Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 50

Chapter 50 – Big Brother is Caught Red-Handed



Morning, one man came to the mansion.

It’s a young man in his twenties, and have a very kind and gentle appearance.


「I see you as Duke Lucio Martien His Highness」

「Un, I’m Lucio〜」


For the meantime, I answered with child-mode.


「Onii-san, who are you?」

「I ought to have said first, my name is Simon Simpson」

「Simon-san then」

「I have been sent to guide Duke His Highness to the palace」


I see, a messenger from the Guernica Kingdom side huh.

I’m going to meet the King here in the palace today, so he’s the guide for that huh.


「Please take care of me. Also, stop calling me Duke His Highness. Can you call me by my name」

「I understood. Well then, I will call you Martien-sama from now on」


That’s too still stiff though, well, whatever.


「Lucio-kun, you’re going out?」


Nadia came out from the mansion.

She had just woke up, and her hair was messy as usual.


「That person is?」

「Simon-san. I’m going to work with this person from right now. She’s my wife, Nadia」



Simon popped out his eyes to surprise, and bowed his head to Nadia in a hurry.

Even if she looks like a child, Nadia is Mrs. Duke after all.


「I see. Take care of Lucio-kun okay」

「Let’s go, Simon-san」



I left the mansion with Simon.

And then, Simon got relieved.


「What happened, Simon-san?」

「Please excuse me. I did not think that I would meet Mrs. Duke」

「You didn’t seem to be nervous at my time though?」

「That is, uhmm, well」


Simon couldn’t find his words, he had sweat on his forehead. Is there a reason for that?


「By the way, I have another wife called Sylvia」

「It is to my knowledge that there are two of them」

「I see」


I walked in the town with Simon.

Guernica Kingdom’s capital, Lumo.

It’s called the kingdom’s capital but it’s not like it was that prosperous, and when it comes to its scale, it’s not that different from Barza, the place I lived in before I got independent.

With that alone, I could guess this country’s scale or national strength.


「Hey, you’re cute, where do you live?」


Suddenly, I heard a voice that I was familiar with.

I stopped my feet, and looked where the voice came from.

On about ten meters away, Isaac was there.

……why is he here?


「W-Wait. I amーー」

「My name is Isaac. What’s your name? Do you like to have tea around here? Even though I look like this, I’m a very interesting man you know. Let’s do fun things together」


Isaac was picking up a girl.

Just like when we met before, he was picking up girls with lines that don’t seem that effective.

The girl that was being picked up, was a beautiful girl in her middle teens, just like a high school girl.

That beautiful girl was being troubled with Isaac.


Yareyare, it can’t be helped.

When I was about to stop it, at that instant.


「Here! It’s this person!」


From the different direction where Isaac was picking her up, another girl came with armed soldiers.

The soldiers that have simple weapons quickly surrounded Isaac.


「It’s this person! This person is picking up Onee-san-in-law!」

「I confirmed」

「You are」


One of the soldiers asked the girl that was being picked up.


「I’m Mixon, I have a husband」


The girl raised her hand, it has a ring on her ring finger.

I got surprised a little.

A wife that youngーーah, Sylvia and Nadia were also wives huh.

It seems like early marriage isn’t unusual in this world.


「I’m an open-minded man who does not mind married women. You need to know real menーuwaa!」


Isaac was captured by two soldiers.




Simon was amazed ambiguously beside me.


「What does it mean? Simon-san」

「Come to think of it, Martien-sama doesn’t know huh. In this country, it is a crime picking up married women」

「Is that so」

「Yes, if they are found out, they would be caught with no mercy, and they would be punished by imprisonment for seven days with the first offense. If they do not know, there would have been room for extenuating, but……」


Isaac, he declared that he wouldn’t care if it’s a married woman after all.

That Isaac is caught by the soldiers, and had been dragged away.


「Let me go, what did I do. Let me goーーah, Lucio!」


He noticed me. The soldiers also looked towards us.


「Help me, Lucio, I don’t know what’s happening, but I got caught」


「You’re disgraceful!」

「Aren’t you embarrassed asking for help from such a child」


The two soldiers scolded Isaac, and took him away just like that.




「E〜to……it is only imprisonment, right」


I confirmed with Simon.


「Yes, there would be no more than that for the first offense for people from other places. ……is he someone Martien-sama knows of? If you would likeーー」

「U〜un, get him into prison for seven days. That, it’s something like a disease」

「Yes, it is something like a disease」


Simon said profoundly.

You’re incredible, Isaac, Simon understood you with a lot with that instant.

Isaac disappeared, and I continued to walk with Simon.


「I see, the reason why Simon-san only said greetings to Nadia earlier, was because of that huh」


「I see」

「Ah! Also. That, he’s my older brother by the way」



Simon got surprised……well right, huh.


「That’s why he might say out my name, but put him in prison for the crime he did properly okay」

「I have understood. I will contact them later」



Yosh, it’s alright with this.

Well, this is better for Isaac’s sake.

Simone said「for first offence」, so it’s clear that the punishment would increase if he does it again.

It will be for his sake if he experiences some pain here.


「But……as expected of Martien-sama, one who is His Highness the Duke should be like that huh」




「Punishes his own brother for justice. Without discretion, fairness that makes him have the punishment for his crime, it is as expected」


E〜to, I guess so?


「This Simon Simpson, I am very moved. Martien-sama!」


Simon closed in to me.


「With Martien-sama’s hands, please, please rebuild this country!」



He’s somehow too heatedーーhe asked me as if he was going to be my believer.

After that, I was seen with feverish eyes until I reached the palace.











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