Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 46

Chapter 46 – Signed Book



Today, I’m reading Manga in the library with the King from the morning.

It became around noon, and a visitor unusually came.

The visitor was a young girl that’s about a high school girl, having braided hair and wears glasses, it’s a girl that was really like a literature girl.


「Uhmm! Is S-Senjukou-sama here」

「I’m Senjukou〜」

「I am! Tania Agason」

「Tania-san huh. Uhm, do you need something」


I asked with child-mode.

After Tania stared at me for a while, she took out one Grimoire, and bowed her head very quickly.


「Please give me a sign!」



I didn’t understand what I was told for an instant.

Sign, you mean that sign?


「Uhm, what do you mean」

「I am, Senjukou-sama’s fan for a very long time!」

「I’m Senjukou’s fan longerーー」


The King who heard the commotion came out from the back.

The conversation’s going to get messy so I pushed him back.

I returned, and faced Tania.


「My sign?」

「Yes! And, I thought that Senjukou-sama would sign this Grimoire」

「Sign huh〜」


I got a little troubled.

I’d never done a sign before, what should I write.

Write my name normally……is that good.


「Uhm! Everybody’s saying!」


When I was hesitating, Tania continued to say.


「Saying, what?」

「If Senjukou-sama signs the Grimoire, they said that they would be able to read the Grimoire with the blessings」

「Blessings, you say」


Oi oi, there’s a rumor like that.


「That’s whyーーplease!」


Tania bowed her head quickly again, and reached out the Grimoire that she brought.

She was very desperate, and it feels like she would cry if I refuse.

I couldn’t help it so I signedーーI didn’t have something like a sign, but for the meantime, I opened the last page of the Grimoire and wrote my name sign-ish.


「Thank you very much! I will take care of it for the rest of my life!」


Tania said that, and left while hugging the Grimoire very cherishingly.


「I’m at a loss〜」


Sending her off, I returned to the back of the library.

The King was looking at me while holding a Grimoire.


「I’m sorry」


I did a pre-emptive attack.


「I won’t sign for Ou-sama」



As if a lightning fell at his background, the King exaggeratingly got surprised.


「Because, if I sign something like Ou-sama’s Grimoire, you’re going to brag it to everybody right」


I think that that would absolutely happen thinking of until now. I can clearly imagine the King’s appearance saying “It’s my Senjukou’s sign, aren’t you jealous”.

I’m already so embarrassed to death, so if that was done, my embarrassment would exceed the limits.


「I will not do that!」


The King emphasized.

It’s a face that says he wouldn’t do it seriously, it’s a little unexpected.


「Ah! You won’t do it」

「Of course! The Grimoire that my Senjukou signed, I will designate it as a national treasure and take care of it very well!」

「That’s more embarrassing!」


As I’ve thought, I won’t do something like a sign, I thought that it would be the worst if I did.


「You will really not do it for me」



I said just a little strongly. It’s too embarrassing being designated as a national treasure after all.


「Mu! My Senjukou is too petty」


Don’t say petty.

After the King murmured for a while, he gave up and returned to reading Grimoires.

I also continued to read Grimoires together.

Inside the library, the time flows slowly as usual.





I heard a voice from the entrance of the library.

It’s a voice I heard before, it’s Tania’s voice.

When I go outside wondering what it’s about, there was Tania hugging a Grimoire with sparkling eyes.

It wasn’t normal sparkling eyes, it was “super” sparkling eyes.


「What happened? Tania-san」

「Thank you very much! Senjukou-sama」

「Thank you?」

「Yes! Thanks to Senjukou-sama, I was able to read the Grimoire」


「『Fire Ball』」


Tania raised one hand, and shot magic towards outside of the library.

The ball of fire flew, and disappeared in the skies.



「It’s thanks to Senjukou-sama’s sign! Really, thank you very much!」

「No, that’s probably a coincidence……」

「Really, thank you very much! This Grimoire, I’ll take care of it for the rest of my life! Well then!」


Tania said that, and left very quickly.

She came like the wind, and left like the wind.

I mean……don’t tell me, it’s a coincidence right.


「My Senjukou」



My name was called, and I turned back very carefully.

There was the appearance of the King holding a Grimoire, and had sparkling eyes more than Tania.


「Please give me a sign too」



I couldn’t refuse after all. I signed the Grimoire that the King took out.


「I did it, I received a sign from my Senjukou!」


The King said that, and jumped out of the library with momentum not inferior to Tania.

……oi oi.

By the way, as I’ve thought, the sign was a coincidence. Just because I signed it, the King wasn’t able to read that.

……although, the signed book was properly designated as a national treasure.












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