Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 54

Chapter 54 – Deep Sea Date



In a cafe terrace inside the town, I was there drinking tea by myself.

The purpose of coming to this country, it is to raise the decreasing power of this country.

To find out what is the best way to do that, I first went out to this town to see the lifestyle of the people and observe them, but.


「I can’t tell at all」


I let out a sigh, and drank the hot tea I ordered.

I came here early in the morning, sitting until lunch has passed while observing them, but I couldn’t tell anything at all.

It’s not the dimension where I couldn’t tell anything, it’s at the level where I don’t know what I don’t know.

I was about to give up, at that time.


「Boy, can I excuse you for a while?」


A beauty sat in front of me.

She was quite a beauty, and she was letting out sex appeal that you can call as bewitching.


「It’s okay, but……other seats are open, right」


I got cautious, and replied with child-mode.


「I have been looking at you for a while, boy, but you were here since morning right」

「Un, that’s right」

「What are looking at? Or are you waiting for someone?」

「It’s not either one〜. I was just free so I was just spacing out」


I can’t tell the truth, so I just replied without care.


「Ara, is that so. Then, do you want to do good things with Onee-san?」

「Good things?」

「Right. “Good things”」


The beauty made curves, and winked while saying that.

Seduction. From the way she says it, it’s probably “that” kind of thing.

I feel danger for myself, and most of allーーit feels bad for this person.


「I’m sorry, I’m, already married」


「On top of that, I have two wives」

「……it’s a lie, right」

「It’s true. That’s why I can’t accept that kind of invitation」

「Boy, you shouldn’t make fun of Onee-san you know」

「『Picture Phone』」


Showing evidence rather than arguing, I used magic and created two panels.

It’s a magic like a video call. Soon after, the two in the panel answered.


『What happened, Lucio-sama?』

『A-re? There’s also Sylvie. Did something happen, Lucio-kun』


When I connected with Sylvia and Nadia, it became a group call.


「Sylvia, Nadia. My bad but, can you let me see your left hand」

『Like this?』

『What, what, are you going to buy something for us?』


The two young wives showed their left hand.

In their ring finger, there’s the magic ring that integrated with our body the instant we got married.


「Thank you. I’ll buy something later before I go home」


I said that and hung up.

I looked towards the beauty.

The beauty was caught surprised.


「It’s like that, so. Do you believe me now?」


When I said that, the beauty suddenly changed.

She sat in the seat in front of me throwing her back to the seat and threw out her feet.


「Ke! What a boring brat. I thought of changing my mood because something bad happened, but I feel worse now」


She suddenly became rough, but that also made her a sexy woman.


「Even so, married at that age, on top of that with two huh」

「Un, that’s why you shouldn’t pick me up okay. It’s a crime in this country after all」

「I won’t do it even if you ask me. Really, what a pervert brat. It’s because there are people like you that men wouldn’t come to us」


I think that that’s pretty much on the level of false accusations.

In the first place, I have two wives. If people like me increased, I think that there would be people that would come to them.

I thought, but I didn’t say it out.

If I carelessly said that, it might become a troublesome thing.


「The lady there」


「If it is fine with you, would you like to go and get a cup of tea」


A man came to the beauty’s side, and tries to pick her up.

Well, she’s quite pretty, and even she became rough, she was still letting out sex appeal, so it’s normal for her to be popularーー.


「My name is Isaac. Thy beauty, can you let me know you name」


What, it’s Isaac!

I looked at him. Isaac, my blood related big brother.

He was wearing showy noble clothes that were remodeled to be showier.

Honestly, I don’t want to be involved with him.

He was wearing clothes that you would wonder if he would be successful picking up girls with it.

I don’t want to get involved, but……it can’t be helped.


「……hello, Isaac-niisan」

「Ge! Lucio」


Isaac who noticed me tripped.

I mean, you shouldn’t say “Ge!” to your blood brother right.


「What, are you brothers?」

「It’s actually like that」



Isaac ignored me, and continued to invite the beauty.


「I do not know who you are, but I will tell you a good thing. He has a good appearance, but even though he looks like that, he is a boring kid that is already married」


「Rather than being with him, would you not like to play with me. As adults. We can do a lot of fun things you know」

「Well that’s true〜, it’s boring to be with a kid after all. Let’s get along together as adults」

「I know, I know, that is why」

「Let’s go, Lucio」


The beauty took my hand and stood up.


「Eh! Me?」

「That’s right」

「Wha-Wh-Wh-Wh- Why is it Lucio?」

「I told you right? I’m not interested in kids」


Isaac was stunned.

And while that happened, the beauty pulled my hand and started walking.

We went away from cafe terrace, and walked within the crowd.

After we had passed through two boulevards, I complained to the beauty.


「Onee-san, just a little slower」


Actually, we were walking quite fast.

I’m still a child. My limbs are short, and it’s difficult to follow the speed of an adult woman like her.






「It’s Veronica Amall」


She stopped, and looked at me. She had eyes that were as if asking for something.

It looks like she wanted me to call her name.


「I see. I’m sorry, Veronica-san. And also, I’m really sorry, Nii-san was troubled you」


I apologized. Although he’s like that, my relative troubled her, I need to apologize.

I should release Mami towards Isaac’s place later.


「It’s alright. Whatever house it is, there are always people like that」


It somehow sounds like she really felt like that.

Maybe this person also had a hard time with her elder brother or sister.


「Rather than that, where should we go?」


「What is that, that “eh!”」

「U〜un, because, you’re already done right. You already escaped Isaac-niisan too」

「The time for adults is from now on you know?」

「Eh? Isn’t that an excuse to escape from Nii-san?」

「That man is out of the question. Unlike his appearance, he is too childish」


I agree with that.


