Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 55

Chapter 55 – Shark Drive




「As I’ve thought……」


Veronica’s face that was as if she had bitten a bitter bug deepens.


「Seeing her, I thought ‘maybe’, but as I’ve thought, it’s the face when you used magic that time」


She said while looking at Sylvia.

Come to think of it, she saw Sylvia’s face on the video call magic.


「Lucio-sama? Did I, do something wrong?」

「No, Sylvia’s not wrong at all. Anyways, can you take out some tea」



Sylvia hesitantly left the drawing room.

I sat in front of Veronica.

Both of us were awkward; a subtle air flows.


「Uhmm……for the meantime, I’m Lucio Martien」

「I am named Veronica Amall Guernica」


She bowed gracefully.

I could feel elegance with that gesture, elegance that couldn’t be compared to the Veronica I met in the town.


「Uhm, I heard that you’re the queen before」

「Yes, I am the aunt of the current king, Clemente I. He is older though」


A younger aunt huh. A pattern that usually appears with huge families or royalties huh.

For the meantime, to give a pause, I asked a lot of things.


「The reason you were troubled after seeing Sylvia」

「It’s because I saw her on the cafe earlier」

「The reason you wanted to get some air because something bad happen」

「It’s because I was melancholic to go say greetings to Senjukou, Duke Martien」

「I see」


I asked that too, a lot of things had connected now.


「……ahh really, what is this, you, you set me a trap right」


Veronica suddenly got pissed off.


「You set me a trap to caught me off right. What a despicable man!」

「No, no, you’re the one who tried to pick me up right? I didn’t do anything」

「Shut up! It’s your fault alright. That’s right, magic. You’re Senjukou right. With your thousand magic, you seduced me」

「I didn’t use that magic!」


……it exists though.


「No, it’s magic for sure. Then, why did a brat like you, look like a man that cool. It’s absolutely magic. There is no other way」


Oi oi……


「That’s too ridiculous」



She said that all at once, then Veronica suddenly drooped.


「It’s all over……the kingdom will fall. It’s because I got caught by a trap who’s younger than me……」


It’s not a trap I’m telling you, also.


「I won’t let it fall」

「That’s a lie」

「It’s true」


Veronica raised her head. She had the face of someone clinging to hope.


「Really, for real?」

「Yes, for real」

「Do you swear on your most important thing?」

「I swear on my two wives, Sylvia and Nadia」


I answered immediately.

Veronica got astonished, and started laughing.


「What’s that. Don’t you have anything else」

「They’re the most important thing for me after all」


Well, they’re my wife. Something like a god don’t need to come out there.

Veronica looked at me intentlyーーand her expression softens.


「I got it. I’ll believe you. That was my with my own will. With my own will, I saw a good man, and called out to him」


I think that that’s weird too, but I decided to not think about it too much.


「Once again. I am Veronica Amall Guernica. I greet Senjukou, Duke Martien」


She stood up, folded her arms in a unique way, and slightly bent her knees.

It’s a unique bow, it felt like some kind of etiquette.


「I’m Lucio Martien. Nice to meet you」


I don’t know about those kind of things, so I replied normally.


「Rather than too formal, I’d be thankful if you would speak frankly. I’m not too good with those after all」

「Is it alright with that?」

「I’d only loved magic, and didn’t study about those at all」


I shrugged my shoulders, and said that as if to joke.

I said it like a joke, but it’s true.

Veronica looked at me, and laughed out.


「Is that so, then can you excuse me then」

「Yeah, that would be nice. I’ll talk like this okay」


I had stopped speaking in child mode quite a while ago, but I declared for once.

Sylvia entered, and left the tea down.


「Thank you」


Veronica smiled pleasantly at Sylvia.

Sylvia blushed. She hid her face with the tray and left.

Un, how cute, how cute.


「They’re really important to you huh. Your wife」

「Un, yes, that’s right」


Veronica got relieved.


「And you’re having a hard time with your relatives」


About Isaac huh. ……well, yeah.

Somehow, I remembered about King Guernica.


「Don’t you have a hard time with yours too?」

「I do」


Veronica casually answered.

She’s quite frank the way she spoke.


「It just became like that with the ministerial terms, but that isn’t fit for a king」


It’s a pig after all.


「We’re both having a hard time huh」

「I guess so」


We nodded at each other.




Nadia suddenly entered the room, and jumped at me.


「Ne〜, ne〜, Lucio-kun, I thought about it you know, from awhile, we flew to the sky with Nadia, the three of us right? And then, we’re always playing on land right? This time, I thought that we should go play under the sea. Right, let’s go play under the sea to the summer place when you used the summer and winter magic you used before. Do you have that kind of magic?」


Nadia said with a machine-gun talk.

It’s her as usual, but.


「Wait, wait, Nadia, wait a minute」

「Eh, why?」

「A visitor」


I pointed to Veronica




And there, she noticed Veronica for the first time.


「Ah〜, arara」


She made an awkward face.




She let out an obvious wife-like laugh, and left the room.


After the door closed, I faced Veronica, and bowed my head.


「I’m sorry. Nadia’s usually like that. Just like she looks, she didn’t have ill intentions」

「Ahh, I know that. She’s good, straightforward girl」

「It’s nice if you can say that」

「The girl earlier, is she called Sylvia, that girl is also a good and honest girl. I can really feel that the two of them are living happily with you」

「They’re my wives after all」

「Fufu, I also wanted to have that kind of childhood」

「You only need to be a child then!」


Nadia entered the room.

This time, it seems like she was completely eavesdropping.


