Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 52

Chapter 52 – Future Wife



「Ehhhhh?! Then, Lucio-kun, did you get rid of those monsters?」


At night, inside my new mansion.

On the top of the king size bed that I immediately brought in, I was lying on my side while holding hands with Nadia.


「Ahh. I rushed when the report came in, and did something about i」

「Ne〜ne〜. What kind of monster was it?」

「『Create Delusion』」


I casted the magic, and showed a video in the air.

A bulky, ogre-like monster appeared.


「Was there a lot of this?」

「No, this one only have one. 『Create Delusion』」


I casted the magic once again, and moved a mansion on the side of the monster.


「Is this, this mansion?」

「Ahh, their size is the same」

「Ehhhh, then, it’s larger than this mansion?」


Nadia surprised. It’s a natural reaction.

The monster and this mansion being shown in the video. Comparing them, the monster has about three times the size of this mansion.

In numbers, it’s a big one that has the height of about 100 meters.


「Did you defeat this? As expected of Lucio-kun」

「I defeated it, well, or you can say I chased it off」

「Chased it off?」


「It looks like it wasn’t a monster that does bad things. It appeared in the village but it didn’t attack humans」


「Then, what was it doing?」

「『Create Delusion』」


I reached out my hand to the video.

Animals like cows and pigs appeared in front of the monster.

The monster picks up the coin-sized cows and pigs and places it in its mouth, it ate it as a whole.


「It was eating the village’s livestock」

「It was hungry huh. Isn’t it like a bear coming down from the mountain」

「It’s exactly like that. And, it looks like it regularly appears in the villages, so the people of the town was troubled」

「Well, they should be. It’s eating cows and pigs like snacks」


The video moved, for the monster, one cow is about the size of a dice for it.


「But you’re amazing, Lucio-kun. To defeat something as big as this」

「I didn’t defeat it you know?」

「Eh? But」

「I just dealt with it, but I didn’t defeat it. It’s something it does because it wants food, and when I talked to it, it didn’t attack humans. That’s why I did this」


I made new images.

A small me appeared, and made the one cow bigger with magic.

I made it as big as the mansion.

The monster got surprised at first, but it happily jumped to the cow.

It ate the giant cow, and felt satisfied.


「Just like this, it became full」

「I see. As expected of Lucio-kun. You don’t only defeat huh」

「If I wanted to defeat it, I was probably able to, but there isn’t a need for that」

「I see〜」

「By the way, I met Isaac」

「Eh〜? Why, why? Did he come here?」



I nodded, and recasted the magic.

The images instantly changed, just like the change in channels of the television.

Isaac’s appearance was shown.

Just like I saw in the morning, the video that he tries to pick up a person’s wife, and got taken away was shown.

Seeing that, Nadia frankly laughed.


「Ahahahaha, he got caught. Eh〜, you’d get caught picking up a person’s wife huh」

「It seems so. In this country at least」

「If Sylvie and I got picked up, I wonder if that would happen too」

「It looks like it will. You remember the person who came this morning right? He’s called Simon. The reason why that person didn’t talk to Nadia was because of that」

「Is that so〜. Yosh, Lucio-kun, make me an adult next time」


My breath stopped for an instant.

To the way she said, “make me an adult”.


「『Fake Growth』」


I casted magic to Nadia.

Nadia became a sixteen-years-old bishoujo.


「Right, right, this is it. Can you make me a little more mature?」

「Like this」


I casted magic again.

……my breath was taken away.

Nadia became more adult. To a beauty who’s in her middle twenties.

Her pajama look became a negligee look. From her usual frank and gleeful atmosphere, to a more adult one.


「Un, this is it」


Is it my imagination, the way she talks was also more mature.


「I will show this appearance in front of Onii-san. Fufu, I’m looking forward to what would happen」

「Let him off」


I laughed wryly.


