Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 57

Chapter 57 – Ojii-chanz



「Dear Lucio」

「My Senjukou」


One day, Ojii-san and the King came together.

I got surprised to the two who stood together in front of the entrance.


「Ojii-chan, and also Ou-sama. What is it suddenly?」

「We came to play. Isn’t that right, Abe」

「Umu, I came invited by Luka」


The two talked very frankly to each other.

They’re really getting along as usual.

But……they came to play, they said.

It’s alright with Ojii-san, but isn’t that bad for the King?

The minister would be crying again you know.


「It’s alright, my Senjukou」


My heart skipped a beat.

The King said as if he read my mind.


「I have no slips this time. To be sure to not let anyone know, I properly asked casted on magic that changes recognition. The me right now should only be seen as an old man other than the ones who know me」

「Hee〜, there’s a magic like that huh」


I haven’t learned it, but well, it isn’t strange if it exists.

I have learned quite a few magic spells that are more than that.

Well, if that is so, it’s alright huh.


「Then, come on up」


I invited the two to the mansion, and passed them to the living room.

There was Veronica there.

She was on the sofa leisurely, and was drinking the tea Sylvia made.

Ojii-chanz who saw her tilted their heads at once.


「Umu? Lucio, who is that girl?」

「E〜o, she’s my friend」

「Hou, my Senjukou’s friend」

「Isn’t she quite a lovely girl」

「Umu, she matches well with my Senjukou」


No, no.

Saying that she matches well with me suddenly.

Well, with the appearance of her age, that might be true though.

And when I was thinking of that, the King approached Veronica, and talked to her.


「Nice to meet you. Can I ask little lady’s name」

「Nice to meet you too. I am Veronica Amall Guernica desuwa. You are?」

「I am Abraham the Third」


Wait, wait, why are you two saying your real names?

Of course, the atmosphere petrifies.


「I am Luka Martein」


Nobody was listening to Ojii-san’s self-introduction.


「Fumu, I know a girl that has the same name as you. She is not as young as you are」

「I also know a name that is similar to yours. He is not an ordinary old man like you though」


No, the two of you, both of you are the real ones.

The King, and the previous Queen.

Depending on how you look at it, this, isn’t it something like a summit.

The two stareーーno, glared at each other for a while.

Finally, the two talked to me while glaring at each other.


「Come to think of it, my Senjukou. Do you have something you’re troubled with recently?」


I’m pretty much troubled that the King is frequently coming to another kingdom.


「Ne〜, Lucio. Where are we going to play today?」


It’s not a situation that we can go out and play.

When I wasn’t being able to answer, there were more and more sparks between the two.

To this situation that can’t be solved with magic, I was very troubled.



Luggage is being carried into the mansion from the carriage in front of it.

Most of them are Grimoires.

The King, to make me read them; Grimoires that were taken from the Royal Grimoire Library.

Speculating from the amount of the luggage, about a thousand books. And from how I looked at their covers, all of them are ones that I haven’t read yet.

Honestly, this is quite thankful.


「Thank you very much, Ou-sama」

「No, no, it is nothing. It is for my Senjukou, something like this isn’t much」

「But, next time, I would be happy if you tell me in forward. I’m surprised that it suddenly came」

「Well, because, I wanted to see my Senjukou’s surprised face」


Don’t act cutesy……


「Please, Ou-sama」


I looked at him straight, and begged with looking from below.


「Mumumu, I got it. If you insist that much, it can’t be helped. Next time, I’ll send a messenger before coming」

「Thank you, Ou-sama!」


When I said thanks, the King was moved.




This time, Ojii-san talked to me.


「What is it?」

「Look at thisーー『Icicle』」


Jii-san reached out his hand.

He used a magic, and created an ice pillar.

I got a little surprised.


「Ojii-chan, you remembered a new magic?」

「Umu, the Grimoires that Lucio recommended, I could read that」


「It’s all thanks to Lucio. Hey, dear Lucio, what Grimoire would you recommend to me next?」

「Uhmm, then, I suggest Blast Stone for the next one I guess? I think that that was easy to read. That should also be in Ojii-chan’s place」

「Umu, I’ll read it immediately after I go home」


Ojii-san nodded with a full smile.

And there, the King interrupts.


「My Senjukou. Are you not troubled with your lifestyle?」

「Lifestyle, u〜un, I’m okay?」

「I see. In addition to the regular salary of a Duke, I had added 50% for the business trip bills, so if it’s not enough, you can tell me anytime alright」



Wait a minute, that’s a huge amount you know.


「It’s not enough right, there’s a lot of expenses in a land that you’re not used to. I also said that, but the minister was so unwilling」


No, no, no.

Thank you, minister, good job on stopping him.


「I know, my Senjukou has two wives right. Yosh, when I return, I will make you have family allowance」

「Stop it, Ou-sama. I don’t need that much. The salary up until now is already too much」


I mean, a Duke of a kingdom receives a high amount. The amount originally is already enough for hiring a hundred servants.

If there were additional things to that, it’s a little scary.

That’s why I stopped him in a hurry.


「I see……」

「That’s true, Abe, there’s no problem in money. Lucio, I’m thinking of sending Amanda here」


「That’s right. Lucio’s two wives also do chores right? If that is so, I thought that a maid that Lucio also knows quite well would be great on taking care of personal things instead」

「That is, un, I guess so」


I remembered the time when I was living in our family house, it’s true that Amanda is very helpful.

If she is here, the more that I would be able to play with Sylvia and Nadia. Ojii-san’s words are completely correct


「Then……can I ask you that」

「Umu, I’ll send Amanda here after I return」

「Thank you, Ojii-chan」



Ojii-san snorted his nose very proudly, and the King was groaning.

Ahh〜……I might’ve done this wrongly.


「My Senjukou. If it’s a maid, there’s a lot of them in the palace. I’ll also send one super maid」


As I’ve thought, he started to compete.

Ojii-san and the King. The more that the two get along, the more that they compete with each other.

On top of that, they would compete on things that wouldn’t leave seeds of trouble in the future, so it’s difficult to stop, and I’d get troubled.


「Let me think, a hundred people should be enough right」

「Lucio, do you want dried persimmons that you ate when you were young? I’ll send you a lot of them next time」


Really, I’m troubled.

I feel troubled, but for some reason, I’m happy.

Because, the two are really lively when they compete against each other.










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