「Uhh, I’m sorry」


I apologized.


「No, I don’t mind. If you want, she can stay」


Veronica answered maturely.


「Rather than that, what do you mean by ‘just become a child’?」

「You should ask Lucio-kun to make you a child with his magic. Sylvia and I also turns into an adult sometimes, so the opposite version of that」

「Can you do it? Something like that」

「Well, yeah」


I casted magic to Nadia.

I turned her to her adult appearance, then returned her to her child appearance.

It’s a little demonstration.


「That’s amazing. I see, you’re not Senjukou for nothing」

「You should just ask him to do this. Right, Lucio-kun」

「I guess so」


I thought, and looked at Veronica.


「Are you interested?」

「Is it okay?」


「If that is so……can I ask you then」

「……I got it」


I stood up, and reached out my hands.




The light of the magic envelopes Veronica.

Nadia who saw that tilted her head, feeling strange.


「Lucio-kun, Lucio-kun, isn’t it different with the usual magic?」

「Ahh. It’s a different one. The other one’s a magic that makes the appearance an adult’s or a child’s, but this one also changes what’s inside too」

「What’s inside too?」

「That’s right. While leaving the memories, it returns the personality to when they were a child」



Nadia looks at Veronica very curiously.

And within that, Veronica’s body gradually shrinks.

After a while, when the light settles down, there was the appearance of a child there.

She has similar facial features.

It’s a girl that’s a different type from Sylvia and Nadia.

A type that would become a beauty (She’s in fact a beauty), her face was full of confidence.

I see, Veronica’s like this when she was a child huh.


「This is……me?」


Veronica looked at her hands, and got surprised to her own hands becoming soft and small.




I created a mirror using magic.

The size that can show her whole body.


「How nostalgic……it is me at that time」



Sylvia, Nadia, and Veronica.

With the three, I’m on the bottom of the sea once again.




Nadia was running around the bottom of the sea.


「Nadia-chan, it’s dangerous if you run like that」

「It’s okay, it’s okayーーkyaa!」


Nadia tripped.


「Look now! Are you injured somewhere」



Immediately standing up, Nadia ran once again.

Sylvia chases her around while scolding her.

It’s the two as usual.

The one who’s not as usual, is Veronica.


「Here now, start walking」


Right now, she’s on top of me.

I mean, she’s riding on my shoulders.


「Don’t you like to walk?」

「I feel like doing this」

「I see」


I nodded

Somehow, she’s being spoiled, but this isn’t much.

How can I say this, she has an atmosphere that allows that.

An atmosphere that makes one listen to her spoiled words that isn’t domineering.


「It is very fun」

「It’s more fun walking you know. Sylvia and Nadia are having that much fun right」

「It’s also fun like this」


Riding on my shoulders, she hugged my head.

That’s fine too, but, is this really, fun?


「Lucio-kun, Lucio-kun」


Nadia returned.




The place Nadia was pointing at was a huge shark.

It’s a huge shark that was about five meters long.


「I want to ride that」


Nadia stared at me with an excited face.

Eyes full of expectations, if my wife looks at me like this, it can’t be helped then.

Even if it’s domineering, I would want to listen to her selfishness.

That’s right, I decided, if it’s in front of my wives, I would be a superman.

A superman that can do whatever they want me to do.

While carrying Veronica on my shoulders, I turned towards the shark, and reached out my hand.


「『Brain Wash』」


I casted brainwash magic.

The light of the magic enveloped the shark, and finally, the shark went down while shaking its huge body.

With its fierce face, it rubs its cheeks to me.

It was hard for it to hold back with its huge body, so it felt like it was tackling.

It feels like a huge dog playing around.

Coming to my side, Sylvia and Nadia had faces full of expectations


「Well then, let’s ride」


I reached out my hands to the two.



Within the sea, on the back of a shark.

Sylvia and Nadia held their hands while riding.

The two was getting along with each other, and looking at them makes me feel happy.

On the other hand, Veronica’s on top of me, our position’s the same as earlier.

Veronica rides on my shoulders, while I’m riding the shark.


「Don’t you like to ride the shark?」

「No desuwa」

「Don’t you want to experience it at least?」

「At least, no」


I was completely refused.

“Does she hate sharks”, I thought, but Veronica’s expression when she refused looked like she was having much fun.

At least, being scared or disliking it wasn’t the reason why she wouldn’t ride.

If that is so, I can’t force her huh.


I didn’t ask her anymore after that.

The four of us rode sharks, and took a drive under the sea.

It has a different way of enjoyment compared to flying in the air as usual.



The drive ended, and we returned to land.

I removed the magic on the sharks, and returned them to the sea.

The sun has completely set.


「Well then, let’s go home now」


「I’ll make food when we got back then」


“You can take your time”, I said to Sylvia.

I looked towards Veronica.


「Well then, I’ll remove the magic there okay」

「You’re going to remove it?」


Nadia got surprised.


「Yeah, 『Reconnection』is a persistent magic. If it wasn’t removed, it won’t return to normal」

「He〜, then, it would be bad for those people that couldn’t remove it」

「That’s right」


I reached out to Veronica.

Veronica runs to my back.


「No, desuwa!」

「What happened」

「I don’t want to return to being adult」

「Even if you say that」

「Anyways, I don’t want to! It’s this much fun, I want enjoy this, more and more」


Saying that, Veronica ran away. She quickly took distance.

Astonished, we were left behind.

After a while.


「I only need to return her when the time comes, so, it’s okay?」


I whispered, I thought of that for the meantime.










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