「If you show yourself in this current appearance, I’m sure he would flirt with you. He wouldn’t be let off with only 7 days for his repeated crime」

「Will he surely do that」

「I’m very sure」

「Lucio will also do it?」


Nadia mounted on top of me and asked.

I got my breath taken away again.

A fascinating beauty that is getting contact with me, the tone of her voice and the way she calls me also changed, as if she’s someone I don’t know.

This is……Nadia who became an adult……?


「How is it……Lucio」

「That is……」


How should I answer, and, when I was picking my words.

*Gacha*, the door opened.


「Sorry to keep you waiting, a-re?」


Sylvia entered.

Sylvia who just came out of the bath, in her very lovely pajama attire.


「Nadia-chan, what are you doing?」


Sylvia called her childhood friend Nadia who is in her adult appearance without hesitation.


「A-re? You’re Nadia-chan right?」


But when she thought of it, she tilted her head with that appearance.


「Un. Lucio made me an adult with magic」


「Fufu. Somehow, I want to call him like that. I wonder if it’s because my body became an adult’s」



After thinking for a moment, Sylvia came to my side.


「Lucio-sama. Can you also make me like Nadia-chan?」

「Un? It’s alright」


It’s something simple.

I answered promptly, and also casted magic to Sylvia.

『Fake Growth』, magic that changes appearance to an adult.

I casted it twice, and Sylvia changed to her middle twenties appearance.

Sylvia who grew up was a different type of beauty compared to Nadia.

Nadia changed, but Sylvia didn’t change.

She became an orthodox adult, a shy and beautiful woman.


「Oh〜, Sylvie would become like that huh」

「Hmm. It feels like an adult version of Sylvia」


Sylvia looks at her own body, and stares at it intently.


「I guess so, I now understand Nadia’s feeling」


Sylvia’s tone also changed. As if she was a graceful wife of a noble.


「I know right? Ne〜, in that appearance, how would you call Lucio?」

「Let me thing……」


Sylvia stared at me, she pleasantly smiled, and placed her lips to my ears.


「A・na・ta」 (Husband)


I got my breath taken away, butterflies in my stomach.

Getting whispered 「A・na・ta」 in my ears has a tremendous destruction powers.


「Un, it fits you very well. The way you call him fits that Sylvie」

「Nadia also, that really suits you」

「But it feels strange. I can see Lucio as a very cute person」

「That is the same with me. He’s very cute」


The two stared at me.

Somehow……their eyes are strange?

Eyes that was like a predator looking at its prey.

The two, having eyes like this……it’s the first time.

The two gradually closed in to me.

This is bad, no, we’re married so there’s not a problem at all, but, it somehow feels bad.

I need to do somethingーーwhen I thought of that, a flash came to my mind.


「『Fake Growth』」


The same magic, this time, I casted it to myself.

Just like the two, I casted it twice.

From a healthy young man, to the appearance of a healthy man.

I can’t see how my face looks, but I got bigger than the two.

My height……it’s probably about 180 cm.





The two who were closing in stopped.

Their eyes widened, and stared at me.


「Sylvia? Nadia?」


“I wonder what happened”, I waved my hands in front of the two’s faces.

The two won’t react, they only stare at me.

And after tens of seconds.


「So cool……」



The two opened their mouth at the same time.


「Lucio, can we link our arms?」

「Anata, can you also do that for me?」


The two asked, but they wouldn’t move.

Up until now, before I answered, they had already held my hands.

But right now, their faces blushed, and waited for my reply.

I smiled pleasantly, *Boson*, dropped my body to the bed.


「It’s alright. Come here」


After I said that, the two happily jumped to me.

Sylvia to my left, and Nadia to my right.

We linked our arms with our usual position.


「Let’s sleep just like this」




The two nodded, and we spent a night a little bit different than usual.

The night when we usually held hands while sleeping, today, we slept with our arms linked.

Just a little bit, fast forwarded to the future, and felt very blissful.










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