broken floor is, and reached out my hand.

I used repair magic, and returned the floor back.

It’s an easy magic.


「Even so, the Grimoires had increased so much huh」

「That is true……」



I remembered something, and told Veronica who was clinging to me.


「It would be probably better if you don’t go near here as long as possible」

「Why is that?」


Veronica got dubious.


「Is there something bad for you if I go near here?」

「No, it’s not something bad……」



Chris came.




Veronica ran away from the room while screaming.

I told you, this would happen.

Veronica is not good with ghosts, and with a meaning, Chris is something like a ghost.

If they met, well, it would be like this.


「Protect the Grimoires, they’re important after all」


「Sylvia, can I leave the rest to you」



I said that to the two, and chased after Veronica who ran away.

It’s not a mansion that is very wide, so I found her quickly.

Veronica was crouching down in the corner of the hallway, and shaking her head while hugging it.


「It came out it came out it came out it came out it came out」


She repeated like a broken record.

Ah〜ah〜, she’s really frightened.





I only called out to her normally, but she was scared that she almost jumped.

I feel bad for her.


「What is that really! What was that! Is that possessing this mansion?!!」

「Sorry, sorry. Uhh, I’ll tell her to not leave that place, so don’t worryーー」

『Papa, there’s a fake one within the Grimoires〜』


When I was about to say that, Chris appeared.

Achya〜, I thought, and looked at Veronica.




Veronica with an absent-minded face.

She staggers to the ground, *Jyoーーー*, she peed.








She started crying seriously.



「O〜i, are you alright now」

「Please do not enter!」


A pillow was thrown to me.


「No, it’s alreadyーー」

「Please leave!」


The instant I entered her room to check on her, I was thrown out.

I couldn’t help but go out.

A moment of placing my back on the hallway’s wall.

Sylvia came out from inside.


「How is she」

「I helped her change」


I nodded. I asked Sylvia to take care of Veronica who peed.


「It would’ve been faster if I did it with my magic. It’s would be an instant if I used『Dress Up』」

「You should not」


Sylvia unusually told me with a strong tone.


「If you do that, Veronica-san would be more and more wounded」

「Is that so?」


Rather, isn’t it better to hide evidences instantly with magic?


「It is like that」

「It’s like that huh」


I don’t get it, but since Sylvia insists that much, it’s probably like that.

After all, when we just metーー.




She glared at me. Un, I should try my best to not remember.


「Anyways, I will do the rest, so Lucio-sama should forget that already」

「I got it, thanks」

「You’re welcome」


Sylvia left. Veronica finished changing, but there’s still the cleaning up of where she “did” it. She’s going there.

Well, what should I do. I should go to where Chris is once, and tell her to not leave from there whatever happens huh.

If this continues, Veronica would get afraid after all.


*Gacha*, the door opened.


In her young girl form, Veronica who was wearing Nadia’s clothes, she glared at me with teary eyes while hiding her body with the door.

I really feel bad for her. I should make it up to her somehow.


「Are you okayーー」

「Please take responsibility」


「Please take responsibility!」


She shouted at me loudly.

Responsibility, you say……what of?


「You saw a maiden’s embarrassing place, so please take responsibility!」

「Even if you say that…」


With something like thisーーhow should I take responsibility?

When I wasn’t being able to get that, Veronica came out from the door. 

With teary eyes, she glared at me more, and said as if she couldn’t hold it anymore.


「We’re going out to play!」


「To play. Let’s go」


Saying that, Veronica pulled my hand, and forcefully took me out of the mansion.



With Veronica, the two of us came out of a hole.

The hold is an ant’s nest, and we got small up until now and entered.

The instant we got out, I returned our side with magic, and sat on the ground just like that.


「That was fun」

「That’s good then」

「You can also do something like this huh」

「I did a similar thing with Nadia before」


At that time, the opponents were cockroaches……well, she might cry again if I told her that, so I decided to not tell her.

