Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Trade with Water


Sylvia and I got married.


Both of us are 6-year olds, but in between world’s wealthy people, that wasn’t relevant. The law that says 「Marriage starts from ** years old」 doesn’t exist, and even as a child, when the parents agreed then it goes through normally.

Political marriage between nobility, things like that happens even if they’re babies.


Putting a magic ring to Sylvia and making a vow in front of god, we did a simple wedding.

By the way, the reason why the magic ring is called a magic ring, is because when someone have an affair it would be immediately shattered to pieces.

Well, it isn’t relevant to the 6-year old Sylvia.


And, Sylvia and I started to live in the same room.

Not only sleeping for one night, we started to live together in my room everyday.

Marrying, and living in the same room. It’s not like something will change immediately.


Sylvia is 6-years old. My body is also 6-years old.

Holding hands while sleeping together, is the most of the physical contact we have.

……It was surprising though, being able to have a deep sleep just by holding hands.




The next day, I was reading Grimoire manga at the yard.

With Ojii-san’s permission, I was able to take out the books freely and read it.

And beside me, Sylvia was taking a peek at it.

Peeking, and looks at it intently.

I was curious so I asked.


「Can Sylvia read this?」



She shook her head.


「It’s very hart」

「You can’t read it at all?」

「Yup, can’t read」


This time she nodded. But her sight was still pinned to the Grimoire.

I see, she couldn’t read it after all. Maybe it was hard to read for old people, but it was a child then they could read it. I thought that was kind of pattern, but it looks like I was wrong.

As I’ve thought, people of the other world can’t read manga huh, normally.


「Can Lucio-sama read?」

「I can read. It was surprisingly interesting, this Grimoire」

「Is it fun?」


Sylvia opened her eyes widely.

She couldn’t read so she was surprised. But if you can read it you can tell. The manga here, there are a lot or surreal developments, but they are those that was interesting in that way.

That’s why I could read it without getting tired of it everyday.


I wiped my sweat with the back of my hand, and turned the page.

It has become hot.

Suddenly, cool wind was blowing.

If I look to my side, Sylvia was fanning me. *PataPata*




When I said it, Sylvia was happy.

Being fanned *PataPata*, I continued to read the Grimoire.

After a while, a wagon came. It went inside the mansion’s yard.

On the loading platform of the wagon, a few huge wooden barrels are loaded.


「I wonder what that is」

「I don’t know」


When I was staring at it, the maid Amanda came out from the mansion.

She approached the wagon, paid money to the middle-aged man who was handling it, and asked to unload the barrels.

I approached, and asked.


「Amanda, what’s that?」

「Obo-chama. This is water」


「Yes, it is water for drinking. This area’s water are not very clean, and even if we boil it, it cannot be used for drinking and cooking. Even drinking a little will immediately cause stomach pain. That is why, like this, we are ordering water for drinking from the area that has clean source of water」

「Was that so? Isn’t it troublesome?」

「It is really not like that」


Amanda smiled.


「People who live in this area, everyone had always done it that way, we are used to it」


Amanda said while smiling, and using a trolley, she carried the water barrels inside the mansion.

I thought.

Water is undrinkable, huh.




I returned the book to the archive, leave the mansion, and went to the nearby forest.

I followed the road in my memory, if I’m correct, there should be a small river ahead.

So I walked ahead. Sylvia was following me *TokoToko*, from behind.

The way inside the forest were uneven, so while saying *ZehZeh*, she looked like she was taking a hard time.


「Sylvia. You can wait at the mansion you know」

*U-Uu〜n*. I’ll come too」

「Is that so」


I loosened my feet.

I waited for Sylvia, followed her pace, and went to the river slowly.

We arrived at the River. I scooped the clean-looking river with the palm of my hand.

I smelled it, and looked at it intently.

It looks like nothing strange, *Pero* I licked it.




A stimulating taste penetrated my brain.




I spit it in a hurry, the tip of my tongue got numb.


「Are you okay?! Lucio-sama」

*Pe*,*Pe*, I-I’m okay」


It looked that clean, and didn’t smell like anything, but the instant I put it in my mouth it was like poison. I spit it immediately, and *Goshi Goshi* scrub my tongue with my sleeves, but the discomfort strongly remained.

I see, looks like it was true that drinking this is impossible.

If it’s like that, I took out a small cup from my pocket.

I scooped water, and placed my palm on top of it.




I casted magic to the cup’s water. A light coated the cup, and *KopoKopo* the water seemed to boil.

After a while, it subsides.


「It should be alright with this……」


If the magic had an effect, it should’ve become 「Drinkable」 water.

Distillation. Removing the impurities from a liquid, a magic that makes it purified water.

It is probably the opposite version of distillation, a magic that removes the impurities and make it pure water.

That’s why this should be drinkable……probably, but the one earlier also had no smell on it so it’s a little scary.


While I was hesitating, Sylvia took it.

And *Gui*, she drank it at once.


「Sylvia?! What are you doing」


Surprised with Sylvia who suddenly did that, and looked what happens.

After a while, *Nicori*, she smiles and looked at me.


「……It was okay, it’s delicious」

「Hey hey, is it really okay?」



Sylvia returned the cup to me.

I scooped water one more time, cast Distillation to it again, and this time drank it myself.

As Sylvia said, the water became drinkable properly. It was pure water that has no taste.


With Distillation, I confirmed that the water here can be purified with magic.

With this……I could do a trade.

It’s not like there are no water, it’s an area there has plenty of undrinkable water.

With this magic, I thought that it would be a good trade.









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Translator Notes:

1. 「It’s very hart」 = she’s 6-years old so yeah, mispronouncing is normal. Hard, she wanted to say, well it’s cute so it doesn’t matter.
2. 「ディスティレーション(Distillation)」 = it was way cooler in original language because it’s an English word in a Japanese-Language novel. Doesn’t seem to be right, but yeah maybe it was fixed in the light novel.
Distillation? = although it was distilled, the author wrote 「純(Jun=Pure)水(Sui=Water)」=purified water instead of 「蒸留(Jouryuu=distillation)水(Sui=water)」. So although he used 「ディスティレーション(Distillation)」 magic, instead of distilled water it was pure/purified water. By the way 「浄化(Jouka)」= purification.
3. Well, I’m not good at chemistry so I really dunno.
4. There are a lot of onomatopoeia on this chapter/novel.

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