Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 45

Chapter 45 – ○○’s Day



「Please help me, Lucio-sama!」


When I was reading manga, Sylvia came out to my place with the usual line.

She had whipped cream on her nose while wearing an apron, and for some reason, one part of her hair was curly.


「『Asian Beauty』」


While casting magic to fix her hair, I wiped off the whipped cream with my finger.

And asked.


「What is it, Sylvia, what happened」

「Actually, I was making a cake……but I could not do it well, and failed a few times……」



That’s why she had a whipped cream on her, and her hair was curly huh.


「Why something like a cake?」

「Today’s Ojii-chan’s day」

「Ojii-chan’s day?」

「Yes. It is the day to say thanks to all Ojii-chans in the world」

「Something like a respect for the aged day huh」

「And then, we were taken care of Lucio-sama’s Ojii-sama, so we want to give him cake as a present, and Nadia and I were doing our best, but……」

「It’s continuous failures, huh」


Sylvia nodded. She had an apologetic face.


「I got the story, if it’s like that, then I’ll help you」

「Thank you very much, Lucio-sama!」


I went to the kitchen with Sylvia.

In there, Nadia who had an explosion head more than the curliness of Sylvia’s were at a loss.

It’s worse than her usual afro hair from sleeping, I wonder what happened.

While fixing it with the same magic, I approached.



「I heard the story. You want to make home-made cake or treats right」

「Un! Is there a good magic for it?」



I nodded, there’s a magic perfect for this kind of times that I searched inside my head while going here.


「Let’s go with home-made chocolate. Sylvia, is there chocolate? It would be great if it’s normal chocolate, ones that don’t have extra flavors」

「Is chocolate bar okay」

「It’s perfect」


I gave several commands to Sylvia, and melted the chocolate she took out with a water bath.


「We only need to wait for it to get hard」

「Eh?! We are only melting it then making it hard?」

「Is that a home-made chocolate?」

「Well, just lookーー『Moulding Hand』」


I casted magic to both Sylvia and Nadia.

Their hands shined with a golden color.

And there, I poured the chocolate that I melted right now.



「A-re, it is not hot」

「Both of you, imagine inside your hearts. Just like making something with clay」

「With clay?」

「U〜n, is it like this」


The two honestly, started to imagine just like they were told.


「Wa! My hands, my hands」

「They are moving on their own!」


The two got surprised, the golden hands moved automatically.

The thick chocolate, was being shaped just like clay as I’ve explained.

When the chocolate got cold and hard, it was created there very well.


「Ah! It was really done」



Sylvia got surprised, and Nadia horsed around.


「Oi oi」


I got dumbfounded by the two.

The thing that the two made was me.

What Nadia made was two heads high, it’s a very cute me just like the so-called Nendoroid.

What Sylvia made was the real size me, it’s the very cool me taking some kind of pose.

The two looked at each other’s chocolate me they made.


「Nadia-chan that’s cheating, to make such a cute Lucio-sama」

「Isn’t it Sylvie who’s cheating? Lucio-kun that cool, I’d like to have it forever without eating it」


They argued about something I really don’t get.


「Yes yes, that’s alright already. Rather than that, did you understand the magic?


I clapped my hands, and stopped the two.



「Un, I got it」

「Then, I’ll cast it once more. This time, not like this, make something as the present for Ojii-san」


The two looked at each other, “Un!”, nodded with a great smile.



In the palace, in the audience hall.


「Hello, Ou-sama」


I stood in front of the King with child-mode tone.


「Ohh Senjukou, it is good that you come. So, what is it for today?」

「E〜to, ne, I heard that today’s Ojii-chan’s day. So I let my wives make a present」


「This, please take it」


I opened the box I brought, and gave it to the King.

There’s chocolate inside the box. It’s a flat chocolate shaped like a medal.

There’s Sylvia, Nadia, and my face deformed in the chocolate.

I let them make one set of the exactly the same thing as the one that’s given to Ojii-san, and gave it to the King.


「Ohh, ohhhhhh」


The King received the box, *PuruPuru*, got moved that he trembled.


「This loveliness, this braveness」


The King took the chocolate with my face, and said.

I don’t think that both of those are quite compatible, but it looks like it’s like that inside the King.


「Did you like it」

「Of course!」

「Thank goodness」

「I’ll immediately designate it as the national treasure, and let it be stored permanently!」

「Eh〜, wait, wait. That’s only a chocolate, there will be mold if you do that」


「And, there’s Ojii-chan’s day every year, so I’ll make it again next year. It would be nice if you eat that」

「Is that so. I got it, I will eat it without reserves then. Is anyone there」



One minister-ish person came inside.


「I will eat this tonight. Prepare the liquor that best fits with chocolate」

「If it is chocolate, the 300 years old purple liquor should go with it the best」

「Umu, prepare that then」

「I have understood」


The minister-ish person left the room.

300 years old liquor……isn’t it too exaggerating?

But well……it’s the King, that much is okay huh.

It looks like he was very glad for it after all.


「I thank you, my Senjukou. I know, I need to give some kind of thanks to Senjukou」

「Eh? That’s okay, it’s normal to give presents on Ojii-chan’s day」

「Muu, but I won’t get……I know」


*Pon*, the King hit his hand.

I have a bad feeling.


「Is anyone there」



The minister-ish person earlier came inside.


「Dear Senjukou, when is your birthday?」

「Eh? Uhmm, it’s……」


I told my birthday.

I see, he’s going to give me a birthday present as a give back huh.

I feel like it’s going to be a tremendous give back present, but, well, that’s okay huh.


「Did you hear the date?」



The minister-ish person bowed his head.


「I will make that day a day of celebration. Its name is Senjukou’s day」


「Do it immediately, notify the whole country」

「I have understood」


The minister-ish person said that and left.

The King lounged back very pleased and satisfied, and looked at the chocolate.

It’s a too unexpected giveback present.











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