Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 47

Chapter 47 – The Best Man, and The Best Women



「『Dress Up』」


Inside the room, I casted magic that changes clothes to both Sylvia and Nadia.

I casted magic to both of them at the same time, with contrasting the set.


「How does it look, Lucio-sama」


Sylvia asked.

Wearing a dress while still in her child appearance, she looked like she’s going out for some kind of a recital.

That Sylvia was wearing a pink colored dress, and Nadia beside her is wearing a light blue colored dress.


「I think that it looks good」

「I think that a little more mature is better」


Nadia said while looking down at herself.


「Hmm, well that’s true」


I looked at the ring that is worn in the two’s ring finger, and thought of that.

The proof of my wife, the wedding ring.

It’s a ring that I made properly with magic, so it might be a little strange if it’s child-like.


「『Dress Up』」


I casted magic to the two again. The light enveloped the two, and changed into a new dress.

This time, it was a dress that has a relatively mature design. The colors are Sylvia with red and Nadia with black.


「What do you think, Lucio-sama?」

「I think that it looks very well」

「This one looks more grown-up would be better」

「I see」


With Nadia’s opinion, this time I casted magic that makes it to a more grown-up one, and adjusted their appearance.

Just like that, we had a fitting session.



Today’s a big event once every year, it’s the day called Hero Thanksgiving Festival.

Different from the Ojii-chan’s Day recently, or the Senjukou’s Day that the King forcefully made, it comes from the birthday of the hero that created this country, the First King.

It’s a very big event that the whole country celebrates, and it’s the day when there’s a ceremony in the Royal Capital La Linea and celebrate a festival.

And there, I was demanded to come to the public as a Duke.

Since I’m going to bring them with me, I’m making Sylvia and Nadia look very beautiful.

And the result of that, even though Sylvia and Nadia is in their child appearance, they looked looked like a noble woman that even I would be captivated.



With the two, I appeared in the ceremonial place.

There’re grown-ups every where.

Compared to the party that the King opened to brag about me before, the scale and the ones that had come, was on a somewhat few higher rank.





Sylvia and Nadia called me at the same time.

Their faces that are looking up to me looks worried.


「Be proud, Sylvia, Nadia」


I held the two’s hands, and whispered to them.


「I brought you two here, why do you think so?」


The two thought strangely. They had the face that they don’t know.


「There’s an Oji-san living near the mansion right, he had a very huge dog. That Oji-san, when he’s taking the dog for a walk, you don’t only see the dog strong but also that Oji-san with it right? It’s the same with that. If the beautiful Sylvia and Nadia are with me, the more that I would look cool」


The two got surprised.


「That’s why, please be beautiful」


「Leave it to me!」


The two nodded, stood on my sides, and walked together.

The two had a face full of confidence.

Un, they’re beautiful.

Taking that two with me, it gathered eyes of envy around us.




In front of us, Ruby came.

This country’s princess that I met after a long time.

She’s wearing a gorgeous dress, and was gathering attention after all.


「Hey, you returned here huh」

「Let’s meet at the capital, we had that promise right?」


She glared at me with sulky eyes. It’s true that I probably got told that.


「Come to think about it」

「For a while, I am in the mansion in the capital」

「I see」


I said that.

The conversation had discontinued.

Ruby made a more and more sulky eyes looking at meーーwhat happened?


「Ohime-sama, do you want to play this time? Together with Lucio-sama」


Sylvia said from my side.


「Lucio-sama and us, do not know Ohime-sama’s mansion after all」


When Sylvia said that, Ruby got in a good mood.


「It cannot be helped if you say that much, I will specially invite you. Lucio too, are you fine with that」


「Thank you very much」


Sylvia said thanks.

After that, we separated from Ruby, and talked to many people.

Sylvia and Nadia, talked to many people better than me.

Even they’re small, it’s like they’re a noble wife.

Because the two gathered attention, that attention turns around and became in the shape of admiration to me.

A man that has two good women in his side is a great man for sure, with that logic.




Suddenly, one man entered, and whispered something to Ruby.

Ruby who was hearing that changed her face colors, and left the ceremony hall together with that man.


「Sylvia, Nadia. I’ll leave for a bit」


I said that to the two, and went after Ruby.

I went outside, and I heard Ruby’s voice from the shadows, so I went there.


