Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 53

Chapter 53 – Nuko-sama



When I returned from outside, Coco was sleeping while curled up on the floor in the mansion’s living room.






I tried calling her out lightly, there’s no response.


「Coco? You’d catch a cold sleeping there?」


I called her once again, but there’s no response after all.

I thought that it isn’t good for her to sleep here, so I decided to at least bring her to her own room.

By the way, Coco and Mami have different rooms.

The two has the same body that changes when they are thrown water, but because they are cat and dog, I prepared a room for each of them.

I am going to carry her there.




I used magic, Coco’s body floated up with her current pose.

And leaving her like that, I carried her by floating.




Coco moaned along the way.


「Did she wake up?」


I thought, so I stopped.

Coco didn’t woke up. While sleeping, she struggled on the air.

Her feet caught the floor, she moved a little on her own while floating.

She moved from the shadows to where there was sunlight. After that, her sleeping face became very satisfied, and started to sleep very well.


This is……is she sunbathing.

I tried to pull her a little, moving her to the away from the sunlight.

And then, her eyebrows narrowed again, she disliked it and struggled by moving like swimming in the air wanting sunlight.

I pushed her a little returning her to the sunlight, and after doing that she started to sleep very well with a satisfied face.


「Hmmm〜. 『Peep』」


I chanted magic. A screen-like thing appeared in the air.

Unlike video call, this one’s a magic that shows images one-sidedly where there are no people.

The place I confirmed was Coco’s room. It looks like the timing was bad and her whole room doesn’t have sunlight.

This, it’s pitiful to make her move huh.


By the way, Mami’s room was full of sunlight

I released the float magic, and put Coco on the floor.

Is it because the floor was warmed by sunlight, Coco rolled around with a very satisfied face.

The sunlight moves along time, Coco chases after that and moves little by little on the floor while sleeping.

It’s cute.

To show it later to Sylvia and Nadia, I captured a picture of it with magic.


「I’m thirsty」


I left the living room, and went to the kitchen.

I placed cold water on the cup, and returned to the living room.

Coco was still moving, she was moving on the floor like a mollusk.

It was a lot cuter that earlier, so I captured a picture of it with magic.

I got immersed on taking pictures, my hand slipped.


*Pasha〜n*, the water splashed to Coco.


In an instant, the dog-ears girl changed to a cat-ears girl.

The hairstyle that was similar to a bob cut changed to a long straight hair, and her whole atmosphere changed.


Cat-eared girl, Mami.


The two girls had a joke-like physique that they would change races when they get splashed with water.

Mami who got splashed with water woke up, and started to look around.

With eyes that had just woken up, she had a face that doesn’t know what happen.

With the guilt of disturbing the good sleep, I casted magic.


「『Quick Dry』」


Just a bit stronger, I carefully casted magic.

The water that splashed to Mami evaporated in an instant.

Mami who got dry looked around twice and thrice, and started to sleep on the floor as if nothing happened.


「Fuu〜……I did a bad one」


I wiped the sweat on my forehead with the back of my hands.

Mami started to squirm.

She squirmed on the floor, and moved the place she sleeps.

The opposite of Coco. Mami escaped from the sunlight, and moved to the shadows.


「Does Mami don’t sunbathe?」


I got curious and watched her for a while.

The sunlight moved. She got hit by it, and Mami escaped by squirming. 

She got hit, and escaped by squirming.

She got hit, and escaped by squirming.


It was really the opposite of Coco.

It was interesting, so I captured a video of it with magic.

Her appearance of escaping from the sunlight, I should let Sylvia and Nadia see it later with double sleep.

I thought of that and captured a videoーーGon!

Mami who was escaping from the sunlight got her head hit the wall.




She raised her body in a hurry, and started to hold her head.

Even the person itself didn’t know what happened. She looked around, and finally, her sight stopped to me.

With eyes that are blaming me. With eyes saying “what did you do”.


「Wait, wait, I didn’t do anything」

「Lying is the thousand magic duke’s beginning」


She said while staring at me.


「You don’t need to make some weird proverbs you know. Look」


I played the video that I captured.

I created a screen on the air with magic, and Mami’s appearance showed.

She moved disliking the sunlight, I played it until she hit the wall with her head.

Un, it’s a perfect alibi.


「How is it, you now know that I didn’t do anything right」

「Un, I got it」


Mami nodded.

Even though the charges was off, Mami was still glaring at me.


「You didn’t do anything」


「You let me sleep on the floor, leaving me alone while I was suffering」



She poked me where it hurts.

Being told by that, there’s nothing I can say. I mean, thinking about it carefully, I also think that it’s bad.




「I’m really sorry, look」


I bowed my head with my hands together.

After Mami glared at me for a while.




She said that, and left the room.

U〜mu, I did it again. I should do something for her later.

In the living room that I was by myself. I looked at the sunlight that continuously moved.

It looked warm.


「『Air Cushion』」


I thought that I’d sunbathe too.

I made a sofa made out of air with magic, and sat there.

A sofa that they say makes people bad, the air sofa that really fits my body.

I made that move to the middle the sunlight. And made it float with『Float』magic.

Looking from the side, I’m relaxing in the air.


It was very warm, and felt very good.

I went down from the sofa once, went to another room, and took out a manga.

I sat on the sofa, and started to read manga while sunbathing.




It felt really good that I couldn’t help myself humming.

Suddenly, a hand came out from the side.

It’s Mami’s hand.

Mami who had returned without me noticing, she reached out her hands to the top of the Grimoire as if to bother me.





There was no reply from Mami, with a little displeased expression, she continued to hide the Grimoire with her hands.

I can’t read it like this.


「Do you want me to play with you?」


I left the Grimoire on my lap, and looked towards Mami.

And then, as if she had lost interest, Mami turned her face to the side.

And after that, when I started to read the Grimoire again, she also reached out her hands.


I put the Grimoire down, she looked away again.

We did that repeatedly for a few times, and when I ignored her hands that she reached out and continue on reading the GrimoireーーMami got on me.

She climbed the air sofa, and got on me, hiding the Grimoire with her whole body.






But, she won’t say anything, she only disturbs me.

How can I say this, not a cat-eared girl, but a Nuko-sama huh.

She wants me to play with her, but she runs away when I do.

If that is so, I play with her while acting as if I wasn’t.

I acted as if I was reading manga.


Mami got in the way.

While playing with her getting on the way, I acted as if I was reading manga.

At the same time, I secretly moved the air sofa with magic.

From the sunlight, to the shadows that Mami likes.

Little by little, I secretly moved.


And when I was playing with her like that for a while, there wasn’t any change in Mami’s expression, but her tail started to stand.

While she’s on top of me, her tail extended straight upward.

Was this, her gesture when she’s happy.

Having the certification, I played more and more with Mami.


The sun finally set, and Mami who got tired playing started to sleep on top of me.


「It would be with smiles when it’s with her sleeping face huh」


I laughed wryly. Our house’s Nuko-sama is very difficult.

But well, since her sleeping face is like this, it means that I made her happy huh.




And when I was thinking of that, Mami suddenly woke up.

While on top of me, she stared towards the wall.


「What is it, Mami」



Mami didn’t answer after all.

After she stared at the wall for a while, she suddenly jumped out of the living room.

“I wonder what it is”, I went down from the air sofa, and walked going after Mami.

When I got to the front, I saw a familiar scene.


It was the tied up Isaac.

Mami dragged Isaac, and left him in front of me.  

And, she stared at me.

With sparkling eyes, with an expression wanting me to praise her.

I laughed wryly. Our house’s Nuko-sama was very easy to tell.










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