Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 44

Chapter 44 – The Manga Duplicated, What do you do?



I was on the Grimoire Library from the morning today.

As the library’s administrator, I have no work to do usually. I just come here, and read manga all day.



「What is it Papa?」

「Stop it with the “Papa”」


Chris who calls me Papa.

She’s a half transparent spirit of the Grimoire that floats in the air, and it looks like she materializes proportionally to the Grimoires I read.

In that meaning, she’s an existence I “gave birth”, I who looks 8-years-old, and she’s a beautiful girl that’s about a high school girl.

I think it looks weird for me to be called Papa.

……well, right now, only my wives can see her, so it doesn’t matter how it looks though.


「Rather than that, this」

「Is this a Grimoire? What’s with this?」

「This, it’s a duplicate」

「A duplicate?」



I nodded.

The Grimoire that I showed Chris, is a story about the rising of the main character who warped into a different world, got very unrivaled with his dual-wielded demon swords, and while making a harem, saves the world in the end.

Just like it’s about teleporting into a different world like me, it had a very strong impression that I already read it.


「If I’m correct……is it here?」


I stood up, and moved to one of the bookshelves.

I took out the book I was searching for, and returned with it.

I spread the two volumes of Manga, and compared them.

I skimmed them, and checked until the end.


「It’s the same after all」

「That’s true, it’s completely the same」

「I see, they were duplicated huh」


I closed the book, and compared the two.

The duplication of manga, if it’s the world I was before, I only need to take care of the other one, but what should I do here.


「Ne〜, ne〜, Papa」

「What is it」

「This one, isn’t it also the same?」

「What did you say」


I went towards where Chris was, and took out the book that she was staring at.


「It’s really the same」

「I wonder if there’s also other ones」


Chris said that and flew around the library.

Looking at the three duplications, I thought.


「Now that I think about it, it’s the first time that there’s a duplication huh. I didn’t buy the same thing at the time with Ojii-san after all」


And I thought of what I should do, and somehow, I placed two out of the three volumes on top of each other.

And then, the Grimoires shined.

It was put together, shined, melted and fused.

After a while, it became only one book.


「Papa! Did something happen?」

「The Grimoire fused together」



Chris didn’t understand what happened, I also didn’t know what happened although I said that.

I took the Grimoires that fused, and opened it.

The contents of the manga had completely changed.

The Grimoire that had the heroine character, changed into a great adventure with the lightning magician mainly.




I couldn’t help but have that impression.

It felt like reading the spin-off of a popular manga.

It’s a pattern that happened for the first time since I came to this world, so I interestingly read it.

After reading until the end, I closed the Grimoire.


「Have you read it?」


「Did you remember a new magic?」

「Let me think……」


Up until now, I tried to use the magic from the Grimoire that I read.

And then, the Grimoire that fused shined.

I let go of it in a hurry. The Grimoire that shined floated in the air, and a girl came out of that.

Honestly, it was a completely black silhouette.

It’s a black silhouette, and it couldn’t be a human at all.

The reason why I knew it was a girl, was because she was wearing the same magician clothes inside the manga.


「What is this, what are you?」



The girl didn’t answer.

Instead of that, she raised her magic staff, and chanted magic.


「Don’t tell me!」


In the next instant, lightning fell from the sky.

I guarded with magic.


「Without any warning huh」



The girl magician resumed to chant without saying anything.


「It can’t be helped」


I also entered a battle stance.



In the library that was half destroyed, *Shu*, the shadow disappeared.


「P-Papa, is it already okay?」


Chris asked while hiding. During the fight, Chris hided all of the time.


「It’s okay now」

「Thank goodness……even so, isn’t this amazing」

「It’s almost as strong in the novel」


「Yeah. Andーー」


I used magic.

The magic that I learned from defeating the girl magician.

There was thunder in the sky, and lightning fell.

Lightning fell consecutively.


「This, is it the magic used earlier?」




What I learned after defeating the shadow magician, was the magic it used.

Thank goodness it was her that came out. If the main character before the spin-off came out……one of us would’ve died.

Even so, what was that right now.


「Ne〜, Papa」



I turned back, and looked at Chris.

Chris was looking at the ground.

After the fight, the Grimoires were scattered, but there was the same thing that was there.

It’s another duplication.




I approached that without saying anything, and put the Grimoires together.

And then, it fused, and became one Grimoire.

The new Grimoire, was a picture book-like about a story where a puppy wearing a scarf was riding in a flying orange box,

What came out after reading it, was the shadow of a cute puppy wearing a scarf.

I felt a little guilty, I softly defeated it and learned a new magic.

It looks like, I can remember new magic with the duplicated Grimoires.












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  1. “The Grimoire that I showed Chris, is a story about the rising of the main character who warped into a different world, got very unrivaled with his dual-wielded demon swords, and while making a harem, saves the world in the end.”Isn’t this Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken

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        Yeah, there’s a puppy there inside an orange box… not flying yt though since the translation stopped early…

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