「And, how much is their scale」

「That is……and it is at least for two days……」

「What in the world……」

「Scale of what?」


I approached, and called out.




Ruby got surprised.


「What happened? You have a very bad complexion you know」

「I-It’s nothing」

「Oi, you there」



The man made a very stiff pose.

He’s nervous being called by a Duke like me.


「What happened」

「T-That is……」


The man looked at Ruby. It felt like he was in a pinch.


「I can make you talk using magic? I am Senjukou, I know something like a magic that can make you talk」



A sigh was let out from Ruby. It was a sight that she had given up.


「There was a report from the court’s meteorologist. The result of observing with magic, it looks like a storm will come tonight. On top of that, it looks like it is a huge storm that would continue for at least two days」

「A storm huh」

「As you can see, the whole countryーーthe capital is in great confusion, there is going to be a ceremony from now. And a storm with that……」


Ruby made a difficult face.

A storm or typhoon in the middle of an event, she had a face that she would literally be thrown cold water on.


「I got it, leave it to me」

「What? What are you planning, saying something like leave it to you」


I left Ruby, and asked the man.


「Where is the storm coming from」

「F-From the sea」


The man pointed to a direction. That’s the direction where there’s the sea, the storm is coming from that direction huh.


「What are you planning to do」


Ruby asked the same question.


「I’ll use ancient magic」


I said that, and walked as if to cut the wind in my shoulders.



I left the ceremony hall, and flew towards the storm with flight magic.

Flying, I knew it better, that the weather is accelerating to the bad direction.

I went to the top of the clouds. I advanced further.

And then, to the gigantic swirling cloudーーI hit the storm.

After advancing furthermore, I saw an open place this time.

It’s probably, the eye of the storm.

I flew to the middle of that, and chanted magic.


「『Weather Change・Sunny』」




The instant I chanted itーーI felt weakness in my whole body.

It was the same when I used the ancient magic for the first time.

It’s a great magic that even changes the weather, the time I used that, I felt that my magic powers were taken away at once and got weak.


And just the same with thatーーbut I felt it far more powerfully.


It’s natural, I changed the storm that would continue for two days into sunny.

My sight got blurry, I feel like I would lose my consciousness.

The two’s appearance emerged in my sight.

Sylvia and Nadia.

The two’s proud moment, the appearance of the both of them doing their best.




I clenched my teeth, from the bottom of the tank called the body, I squeezed out magic powers.

The weather changed.

The eye of the storm gradually spread, and crushed the raging storm.

And finally, the storm completely disappeared.



With the remaining magic powers, I flew to the royal capital, and returned to the ceremony hall.


「I’m barely on time huh」


I whispered, and took a deep breath.

With my legs fluttering a little, I walked carefully and returned inside.

Ruby was there.


「I cleared the storm」


「I cleared the storm. It’s okay now」

「Something that ridiculous」

「Then, I’ll leave the rest to you」


I went through Ruby’s side, and tried to return to the ceremony hall.

While hearing Ruby ordering her subordinates from behind, letting them run to confirm it with the meteorologist, I returned inside.





In the entrance, my two wives were waiting for me.


「I’ve kept you waiting, now thenーー」


“Let’s go”, when I was about to say that.

The two clung their arms to me.

In the middle, they clung their arms to me.

I’m surprised. Because that isn’t the normal way they clung.

It could be seen normal with a glance, but they clung to me as if to support me.

As if they knew what I just did.




「Sylvia? Nadia?」

「Lucio-sama, you have the face that you used a lot of magic」


Sylvia said, *KokuKoku*, Nadia nodded.


「……I see」


I got convinced.

It looks like it was very clear to the two who had seen me using magic the most.




「The Lucio-kun right now, it’s very cool」




Nadia nodded greatly.


「If we walk with Lucio-kun right now, I wonder if we’d also look more beautiful」


Nadia said, I was surprised.

It’s the opposite version of what I said earlier.




I nodded, and placing a little strength to the two’s arms clinging to me, I clung to them.


「Both Sylvia and Nadia, is the most beautiful girl in the world right now」

「Yes, Lucio-sama」

「”Of course”」


The two smiled and nodded.

It’s not with confidence, but with trust.

Together with the two who nodded like that, I returned to the ceremony.












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