「And, Lucio is very mature, unlike your appearance. I thought of that since I first saw you, that’s why I called out to you」



I’m surprised.


「You’re more of an adult than I expected, it’s out of my expectations that you even have wives though」

「That’s not true at all」

「If that’s so, that’s good too. Rather than that, let’s go somewhere」

「It’s bad to pick up married people you know」

「It’s alright to ask for compensation for the trouble the stupid man did right?」

「……I guess so」


If she says that, I can’t say anything back.

Well then, what should we do.

I don’t know much about this town though.



We came to the sea that was a little bit far away.

Guernica’s capital, Lumo, is near the sea.

We’re immediately there when we flew.

When we landed, a long coastline can be seen.

An emerald green sea, that is tens of times prettier than what there is in the world I was before.


「Sea huh」


Veronica was unruffled.

It’s the sea near Lumo, so it looks like she’s not moved or anything.


「What are you planning to do taking me here?」

「Wait a minute, I’ll prepare it right now……『Adaptation』」


I casted magic on Veronica and me.


「There, it’s finished」

「Was it magic right now?」


「I’m surprised. You can already use this many magic at your age」


Veronica said with a smile.

It looks like she liked me more and more.

That there is more than ten thousand of them……I should probably not tell her.


「Now, let’s go」

「’Let’s go?’, where to」

「To the bottom of the sea!」


I pulled Veronica’s hand and ran.

It’s the opposite pattern from earlier.

Being strongly pulled, Veronica almost lost her balance.


「W-Wait a minute, if this goes on, we’ll enterーーwe entered the sea」

「It’s fine, it’s fine」


I didn’t mind and continued to pull Veronica, *PashaPasha*, while splashing the water, we went to the sea.

It reached the heel, it reached the knees, it reached the waist.

Veronica was being noisy, but I pulled her to the sea without caring.

We completely entered the sea.

Veronica closed her eyes, and endured by holding her breath.


「You can open your eyes now」



Veronica was surprised, she opened her eyes.

She looked around.


「Here……we’re in the sea, right. How can we normally talk?」

「It’s the effect of the magic I casted earlier. This magic, makes one spend time in a place that one can’t usually stay as if they were in land」

「That’s amazing, to think that there a kind of magic like that」

「Rather than that, look, fishes are swimming there」


I walked, towards the direction where there are fishes.

Thanks to『Adaptation』, it doesn’t feel like we’re in water at all. We can walk normally.

There were fishes swimming there, but we can see it as if they were flying in the air.

It was a strange scene.




Veronica squatted down.

She matched her eyesight with the fishes swimming on the sea bottom.

*TsunTsun*, she reached out her finger, and the fishes ran away.




Her eyes were shining happily.


「Let’s walk for a while」



Taking Veronica who was already in high spirits, and took a walk on the bottom of the sea.

We slowly went down the slope.

All that we can see was a different scene compared to land, and even I who took her here was having fun.


「It’s amazing that you can think of this」

「I’m thinking of things when I’m reading Grimoires after all. Something like『Where should I use this magic so that it would be interesting』」


「It would go well most of the time, but sometimes, I also fail」

「Fail, what kind?」


I talked about the things that I failed to do up until now.

It felt that I can boast more of it rather than the ones that I did successfully.

The ones that are failures, has the results that I didn’t expect, so in fact, it was quite interesting.

After we had taken a walk, we went up to land.

With a refreshed face,「U〜n」, Veronica stretched.


「Thank you, Lucio」


Her tone and the way she speaks returned to the mature one when we first talked.

Surprisingly, it might be this one that is truly her.


「I’ve been quite refreshed」

「Come to think of it, you said that you came to get distracted since bad things that happened」

「Ara, did you not spent time with me with that kind of intention?」

「I’m sorry, I just remembered right now」



Veronica stared at me intently, somehow, her expression is stiff.

Is she angry that I forgot.


「As I’ve thought, Lucio is more mature than I expected. More so, compared to that stupid older brother」

「Is that true」

「Un, you’re a good man. If you become an adult……that’s pretty scary. I can’t image of how good of a man you would become」


I wonder.


「I might be a little frustrated」


「Just nonsense of a woman late for marrying, don’t mind it」


She winked at me, as I’ve thought, she’s pretty.


「Well then, see you later. Be friendly with your lovely wives」

「Un, byebye」


I waved my hand, and went separate ways with Veronica.



I brought the shells I picked up on the bottom of the sea as a souvenir, and returned to the mansion.


「Ah! Lucio-sama」


Sylvia came out in a hurry, what is she hurrying for?


「What happened」

「It’s serious, it’s a visitor」

「A visitor?」

「Yes, it looks like she is the queen of this country before」

「……I see」


Well, she would be in a hurry for sure.

I readied myself.

The ex-queen came, there should be something serious.

I simulated a lot of things, in what occasion, and in what situation, which magic should be used at the best time.

It’s before that monstrous fat monster king so she should be quite old.

……it would be hopeful if she isn’t a grandma.


「What is that person doing right now?」

「I have passed her to the drawing room. Somehow, she was very troubled」

「I see」


She’s troubled huh. Well, thinking of the circumstance why I came here.


「Lucio-sama, what would you do for your change of clothes?」


I thought. It might be better if I casted magic to become an adult with formal clothes.


「No, there’s no need to make her troubled more than this」

「I understood」


I reached the drawing room, I entered.


「I am sorry to keep you waiting, my name is Lucio Martien, de, su?」


I’m surprised, I got surprised by the person inside.

The person who was there making a troubled face just like Sylvia said.

It was Veronica whom I was just with earlier.











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