We became small with magic, entered inside, defeated the ant soldiers, and defeated the ant queen.

Veronica enjoyed a lot.

I took out a lot of weapons with magic, and we defeated them using those.


「However, you’re really amazing」


「Your laughter when you were defeating ants. 『Ahyahyahyahyahya』, normal girls won’t do that you know. Even children who throws water on ant nests don’t go that far」

「I-I did not do that. It is not good creating nonsense you know」



I used magic. The video that I caught along the way was shown in the air.


『Ahyahyahyahyahya, die die die die dieeeeee!!!!』


The scene where Veronica was defeating ants in here “zone” was shown.


「Ah! You were also saying “die”」

「Kyaaa, kyaaaaaaaaaa!!」


She tried to take off the video in the air by swaying her hands.


「What is this, what on the earth is this」

「A video I took with magic」

「Stop it make it disappear right away」

「I got it」


I did what she told and made it disappear. ……I can make it appear again if I want to though.


「Really, you’re really」

「I’m sorry alright」


I couldn’t help but do it, no regrets.

Haa〜, Veronica let out a deep sigh.

And with that, her face and her tone returned to normal.


「You’re really……you do anything with magic huh」

「I’m even called Senjukou after all」

「You have read a thousand Grimoires huh」

「No, it’s about time that I’d exceed ten thousand」

「What a ridiculous person」


Veronica said that, but she seems to be enjoying.

Young girl version Veronica, that smile of hers was very lovely.

A lovely smile that is a different type from Sylvia and Nadia.

What a lovely smile.


「It was very fun, so I will forgive you」

「Thank you」

「I’m jealous of those two. To be able to spend everyday just like this, they’re the happiest wife in the world」


I’m doing it with the intention of making them the most happiest in the world after all.


「Ne〜, can you spend time with me just a little longer?」

「Ahh, there’s no problem」


I don’t really mind, it’s also quite fun to be together with Veronica.


「Well then, let’s have some tea」


「Yes. In that place where we met, in this appearance」

「I got it」


I nodded, and stood up.


「Well now, let’s go have some tea」


Veronica stood up, and reached out to my hand.




I heard a voice from the side.

It’s a familiar voice. When I turned around, Simon was there.

Simon Simpson.

The man who guided me when I first went to the palace.

Simon looks at Veronica and me, and made a complicated face.

What is it? That face.

Simon thought about it a lot, and with a resolute face, to the soldier that was passing by, a soldier wearing normal armor.


「Ahh, you there, I am affiliated with this」


He took out a card-like thing from his waist, and the man who was called out stopped, and made a salute.


「Good day to you sir」

「Please catch this girl」




I got in between.


「What’s that, what does this mean?」

「Martein-sama is married, and she is flirting with that Martein-sama」


Simon answered with a serious face.


I remembered about that day.

Before we got to the palace, Isaac did something again and got caught.

It’s the same with that.

It’s true, looking from the side, it would look like she is inviting me. No, in fact, she’s inviting me, and this is also, with a meaning, a date.

And Simon knows about that, she knows that I asked for Isaac to be punished.


「What are you doing! Remove these hands, who do you think I am? I am Veronica Amall Guernica you know」


Veronica shouts, but the soldier man won’t remove his hands.

No one believes that she’s the previous queen right now.

Should I return her back? No, that would make the things more complicated.

It’s true that she invited a married person. If I return her here, the situation would be more messy with a Duke and a previous Queen.


If that is soーー.


Two years since I started using magic, I who have already been used to it, immediately thought of “a magic that would solve the situation”.


「『Magic Ring』」


A ring appeared from my palm

“Ah!”, Simon let out a voice.

It should be still within his pocket, the Grimoire of this magic.

A Grimoire’s magic that creates a wedding ring.

I passed that to Veronica.


「There’s no problem if she’s my wife right?」


I said that to Simon.










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