Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 48

Chapter 48 – Senjukou, Becomes Proxy of the King



Being called by the King, I came to the audience hall.


「Ohh, you have come, my Senjukou」


The King that saw me raised his tension as usualーーbut when I thought of that.


「Ohhhhhhh, m Senjukou, please don’t go〜」


He started crying.

……eh? Crying? Wait, wait, what is this so suddenly?

The King that was sitting on the throne full with majesty started to get whimpering.

If this was *DereDere*, it would be the same as usual and I’m used to it, but it’s the first time he cried to me.


「Your Majesty, please regain yourself」


The minister on the side of the King made him calm down.


「Do you Sir say that Senjukou should go away from me」

「But, if it is not the Duke-sama, nothing can be done」

「I know that! Do not look down on my Senjukou」


The King got angry instead.

……what in the world, is this.


「Ou-sama, can you explain that I can understand」


「Let me explain instead」


Did he judge that the King was unusable, the minister said that instead.

His expression was a little bit dumbfounded.


「Just recently, a small country in the south, Guernica requested to become a vassal to the Kingdom」


「As a tribute every year, they will submit their Prince to the royal capital La Linea as a hostage, it is fine if you think of it as a colony」

「Is that so〜」


There’s a talk between countries without my knowing huh.


「And that Guernica is a country that has many problems.」 It would be out of the question if we would not maintain their stability as our colony for the least amount. For that, a person from the Kingdom will be sent, and solve the problem」

「I see……hey, don’t tell me」


It’s something that I’m not interested in so I just pretended to listen.


「I’m the one who would go?」

「That is correct」

「Ehhhhhh, that’s impossible. I don’t know anything about making a country run you know?」

「That is not true」


The minister said clearly.


「Duke-sama is a great magician that can freely control a thousand magic」


It’s almost exceeding ten thousand though.


「You are being told internally and externally as His Majesty’s favorite child」


Even he’s like that, it’s true that he’d taken a liking to me.


「You have a lovely wife too. Two, on top of that」

「That has nothing to do with it right!」


I couldn’t help but point that out.


「No, it is」


The minister clearly said.

Is it? Why?


「And with that, for the reconstruction of Guernica, and also in terms of ability, to show the seriousness of the Kingdom, Duke-sama is the most suitable person」


I see. I got the story.


「I don’t want that.」 Don’t make my Senjukou go to a remote place」


「Ohhhhhh, Senjukou……my Senjukou will go……」


The King whimpering. What should I do with this.


「Your Majesty. Changing the way you think, this is a golden opportunity」

「Mu?! What do you mean」

「Even though it is a small country and a colony, Guernica is a proper country. And the one that our Kingdom will send is Your Majesty’s proxy, in there, he is inevitably going to be the top. Meaning……」



The King had his eyes wide open.


「It is as you say. Duke-sama who had gone to Guernica is essentially a King of a country. He is not a Duke of a thousand magic, but a King of a thousand magic」

「Ohh, ohhhhhh」

「On top of that!」


The minister emphasizedーーit was quite obvious that there’s acting on it.


「If it is with Duke-sama’s powers, it is inevitable for it to be reconstructed without fail. If that is so, with this case, it is inevitable for his brave name roar in the whole world」


「I painfully know how His Majesty thinks of Duke-sama. However, this is the golden opportunity to make Duke-sama’s name famous in the whole world」  

「Umu, it is as Sir had said」


Ah! It looks like the brainwash is finished.


「I have been wrong. My Senjukou is one that should spread his wings to the whole world. It is outrageous for me to chain him in my place. I have decided」

「Your Majesty’s wise decision, I have been moved」


The minister bowed his head.

His face that was facing down was very tired, and was letting out a sigh.

……he’s, really having a hard time huh.


「It is as you have heard, my Senjukou. Can you go to Guernica for me」



I thought, and organized the situation in my head.

It means, the management status of the subsidiary company that was bought wasn’t good, so a new managing head will be sent from the main company and reorganize the management huh.

The King stared at me with sparkling eyes.

The minister stared at me with eyes begging “Please”.


It can’t be helped.


「I got it. I’ll work for the King」

「Ohhh, as expected of my Senjukou」


Just like that, to reconstruct Guernica, it is decided that I will go as the King’s proxy.












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