Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 43

Chapter 43: The Strongest Sandbox Game


In this day, it was warm from the morning, so I was bathing in the sun.

Since it was a waste to stay inside the house, so with Nadia’s suggestion, the three of us went out for a walk.

From the left, Sylvia, me, Nadia.

Aligned like that, we held our hands while walking.

Looking from the side, it probably looks like three very close childhood friends, wherever we went to, the grown-ups were looking at us with pleasant eyes.


「Lucio-kun, Lucio-kun, look at that」

「Un? The children that are playing in that sandbox?」


When I looked towards the direction where Nadia was pointing to, there was a park, and one boy was playing inside the sandbox.


「He is amazing……it is like a real castle」


Sylvia was amazed. I know how that feels. The sand castle made by the boy who was playing with sand had a very high quality.


「It’s true, it really looks like the real thing」

「It really looks like someone is living on it」「It even looks like it might move anytime」


The two said their impression at the same time, both of them had an impression that was like each one of them.


「Playing with sand huh……」


I thought for a while.


「Lucio-kun, do you want to play with sand?」

「Come to think about it, we have never done it before, playing sand with Lucio-sama」


The two said, and stared at me at the same time.

It’s true that we have never done it, so since we’re at it.


「Playing sand with one rank up, let’s do it huh」


The two cluelessly tilted their head.



We returned to the mansion’s garden.

I made the two wait behind, and I casted the new magic I learned there.


「『Sand Box』」


The light of the magic enveloped the garden, and that changed into a gigantic sandbox.

In the middle of the sandbox, there was two scoops, red and blue, they were sticking vertically.

In a place nearby, there was also a watering place.


「Amazing, the garden changed to a sandbox in an instant」

「Is that magic that makes sandboxes, Lucio-sama」


「That’s half correct. There’s a scoop there right? Sylvia and Nadia, use that to make something」


The two looked at each other, and nodded at the same time.

They took the scoop, and each of them started to make something.

I watched them. I already casted the magic, the thing that I have to do is over.


Sylvia made a house. Nadia made a little strange four-legged animal.

And the instant that they were made, the sand box shined.

The light enveloped each of the things that the two made, and finally, it became real.

The miniature size house that Sylvia made had its window turn into glass and the doors could be closed and opened, and the four-legged animal that Nadia made, released a kick using its back leg and *Hihi〜n*, it cried.


「Wa! T-This is」

「Amazing〜, is it magic that makes the thing created real?」


The two looked at me, I nodded.


「That’s how it is. Using that scoop, all that is created inside this sandbox would all become real」

「Then……something like this too……?」


Sylvia said that, and a horse with wingsーーshe made a Pegasus.

The white horse with white wings was flying very well even though its miniature size.

And there, *Do〜n*, an explosive sound was released.

Nadia made a cannon while that happened. The cannon spew fire, and shots down the Pegasus with its bombardment.


「Wow, even weapons can be created」

「Nadia-chan, that was cruel right now」


I think so too.


「Attacks should be done after some preparations are finished」




「Sorry, sorry, I didn’t think that even cannon shells would come out」


「Un, let’s do it」


Sylvia and Nadia, the two nodded to each other and took a distance.

It’s starting to have a weird flow, and when I thought of what they were going to do, the two made things with a great momentum.

Castle, city walls, and the soldiers and equipment that protects that.

Without an hour passing, the garden became a small battlefield.

Sylvia’s army protects Sylvia’s territory, and they were at a confrontation with Nadia’s army.





The two nodded at each other with almost only eye contact.

The start of the war had fallen.

The humans led by the general riding a pegasus was Sylvia’s army, and the monster army led by a dragon knight was Nadia’s army.


Both armies in the middle of the garden, in most probably the country borders, they collided.

The one winning the first stage of the warーーNadia’s army was dominating.

The monsters overwhelm the humans, and the fronts had gradually pushed towards Sylvia’s territory.


「If it goes like this, I’m going to win, Sylvie」

「Uu……not yet, I’m going to make something that could win right now」


Sylvia turned her back, and started making something.


「Fufun, before that, I will push over with numbers though」


On the other side, Nadia took the scoop, and mass produced the monsters further.

It’s good that they’re having fun.

I watched the two while relaxing.


Nadia sends monsters one next to the other, and with that, the fronts were pushed with acceleration, and it immediately closed in, in front of Sylvia’s castle.


「What happened, Sylvie? If it goes like this, the castle will fall you know?」

「Just a little……a little bit longer……I did it!」


Sylvia looked towards Nadia, and she moved toward the side and gave way.


「W-What is that. A golem?!」

「This is the thing called『Robotto』that Lucio-sama taught me before」


「That’s right, Robotto. Robotto is the strongest, Lucio-sama had said」



No, the thing that I told before is being bent. It’s true that I told something similar.

Anyways, the『Robotto』Sylvia made moved, and started to attack the monsters.

The『Robotto』that suddenly joined the war between humans and monsters, that really showed an overwhelming strength.

The monsters, it tore and threw them away, it tore and threw them away. It really showed the strength that was worth of the strongest.


「This is bad, I need to create more monsters」

「I will also, I will make simple『Robotto』s」


The two produced military forces in the sandbox furthermore.

Sylvia made simpler versions of『Robotto』one next to the other, and Nadia mass produced monsters at an amazing pace.


『Robotto』vs Monsters.


The fronts, were gradually being pushed back. Sylvia was dominating.


「This isn’t good like this, I need to think of a way for an upset win」

「It is useless, Nadia-chan.」 『Robotto』is the strongest that Lucio-sama had taught me」


Sylvia, she unusually said with full confidence.

The things that 『Sand Box』can create, relies greatly on the image that the creator has.

The reason why the『Robotto』was the strong, was because Sylvia was thinking of it as the strongest.


「Ku!……I should’ve let Lucio-kun teach me that as well……Ah!」


「There was. There was one, I know, the real strongest that Lucio-kun taught me」



Sylvia who was dominating changed her expression. It looks like she had felt danger from Nadia’s lines.


「Fufun, I’m going to make that right now, so just wait and see, Sylvie」

「Uu. If it comes to this, I will just push over by mass producing『Robotto』」


The two created things from the sand furthermore.

The simpler type of『Robotto』was continuously mass-produced, and sent to the frontlines.

On the other hand, Nadia was making something slowly. The way her hands moved were clearly different from up until now.

Her hand movements were as if to touch something she cherishes and loves.

Come to think of it, what was the strongest I taught Nadia?

When I was being curious of that……that was complete.


「That’s cheating!」



Sylvia raised a scream, Nadia got proud of it.


I……laughed wryly.

What Nadia made was, it was a miniature size me.


「Please go on, Lucio-kun」


The miniature size me nodded, reached out his hand, and used magic.

All of the mass produced『Robotto』were destroyed at once.

Sylvia’s castle was also half destroyed by that attack.

The contest, it was decided in an instant.


「That is cheating, there is no way to win if Lucio-sama is made」

「There’s no rule〜」

「Uuu, I will also make Lucio-sama too」

「I’ll also mass produce Lucio-kun then」


Stop it.

I thought of stopping them, but the two, even with this and that, they were having fun, so I let them do what they want.


「Go, Lucio-kun」

「Please, Mecha-Lucio-sama!」


……the two were really having fun.










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