Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 49

Chapter 49 – Video Call



Guernica Royal Capital, Lumo.

I came to a mansion in the middle part of the capital.

Sylvia, Nadia, Coco&Mami, and me, the four of us.


「We had been waiting for you, Lucio-sama」


The one who welcomed us was Amanda.

She’s an older maid that is serving in my family house, Martein House.

Coming to Lumo, I asked Amanda to go ahead of us and acquire a mansion.

That is the mansion that is in front of me.

With only its wideness, it’s one level bigger than the one in La Linea.


「Good work. This is my mansion?」

「It is as you say」

「The price is?」

「It is only 30% of the money prepared that I had received from Lucio-sama」



I got surprised.


「Isn’t that too cheap」

「The property value is cheaper compared to La Linea. In truth, it was possible to have 100% remaining, but I refused」

「100%, what do you mean?」

「The influential people, merchants and nobles, who had already heard about Lucio-sama, they offered it for free to buy your welcome. I refused all of it, and gained it only with its price in the market」

「……Amanda’s amazing huh」

「I am not worthy of those words」


No, I really think that it’s amazing. Not mentioning that she didn’t jump to it since it’s cheap or for free, on top of that, she took her ways buying it at its price in the market.


「Good work, Amanda. Return and say my regards to Ojii-san」

「About that, I think that he would visit very soon」

「Is that so. Well, I expected that. It’s Ojii-san after all」


It’s easy to expect for Ojii-san to visit suddenly.

I once again said thanks to Amanda for her work, and sent her off.



Looking around here and there inside the mansion, checking the layout, and checked the furniture. And there, a sound was made from the door knocker in the front entrance.


「Is someone here」


Sylvia said 「Ha〜i」, and went to the entrance.




I heard Sylvia’s shouting voice.

I ran to the entrance.


「What happened……ohehhhhh」


I couldn’t help but raise the same voice as Sylvia.

The visitor in the entrance, it was theKing.

The King who should’ve been in the Royal Capital La Linea, is there with his incognito appearance.


「O-Ou-sama? Why are you here?」

「I came」(Kichatta)


You came, you say.


「Ou-sama, did you come to visit Lucio-sama?」


Sylvia modestly asked.


「Umu. I couldn’t help myself worrying what my Senjukou was doing, and left the palace for a bit」

「Is that okay?」

「There’s no problem」


The King said it clearly.

Is there no problem……


「I  properly〜, left a note. There’s no problem」

「Just a note?! That’s a huge problem!」


I couldn’t help but point that out.


「Well well, rather than that, this, it’s for celebrating your moving」

「This is?」


I received the thing that the King reached out.

There’s a red colored noodle inside.


「Ah, it’s the red noodles for moving. Thank you very much, Ou-sama」


Sylvia who took a peek said her thanks.


「Umu, eat it leisurely later with my Senjukou」

「Thank you very much」


From Sylvia’s reaction, it looks like it’s something like soba being given when moving.

Well, that’s fine though.


「Is it really okay, Ou-sama」

「It’s alright. I had properly written in the note that I would go to my Senjukou’s place. They know my destination, and this world’s safest place is my Senjukou’s place. There is no problem at all」

「U〜n, thenーー」

「It is a huge problem it is!」


The door opened, and the minister came inside.

He had sweat on his forehead, and was catching his breath.

His appearance was simpler than the King’s, and people who don’t know his face can only see him as a middle-aged Ossan.


「W-What happened」

「I chased after His Majesty. Your Majesty!」



The King changed his expression.


「We will be troubled, doing such selfish things. Your Majesty is our country’s lord, if one who is such would come to a vassal state without letting them know, on top of that, to its Royal Capital, it would be a huge problem」


Ah, it’s like that after all huh.


「It couldn’t be helped right, I wanted to meet my Senjukou」

「”I wanted to meet him”, is not an excuse. Ahh, my goodness! But well, you had already met him. Well now, let us return before the ones of the Guernica Kingdome notice」

「Halt, at least, the red noodles for movingーー」



The minster closed in to the King.

To the fierceness of his expression, the King was like *Shu〜n*.


「I shall say this once again, it would be a huge problem if it was found out that Your Majesty is here. Well now, let us go」


Did he already judged that he wouldn’t return by convincing, the minister dragged the King.

The King, he was taken out of the mansion, and got pulled into the carriage that was prepared.

He looked at me, and sorrowfully shouted.


「I will meet you again!!!!」

「Please don’t come anymore!」


The minister said that, and stuffed the King to the carriage.

I saw off with a wry smile, the carriage that left the Royal Capital Lumo as if to run away with a rocket dash.


「Ou-sama, he was lonely huh」


Sylvia said.


「I guess so」

「Can you not do anything about it, Lucio-sama」


Sylvia looked up to me while holding the red noodles. They were eyes as if to beg.

She probably though that the King was pitiful.


「Let me think」


I thought. I made a search within the near ten thousand magic inside my head.


「……there was really one」

「Is there」

「Ahh……there was really one that it made me wonder instead why I wasn’t able to think of it until now」


I laughed wryly. I laughed wryly to my clumsy self.

It’s a magic that I learned from the Grimoire that a read in the Grimoire library just recently.

I remembered that, and used it, reaching out my hand.


「『Picture Phone』」


The light of the magic powers gathered, and showed a video in mid air.

It’s a half-transparent video like a hologram.

That is, the appearance of the King crying while hugging his knees in a small space.


……oi oi.


Starting again, I called out to him.


「Moshimoshi, Ou-sama?」

「Mu?! Senjukou! Isn’t it my Senjukou?!」


The King in the video looked here.


「What is this about」

「It’s my magic」

「Is that so, as expected of my Senjukou!」


The King got convinced very easily.


「Video call……well, you wouldn’t know that huh. Anyways, with this magic, I’ll contact the King once in a while」


「Un! That’s why, cheer up」

「Umu, I had cheered up. Thank you, my Senjukou」


When we were having that conversation with the Video Call magic, the door knob was knocked again.

The door openedーーand Ojii-san who should’ve been in our family house was there.


「Ohh, Dear Lucio, you seem cheerful  

「That voice is Luka’s, why are you there?」

「Mu? Isn’t it Abe. This is……hahaa〜, it’s Lucio’s magic huh」


Ojii-san understood the situation in the instant, and talked to the King who he had really gotten along with that they’d call out each other’s name through the video call.

Ojii-san was bragging about it, and the King was frustrated.


「Is there a problem going to play with my grandchild’s new place?」


Ojii-san braggingly said. Un, there’s no problem with that huh.


「Khu! Coachman! Minister! Turn back immediately, I alsoーー」

「That shall not be done, Your Majesty!」


The King who had tantrums was made shut by the minister.


「FuoFuoFuo〜. Well know, dear Lucio, let’s eat red noodles for moving together. Ohh, Sylvia, can my lovely granddaughter in law let this old man eat noodles」



Ojii-san who really stimulates the King in this chance

“As usual, the two really gets along with each other huh”, I thought.












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