Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 51

Chapter 51 – The King of Treats



「This might be a very rude question, but」


While going to the palace, Simon asked.


「I had heard that Lucio-sama had deciphered more than a thousand Grimoires, freely control a thousand of magic, and is being called Senjukou. Is that true」

「That’s right」


I reached out my hands, and used magic.

I created a match-like fire from my left hand’s thumb, and a sharp ice pillar on my pointing finger.

I created a whirlwind in my middle finger, wrapped my ring finger with lightning.

Different ones to all of my fingers, I used ten kinds of attack magic.

Of course, I used them in their weakest strength.




Simon got excited.


「Just like this, I can use a lot of kinds. Their number, un, probably more than nine thousand」

「That much! T-Then」



「To be able to read that many Grimoires, is there a trick for it」

「A trick?」

「Yes, a trick for reading Grimoires. I have been reading Grimoires for a long time, but I still cannot understand it. So, if there’s a trick to it……」

「Is that so」


Something like that huh.

Both Ojii-san and also the King, I had heard similar worries from the people around me.

For me, it’s just a manga, so I can read one volume of it for minutes, but most of the people in this world cannot understand it. It would take years for them to read one book.


I tried a lot of things for those people to be able to read.

Something like trying to create anime with magic, I tried a lot of things, but there still isn’t a result.

I myself can read it easily, but it’s difficult to make other people read.

Simon scratched his head, and started talking with his face red.


「Actually……this is a very embarrassing story, but it is a task handed to me by my childhood friend. She said that if I read that Grimoire and used magic, she will marry me」

「Marry you if you used magic?」


I couldn’t help but stop my feet, and look up to Simon.

That……I want to help him.


「That, what kind of Grimoire is it?」

「It’s this!」


Simon took out a Grimoire from his waist in a hurry, and passed it to me.

He’s carrying it with him huh.


「Can I read it? I’ll finish it quickly」



Simon got surprised.

The Grimoire that was passed to me was a thin one, so I read it like stand reading in a bookstore.


「I see, it’s like this huh」


I said that, and returned the Grimoire to Simon.


「Here, I’ll return this to you」

「Eh? I-Is it that, you had read it with just now」



I nodded.

Simon got surprised, and made a face saying he couldn’t believe it.

Action rather than words.

I reached out my hand, and used the magic I just learned right now.

My palm shined, and a ring came out.

Just like the one I gave to Sylvia and Nadia, it’s a wedding ring made of magic.


「T-This is really. In an instant right now. As expected……」


Simon got moved and at the same time, felt down. It looks like he feels complicated.


「Simon-san’s childhood friend, wants the wedding ring Simon-san created huh」

「……yes, that’s right. But, I couldn’t read this Grimoire whatever I do. Ahh……Laura, forgive this pathetic man」


From the middle, the way he called himself changed. Does he speak like that when he’s with his childhood friend.


「Please excuse me. It is something unrelated to Lucio-sama」

「U〜un. Do your best, Simon-san. If you do your best, you surely can read Grimoires」



Feeling down, Simon returned the Grimoire to his waist.

After going this far, I felt sorry for him.


「I’ll also think something about it. A way for Simon-san to be able to read Grimoires」

「Is that true!」


Simon looked at me with eyes as if he had seen a savior.


「Un, I’ll do something about it」


While erasing the ring that I had no use for by sucking it into a black hole, I thought if there were ways that I can do something about it.



Inside the small palace, a simple audience room.

That place that you can even call only a mansion, I am facing the King of Guernica.


「……a pig?」


I couldn’t help letting out my impression out of my mouth.

The man (probably) in front of me looks like a monstrous pig.

Just like the man that I saw on the internet before whose weight was over hundreds of kilos that he couldn’t even stand up by himself, it really looks like him.

Because of his too fatty body, instead of sitting on the throne, he is sitting on the ground.

……no, maybe there’s a throne, but it’s only hidden by his fatty body.


「Bubu〜, you are Lucio huh」


King Guernica opened his mouth.


「……un. I’m Lucio- Martien. You’re Ou-sama?」

「Bubu〜. Right, I am King Guernica Clemente the first bu」

「I see. Rather than that, Ou-sama, what are you eating since earlier?」

「Bubu〜. Even though you are a Duke, you’re just a child huh. Alright dabu, I will explain that a clueless one like you can understand. The thing that I am eating is called a cake dabu」


I know that.

That’s not the thing I want to ask.

There’s a push cart beside King Guernica, and there’s cake stacked like a mountain on top of it.

Literally, a mountain of it.

King Guernica grabs that with his hand and gobbles it.

He had eaten more than ten pieces since I entered the audience hall.


「Ou-sama, aren’t you eating too much」

「Bubu〜. I am the King, what’s wrong with eating cakes」

「Uhmm, yes」

「Bubu〜, what a rude person. Oi, you, bring that」


King Guernica ordered the servant woman beside him. The woman left the audience hall in a hurry, and returned with a bag full with her.

King Guernica took that, and ate what’s inside with his hands.

A fine grinded white grains……that is, don’t tell me.


「Ou-sama, what’s that?」

「It’s sugar dabu!」


He shouted at me, and gobbled the sugar using his hands.

……no wonder he got fat.


「Uhm, and then, Ou-sama, the reason I came here is」

「I don’t want to hear troublesome things dabu」


「I get the story, I’ll do something about it dabu. I’ll leave it to Simon so ask everything to him dabu」




King Guernica said that, and left the audience hall while gobbling sugar.

It was a movement just like something like a slime or a flexible animal……surprisingly, his movement speed isn’t that different to walking speed of normal people.

I mean……you’re alright with that?

Are you sure I can do all that I want.


I stared at the place King Guernica was.

It was littered with sugar and leftover cakes.

It was a terrible scene only the words「Bad manners」could appear in my mind.


「『Black Hole』」


I weakened the power and chanted the magic.

The black hole that was the size of a marble that came out of my finger point, it sucked in the trash just like the highest class of vacuum cleaners.




The servant, the guards, and Simon who didn’t speak a thing since earlier.

Everyone in here raised that moved voice.


「T-This is bad」


A man with soldier clothes ran inside.


「Monsters! Monsters appeared in the village! Please send reinforcements immediately」


The audience hall got into a panic.

It looks like, there’s a lot of things I need to cleanup.











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