Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 42

Chapter 42: Popularity Two Ranks Up


This day, Nadia and I, the two of us are having a date alone.

Nadia and I, both of us are in our grown-up appearance with 「Fake Growth」magic.

She asked me, “Let’s date with grown-up appearance”, so it became like this.

By the way, my arm is linked with Nadia right now.

The Nadia who had grown up had quite large breasts, and linking arms makes me feel its softness.


「Lucio-kun, Lucio-kun, I wonder what that is」


What Nadia pointed to was a stall that was dealing with food.


「Skewering fruits with a stick……is coated with something?」

「Let’s go okay」



Nodding, Nadia and I went to the stall.



「Ne〜ne〜, Oji-san, what is this? Are you coating something to the fruit?」

「This is a syrup from melting sugar. Sprinkling it like this, and make it cold with magic thenーーthere」


The person of the store said that, puts syrup on the fruit that was skewered, and literally made it cold with magic.

And with that, there was a solid, crunchy syrup coating the surface of the fruit.

The one he did it to was a banana-like fruit.


「How about one?」

「Un! Lucio-kun, okay?」

「Of course」


I took out some coins, and paid for one’s amount. I gave the fruit skewer that I received to Nadia.

Nadia bites on that, *Parri*, a clear crunchy sound could even be heard at my side.


「Ahaha, this is amazing〜, the outside was like *Parri*, and the inside was soft like *FunyaFunya*〜」


「Lucio-kun, how about a bite?」



I bit off where Nadia ate.

As she had said, it was crunchy outside and soft on the inside. In addition, it’s cold outside and warm inside.

Seared Sashimi? it was a strange feeling like eating the opposite version of that.



「It’s delicious right」

「Yeah, it’s yummy, You also want to try it with this fruit?

「If we share, then okay」

「Okay〜. Oji-san, give me one of this」


I paid money again, and received the skewered tomato-like one that has been coated this time.

That was which it was like a skewered dango, Nadia ate one first, and then I also ate one.


「Ahahaha, it’s hard outside and *Pushu* inside」

「It feels like its peel was only a little crunchy」


It was an interesting texture, it’s not only interesting, but also delicious.


「Are you guys lovers? You two are getting along well」

「We’re not lovers, we’re husband and wife〜」

「He〜, you’re already married in your age huh」

「We got married when we were 8」

「Ohh, then, your marriage history is more than mine huh」


The store’s Oji-san said that while laughing.

With how we look, because we married at 8-years-old, he probably thought that our marriage history is more than ten years.


「You’re probably worried everyday right, a bride that cute, aren’t you worried she’s popular?」

「It’s okay, I’m only thinking of Lucio-kun」

「Ohh how passionate」

「And, Lucio-kun is more, more amazing than me, he’s always popular, so I’m the one who is worried」


Nadia said that happily with a smile.


「Ohhh, that’s, gochisousama」


We said goodbye to the very fun store person and started walking.

Our arms are still linked.


「Ah! Lucio-kun, can you wait here for a minute?」

「Un? What happened」


When I asked back, I saw that Nadia was blusing and she was fidgeting.

After asking, I regretted it a little. Probably, it’s the bathroom or something.


「Okay, I’ll wait. Be careful」


That’s why, I did not say more than that, and saw her off.

Nadia nodded while being embarrassed, and left with a jog.

I waited there for a while.




I was called out from the side.

When I looked, I was called out by an Ojou-sama-ish girl that dresses nice.

The girl who was about a high-school girl shyly looked up to me, and asked.


「Y-You’re Lucio-sama right」

「Un? Yes, I am」


I was a little surprised. Does she know my appearance when I have grown up with「Fake Growth」.


「My name is Anastasia. We met in His Majesty, the King’s party the other day……」



I nodded, and got convinced.

Well, it’s true that most of the people who knows my grown-up appearance is the ones in that party.

I tried to remember that time, but I can’t really remember about Anastasia who is in front of me.


「I-I’m sorry. It’s a lie that we met. I was only looking from far away」

「I see」


Then, it can’t be helped that I can’t remember.



「W-What is it」


She approached with a very strong expression. To that much that I flinched.


「C-Can you! Shake hands with me?」

「Shake hands?」



I looked at my own hand, and then reached it out to Anastasia.

Anastasia gripped it with both of her hands. If I was leaving my guard down, it was strong enough to feel pain.


「Thank you very much! From now on, I will continue on looking over Lucio-sama from afar!」

「I see」

「Really, thank you very much! Please excuse me」


The Ojou-sama, Anastasia, bowed by 90 degrees, bowed her head many times, and left this place.

I stared at her intently.


「『Fairy Whisper』ーーif you are interested in magic, you can always come to play at the library」


I casted magic, and sent her words.

It is a magic that sends a whispering voice to a person far away.

Anastasia stopped, *Biku*, and looked towards me sheepishly.

When I smiled at her, she bowed her head with a wide smile, and really left this time.


I became alone, and waited for Nadia.

……she’s late.

She is really taking too long, so I searched for Nadia.

After searching for a while, I saw Nadia.


「It’s alright, let’s go play. Aren’t you thinking of me as a bumpkin noble? Even though I look like this, I’m really super familiar with the city」



Nadia was being picked up.

But, rarely for her, she was troubled with that.

Well, that should be the case, the person who was picking up Nadia was.


「……what are you doing, Nii-san」


I approached, and spoke to him.

The one who was picking up Nadia was Isaac.


「Haa? Who are you」



I got too appalled, and lifted the magic.

In an instance, both Nadia and I returned to our original appearance……we returned to the appearance of an 8-year-old child.


「Lucio! and, Nadia huh!」

「It’s been awhile, Onii-san」

「I-It was you huh……」

「Nii-san, I think that it’s too much, picking up your brother’s bride」

「S-Shut up!」


Isaac got angry instead, he said that and left.

When I just thought that he left really angry, but he then saw a different girl, made a face for pick up and then called out to the girl.


「Ah! He got refused」


Nadia whispered.


「With that way of calling out, that’s impossible」

「Then how do you call out then?」

「How, you ask?」

「You said it like you know how to call out girls right? Let me see how you do it, Lucio-kun」

「Oi oi, we’re in the middle of our date」

「U〜n, but I want to see Lucio-kun’s cool side」


That has a higher priority huh.

Well, if she’s saying that she wants to see, then it can’t be helped, “then, how should I do it”, when I was thinking of that.


「Uhm! Excuse me!」

「You’re Duke-sama right!」


Before I called out, I was called out instead.

The ones who called out was as I’ve thought, an Ojou-sama-ish, this time two girls that have a similar face as if they were sisters.


「Ahh, that’s right. Did we met in the party before?」

「Yes! I was looking from far away all of the time!」

「I have always thought that I should greet Duke-sama once」


The sisters were really very excited, and got very honest.

And Nadia who was looking at us from the side made a very convinced face.


「I see, Lucio-kun is already at the level that even if he’s not saying anything, he would get called out instead」


She said something like that.











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Ojou-sama(お嬢様) = (noble)/lady

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